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6/27/13 1:22 A

I say go with the tailor who is in the clothing business. If a shirt is tight enough to be uncomfortable on you than it is too small for you. If she wants to try to squeeze herself into clothes a size too small that is her choice but she has no right to try to force you into uncomfortable tight clothes. Besides we are talking about dress shirts not skinny jeans not that I would recommend any guy to wear skin tight jeans.

6/16/13 10:20 A

Go with the tailor's advise. They have their name and reputation riding on it. You look good they look good. You are a walking billboard for them.

5/9/13 1:54 P

Um...your body, your clothes, your comfort.

Is this the same GF that was bringing unhealthy food into your house that you asked her not to? Perhaps she hasn't gotten over her controlling behaviour, she's just trying out a different format?

PATHFINDER52 Posts: 752
5/2/13 12:09 A

Sorry, "Old Lady Lurking" in the guy's lounge --
I couldn't help but jump in. I think your girlfriend has a form of dysmorphic disorder -- she doesn't see what's really there! (Most of us have this problem when looking in the mirror, not when looking at someone else!)

She needs to simply appreciate a man who actually goes to the tailor!! (Too many men these days don't even know that "off the rack" pants may still need to be hemmed and fitted!!) And if she's not paying attention to your 18-inch pythons, she really is blind!

Wear what YOU like.
Love what YOU see in the mirror.
Thank her for her suggestions (and even her gifts) and still go with what makes you feel good!


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3/27/13 10:48 A

You realize she's trying to make you look gay so that other chicks don't jump on you?

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3/25/13 7:13 P

Remember who is giving you the tight clothes advice, someone who has been told to wear her clothes tight to look Girls are suppose to wear tight clothes, not the

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3/25/13 10:21 A

I am actually more comfortable in a good pair of slacks and dress shirt than a pair of jeans and polo shirt. I think she would rather see me in jeans but that is not the guy she met.

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3/24/13 9:21 A

SARAHMO4 is working in the right direction. Dress for success, both in your professional life and your social life. These are different looks, however. A closely tailored fit looks great in some social situations, but could be distracting in professional situations. Thinking of an example where these looks work simultaneously, well-built Marines often wear closely tailored uniforms. But that's a unique setting.

SARAHMO4 Posts: 336
3/23/13 10:32 P

I dont know whether you want a reply from a woman or not, heres my opinion: What are the pants and shirts for? Are they for business or going out on a date, etc? I can understand looking sexy for a night out, looking professional and appropriate at work is more important if thats what the clothes were altered for. Also she is not a tailor, everyone has their opinions about what works, and I would guess your tailor may have the right answer. She may like a certain look on you, she may not realize the impact bulging pockets or too tight shirts may have in an outfit. This might just be she doesnt realize what look better or works well from not being a tailor or knowing how pants and shirts should fit.

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3/23/13 3:04 P

I just got some clothes back from the tailor and my girl friend thinks they are too loose. I got a suit, three pairs of dress slacks, and some shirts. She told me that I have a sexy body and that the clothes hide that. The clothes I bought were actually a size larger than I wear so the tailor had some material to work with. My measurements are 40 chest, 31 waist, and 35 hips. The tailor suggested size 34 pants so they would be wide enough at the hips and my pockets would not bulge out. They tapered the waist to fit and made the legs a little narrower but they are not tight around me. Isn't this how decent pants should fit? The shirts were fitted to my measurements, this is a must as even fitted shirts leave me with a lot of material hanging around my waist. I cannot buy a medium fitted shirt because my biceps are 18 inches around. She bought me a shirt that is really tight and uncomfortable and insists that it fits. Are there any women that understand how clothes should fit? I am having my doubts.

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