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12/1/12 4:47 P

everything in moderation....dont cut out the foods you love save them for a treat maybe once a week then have a smaller portion of them.

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12/1/12 4:38 P

My preferable way to lose weight and or maintain is to not cut out foods but to eat sensibly with moderation
Other positive is you must exercise doing any kind of movement can burn calories
Have taken off 30 + pounds over the past five years and kept them off
One day at a time

SPARKSUE198 Posts: 881
11/29/12 11:43 A

Hi there and well done for getting started on eating more healthily.
emoticon emoticon

It's a slow old process, but I believe the more slowly you do it, the more sustainable the result will be. If you lose it quickly you are more likely to put it back on, because you can't (or won't want to) maintain those limits to your diet in the long term.

I'm from the UK too and there are loads of UK foods already in the tracker. When you search for a food there are options to search foods entered by other people, or indeed foods you've entered yourself. You can save them as favourites once you've found the right ones, so you don't have to search again every time.

Did you know there's a team for UK sparks? Several actually - the main one is called "UK MAIN - Spark People Team" but there are regional ones too. They would help you with tracking UK foods and all sorts of other questions you might have. Go to the main spark teams page and search for "uk" in the search box to see the various teams.

Don't guess on the tracker!! I made that mistake when I started!
The tracker is a fantastic tool but it is only as useful as it is accurate, so you must weigh everything, at least at the beginning. You wouldn't believe how big I thought 100g of cheddar was to begin with!

Don't give up - you'll get there!
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11/28/12 4:19 P

How boring life would be if we had to cut out all the foods we love. Just like others have said, smaller portions and maybe not as often. Let it be a treat. Know what your trigger foods are and be strong when eating those.

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11/28/12 12:26 P

No. Just smaller and/or limited portions.

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11/28/12 12:08 P

Yes, right below the "search" button, there's a link that says "enter food not listed". Then you can enter in the nutritional values off the package yourself and it'll automatically save itself in your favorites (accessible from the "favorites" tab). Just be sure you enter the information accurately and completely, because anything you enter also goes in the shared database, so you want it to be super correct so other people can use it too.

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11/28/12 12:05 P

ahh thats why some english foods are on you know how add them? lol

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11/28/12 12:01 P

There's some other UK members on here, and basically from what I understand, they just enter all their product info in the tracker themselves, versus trying to find matching things already in the tracker. Also it'll probably be really helpful for you to get a food scale. I know I love mine.

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11/28/12 12:01 P

I say 85lb as when I joined it said that was healthy. But worked out that if you eat 500 kcals less a day, in a week you lose 1lb. So I planning to lose between 2-3 a week :)

I still live at home so my dad buys the food in the house (not a good idea - he likes lots of unhealthy foods but persuaded him to buy low calorie ones. So that with crisps are lower calories then say a 200 kcal bag.

I think with everyone's input I'm going to try different things and work out what is best for me, just hope I get it sorted :)

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11/28/12 11:54 A

Looking at your goals, you state that you wish to lose 85 lbs in one year. That is a tall order...totally doable, but an ambitious goal.

To be honest, I have trouble seeing somebody getting all the nutrients and vitamins they need, eating cals/carbs/fat/protein within healthy ranges, having the energy to exercise, losing 85 lbs in a year, and eating a daily chocolate bar. It is more than an issue of pure calorie has to do with habits, perspective, and the healthy food that such a chocolate bar is replacing nearly every day.

A moderate approach is good...some of us have to build up to moderation to prove to ourself that we are serious about our goal...some people start in moderation and make it work very well. But at some point you really need to be honest: what is more important - reaching your goal or a daily high calorie refined sugar treat?

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11/28/12 11:53 A

It's good that it's working out for you :) and I do use the tracker, however I find that a lot of the food on their is American so they don't have British brands, so I have to keep guessing the amount of grams, fats etc to match what I ate.

But it's almost the same, maybe like 50 kcals off.

YOJULEZ SparkPoints: (15,981)
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11/28/12 11:49 A

As you can see from the team I am co-leader on, I'm all about moderation :) Heck last night I had 2 rice krispy treats and still stayed within my calories and all my goals, and I have 2 newton cookies every day with my lunch.

Are you using the nutrition tracker here? If you are, it gives you the nutritional goals so it's very easy to make sure you're meeting them.

LIVEYOUNG94 SparkPoints: (1,149)
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11/28/12 11:44 A

Thank you for your reply. I think I'm going to take a close look at my nutritional goals and see if I am meeting them. This is my first week so in the foreseeable future I may cut down my calories even more.

It would be annoying to have to cut them out completely though, I feel I am getting through the first days because I am not sacrificing anything just eating in moderation.

Thank you

YOJULEZ SparkPoints: (15,981)
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11/28/12 11:41 A

If they fit into your calorie intake, then no, technically, you do not need to cut them out.

However, are you meeting all of your nutritional goal ranges? If you are eating the chocolate bars by sacrificing eating healthier foods that get you into your nutritional goal ranges, then you might need to re-evaluate and cut down on the chocolate bars and add in something like fruits or veggies to get you the nutrients your body needs.

2000 calories is a lot though, so I would guess that having the treats is fine. I eat 1700-1800 a day and I still fit in a few treats a day without sacrificing my nutritional goals.

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11/28/12 11:38 A

So I was eating around 3500 kcals a day and have now dropped to 2000. I am not finding things too difficult and have incorporated more fruit and veg into my diet along with eating healthier foods and cooking food in a healthy way.

However I am finding that I still eat crisps and chocolate bars (chocolate lunch bars - the biscuit ones with a layer of chocolate) almost daily but am not exceeding my calorie intake.

Is it okay to eat like this? or do I need to cut these down to like once a week?

Thank you in advance emoticon

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