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1/23/12 7:52 P

It's fine to go over on most nutrients - I'd go ahead and take it every day.

1/23/12 7:31 P

Usually a multivitamin-mineral supplement is fine to take. If fact, from what you are sharing about your healthy eating habits, you can probably take it every other day or every 3 days or so.

Do check your multivitamin-mineral supplement and look at the amounts it is providing of the various nutrients. You would not want a supplement that is providing more than 100% of your needs. If yours has higher amounts---talk to your doctor or switch brands.

Hope this helps--
Dietitian Becky

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1/23/12 3:02 P

Talk to your doctor about a multivitamin. Mine called me specifically to tell me to stop taking mine because of some new study she felt warranted it for me.

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1/23/12 2:51 P

I asked about vitamin D in another post and was told it's ok to go over on vit D and that the recommended levels will probably be raised soon. My multi is 250% D and that is acceptable. Dietitian Beck can confirm again as I don't remember which post that was in as it was burred in a different starting post.

There are, however, some vitamins that are important to not go overboard on. I believe the general recommendations is that your multi should have no more than 100% of each vitamin (with D as an exception for women, there may be other exceptions too).

I take a multi every day but only because doctor recommended it as part of getting ready to consider pregnancy. I didn't really have enough reason to remember them daily before that advice. I think it has helped my complexion though; but also can't tell if that's just from me putting more focus on getting veggies in or not.

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1/23/12 2:27 P


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1/23/12 1:11 P

I'd just take it every day.

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1/23/12 1:05 P

I am eating healthy & using the nutrition tracker each day. Most days, the tracker shows that I'm not getting enough magnesium and selenium. Some days, I'm low on Vitamin D, but not all the time. However, if I take the multi-vitamin that I have (Nature Made Liquid Softgel Multi For Her 50+) when I have had enough Vitamin D from my food, that puts me way above the recommended daily allowance.

So, my question is...should I only take the multi-vitamin on days where my percentage of natural vitamins (from food only) is low, or should I just take the multi-vitamin each and every day and not worry about getting too much of a vitamin? emoticon

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