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6/28/11 11:09 A

I used to eat fast food every day for lunch (McDonalds etc...) It was hard at first to pack my lunch to work every day, but I started doing it and guess what?...I never even think about McD's anymore.

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6/28/11 10:38 A

Have you read The Spark? If not, see if you can get a copy from your local library. I found that reading that helped me set a good foundation. I also follow the Clean Eating diet and you can find their magazine at Walmart. If gives you a lot of ideas for meals and even spells them out for two weeks if you want that.

The day has 1,440 minutes in it. Can you not spare 30 of those minutes for you? In that time you could do a 10 minute workout, pack your lunch/snacks, and set your tone for a successful day. I packed my food the night before for a very long time. I also had so much healthy/food and snacks in my overhead bin at work that I got a the nickname "the grocery store". Can you store anything at the office?

Put a large glass of water on your desk if you have one and keep drinking all day. I used to work on the 8th floor. When I needed a bathroom break, I would take the stairs down to the 1st floor. It was a way that I built more steps into my day.

In the end we choose how much control we take over our healthy lifestyle choices. Choose today to make this day count as a positive for you. then just take it one day at a time.

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6/28/11 7:33 A

Having young kids and working is hard work - you have so much on your plate, and for some reason, Mum always comes last in the priorities.

My advice? Breathe.
Navigate around this site. It encourages baby steps.

Make a couple of promises to yourself. Some suggestions
1. Cut down on the soda. If you currently have more than one a day, cut down to one. If you only have one a day, cut down to one every second day.
2. Do 10 mins more exercise (so if you currently do nothing, then do 10 mins)
3. Every day when you leave the house, take a piece of fruit - and eat it 15 mins before your next meal.

Some ideas. Good luck

JENMC14 Posts: 2,786
6/28/11 5:43 A

If you're overwhelmed, start with baby steps. I've never had a rpoblem jumping into a diet plan, it was sticking with it. So, I just jumped in feet first here, tracking and what not. And, I have been able to stick with it because it's a reasonable plan. I've had setbacks, but nothing I can't work through. In the past, dieting has been about deprivation and losing as much weight as fast as I could. After years of yo-yoing, I've realized taht I just need to permanently change habits & slow and steady weight loss is ok, too, so long as I can keep it off.

For you, if you're feeling overwhelmed by all the changes you thnk you need to make, start small. Perhaps make a list of every thing you think you need to change, pick one or two and start there. Set up your nutrition tracker here & truthfully track what you eat to see where you're at. Use the diet plan or don't. I don't, but I make sure to stay in my suggested ranges for the day.

So, you say that soda is a problem. Substitute diet at first or a fizzy water. One soda a day to plain water for a week. Then, the next week, two sodas a day are plain water, etc. Challenge yourself to walk 10 minutes a day 3 times a week at first. The key for me was to find decent substitutions. I use a low carb whole wheat bread (I used whole grain English muffins at first), tosat it, cook 2 egg whites, use a lower fat margerine/butter spread & a slice of lowfat cheese to create a breakfast sandwhich almost every morning. It's not quite an Egg McMuffin, but before I wasn't eating any breakfast, or, if I was, it was some high fat fast food thing. This starts me off right for about 250 calories, give or take. (I use Helathy Life bread. It's HFCS free, too, and has 70 calories per 2 slices. It's really good,a nd not too expensive. I can get it at the local Walmart.)

Now, I know what it's like to have a hectic schedule. Find a routine as best you can that works for you. I get upt early and get my workouts in. Then I get my kids up & ready. My husband comes home from the gym and we carpool to work together. Find something that works for you and make sure to do it every day. "They" say it takes about 2 weeks for something to become routine/habit. I found after a month or so, it really ws true, getting up to exercise is a habit. I don't always do the greatest, most intense workout, andit's not always easy to get up, but I do it. You can do this. Remember, you didn't creat your habits or gain your weight overnight, so you will not change them overnight. I think that's what's killed it for me in the past, thinking I can just flip a switch & become a different person with different habits. It is hard work, you can do it!

JUFOME Posts: 89
6/28/11 1:48 A

You most definitely not crazy - I think we've all been there in some way or another. I only have so much emotional energy and if I need to take time to plan for me and sometimes that means a little less time for something else.

You are in the right place - you posted here and that's a great start. This place is loaded with support, recipes, exercises, challenges, rewards, and so much more. Start with small changes. Use the nutrition tracker - add in a fruit or a veggie here and there.

Challenge yourself to subsitute one soda with water - if you like the fiz, Talking Rain or other carbonated beverages can be a good swap. Reward yourself for the small changes. What motivates you? I like to post and blog - it keeps me honest and helps hold me accountable.

Forgiveness - there is no perfect way to do this so when you don't meet your goal, start over. You can't fail if you never give up and you will reach that goal eventually.

I don't personally use the Spark diet plan - but it is a great all around healthy way of eating. I use a low carb, gluten free way of eating - but I do track my nutrition here. And it helps. You can do this. Try setting a goal to just log in every day - that's it, just log in. No stress, no guilt. You might find after you log in - you wander around and find bits and pieces that fit you.

You CAN do this, one day at a time, and when it's really challenging - one moment at a time. GO YOU!

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6/28/11 1:34 A

At work, passing by the mirrors today I caught a glimpse of me...and it was gross. I am my own worst critic. I thought how the hell did I ever let myself get this big. I;ve never been this big. After my 3rd child in 2010, I can't seem to shake the weight. I've gone to the gym and I'm sure it would work if I could stick to a eating plan and stay on top of it. I've got no help or support. And I'm to the point where I'm depressed. Like why can't I do this?! What the hell! Why can't I stop drinking soda? Why can't I just give up McDonald's cold turkey...why can't I bring a damn bag lunch to work instead of stopping somewhere. I'm done. I'm in a big black hole and feel like I'm ready but why the hell can't I do it. I have no schedule because I am always on the go. I need some serious help. I don't get it. I need a plan like spelled out for me. I don't have the money for a personal trainer or nutrisonist, but I NEED and WANT to change. I am disgusted with myself. I don't like who I see in the mirror. I just don't know what to do anymore. Why can't I just begin....and stay on track....Sorry just a little vent. Anyone have any advice? Have you been here or am I just gone totally depressed crazy?

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