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2/19/12 9:54 P

The statement is poorly worded in this case two repetitions means to repeat the entire circuit twice. I am assume that two reps stands for two repeats of the entire circuit since each exercises has the number of them you are to do, not two repetitions.

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2/19/12 3:44 P

I think they mean 2 sets.

Do the entire list, rest, repeat.

That's an example of circuit training.

2/19/12 1:23 P

Thank you for the information unident! I shall just do the whole workout and then repeat whenever I see something like that. Glad to finally get it cleared up.

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2/19/12 1:17 P

They are incorrectly using the term Reps where they actually mean Sets.

So you would do 20 jumping jacks, take a rest, then do another 20. It's not normal to put two sets together and do 40 jumping jacks.

If you don't want to take rest breaks, you can also run through the workout twice, moving straight away onto each other move. That'll give you two sets of each.

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2/19/12 1:15 P

That IS confusing!! When I hear 2 reps, I think 2 jumping jacks, not 40. To me, 40 would be 2 sets of 20 reps. But I can't imagine a workout where they tell me to do only 2 jumping jacks. :) I think the poster may have been confused.

2/19/12 1:04 P

I was on pinterest and found a few "workouts" people have posted. I've seen a couple that said do 2 reps and then they went on to tell how many of each thing to do.

Like say...20 jumping jacks.

Now, what I'm confused about is...with 2 reps...Does that mean to do everything it says and then repeat or go ahead and and do, say, 40 jumping jacks? Or are what they listing what we're suppose to do?

Ahhh, confuuuused!

See this picture for what I'm talking about...

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