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5/17/13 11:19 A

Hello...I had my first bout of diverticulitis in November 2012. I had no clue what was wrong with me and after a day in the emergency room and a CT scan they determined that was what I had. Antibiotics cleared it up in a few days and I haven't had an episode since. I stay away from popcorn and pistachios. I had been eating both in the days before and believe that was what caused it. Other than that, I don't restrict what I eat. I eat strawberries and peanuts. I do drink a lot of water. There is a lot of conflicting information on the internet and the doctor gave me limited information as well. I have considered seeing a gastroenterologist to get a more specialized opinion. It can be a serious condition if left untreated.

CMCOLE Posts: 2,667
5/17/13 7:49 A

At one point recently the emerg room Dr thought I may have this problem, but it turned out to be the kidney stones acting up again.

I hope you can get a referral to a diet specialist/nutritionist who can help.
It's awful to be in the dark

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5/16/13 2:19 P

I'm a little bit confused about your fiancé's diagnosis. It usually starts with diverticulosis (sections of the colon that have bulged out in to pockets) which is a permanent condition, with possible interludes of diverticulitis (where the pockets have become infected and inflamed), which is a temporary condition treated with antibiotics and generally a few days of clear liquids and a few weeks of low residue diet in order to give the system a rest during treatment. If he was diagnosed with diverticulitis last year, then it should have been treated ,and as he recovered he should be switching to a diverticulosis diet. This link explains it better:

Both my partner and I have diverticulosis, and have avoided having diverticulitis attacks by following high fibre diets. We both did build up the amount of fibre gradually (over weeks in his case, months in mine), but have both lived with this diagnosis for years. Honestly, we've both had less trouble with this since we increased our fibre, fat, and water intake. There are a few times where we've had some discomfort, but haven't been able to pin it down to a single "trigger" food --- most times it seems to be when we're at the lower end of fibre intake. We both have popcorn, nuts, seeds, and things with skins on a daily basis.

If your fiancé is still dealing with diverticulitis, then he should still be receiving treatment for it from a doctor. That doctor should be sending him to a dietitian for advice on dealing with it during treatment, and what changes to make after the diverticulitis is cleared up to hopefully avoid future attacks.

If his diverticulitis is cleared up and he's dealing with diverticulosis, then he should be looking at gradually increasing his fibre intake to the recommended 38g per day. Really, if he works his way up to eating in the same healthy style that you do, it should be the best thing for him.

If he is scared about making the change (which is absolutely understandable in anyone who has gone through that kind of pain!), then you both really should see if you can get in to a dietitian who can work with you both to gradually and safely make the changes.

Good luck to you all, and kudos on such a great attitude for teaching your daughter healthy eating!

SPARROW59 Posts: 285
5/16/13 12:16 P

I just spent several days in the hospital and was diagnosed with diverticulitis as well. I agree that about the physician being of no help. I was given a very basic list of what not to eat. I am frustrated and it hasn't even been a week yet. Hopefully I can find some answers soon. I will definitely be looking up the Mayo Clinic diet.

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1/5/13 3:54 P

What are his trigger foods?
As for children, I think it is important to expose them to a variety of fresh vegetables, fruits, and meats in their most natural state. I think they greatly benefit from gardening/cultivation and engaging in meal prep so they understand vitamins and minerals, and where they come from.

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1/5/13 11:09 A

I just did a Google search and saw an article from the Mayo Clinic. It looks like there are menu items and recipes below the article on another link. Hope that helps!

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1/5/13 9:40 A

My DH suffers from diverticulities its terrible and I feel bad for you and your boy friend. I just read your plea for help , have to leave to run a 5k right now - but when I return later or tomorrow - I will give you the entire diet and how we survive on conflicting nutritional needs

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1/5/13 9:36 A


His doctor should be able to give him a referral to see a dietitian who can create a meal plan specific to his needs. From there, maybe you'll get ideas that the whole family will be able to enjoy.

Coach Jen

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1/5/13 9:33 A

No, his doctor was no help. Told us the basics (do not eat seeds, skins, certain spices, and spicy foods, but drink lots of water) then told us we should look into a nutritionist.

Our Little Girl isn't really "picky" she's moody. She eats almost everything but it has to be when she wants it. She can live on her favorites but is always willing to try new things. I'm not the type of Mommy to make her a separate meal. She eats what we make, or doesn't eat. I give her options when it comes to snacks and even lunches most of the time so she is allowed to make choices throughout the day (on weekends), just not dinner.

Thanks for the super cute sandwich idea! I think that'll be fun and healthy for both of us emoticon

I was just hoping to learn some recipe ideas for him. He's become very frustrated and scared to eat. I often take his trigger foods out of recipes, and that's okay, but it blands it down for the rest of us. I'll probably just go searching this site. I'm a newbie here on Spark People so I'm still learning it.

Thanks again for your response!

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1/5/13 4:47 A

Have you not been given a dietary advice plan from his doctor? Seems that asking for that would be a good place to begin.

As for you little girl... involve her in making things, I work in a nursery and I often see picky eaters trying something new when they have been the ones to make it, I had a little boy, so picky then decided he loved oats after having flapjacks! And had lots of them try new fruits after making a tropical salad.

Try making funny-face open sandwiches... use cream cheese as glue... vegetable rings to make eyes, noses etc, pepper to make mouths, fluffy lettuce or cress hair, ham and eggs, its great fun and super healthy.

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1/5/13 12:30 A

Hey Spark People. Last year my fiancé was diagnosed with Diverticulitis. Since then our menu has been so inconsistent due to the fact that he can't eat anything. He has learned a few of his major triggers, but still, his diet is limited. We also have a 5 yr old who tends to be a moody eater. As you could imagine we all have different dietary needs. I'm currently trying to lose weight, he's trying to learn a whole new lifestyle (while going hungry a lot), and our daughter has her favorites that we obviously can't live on. Anyway, my question for all of you is, do you know of a menu geared toward Diverticulitis? Do you or someone you know struggle with this? I would just love a few recipes that we could all eat! Safe for him, healthy for me, and something my daughter would like (or learn to like. We encourage her to try everything). emoticon

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