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NIGHTSKYSTAR SparkPoints: (517,140)
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9/26/12 5:20 P

I will echo that unless your doctor has ordered 1000 cals, that is too low for anyone. I speak from experience..i was doing well losing, then it slowed. i was on the scale every day and panicking. so i dropped to a thousand cals. it worked..for a week. then i stopped losing at all. i dropped to 800...still nothing. i dropped to 600..until i passed out one day. The doc said if i wasnt looking at you, and only at your lab reports, i would think you were a starving person. Heck, you ARE. i said how is that possible i'm FAT.
turns out your body senses when you dont take in enough cals. and it rebels. it says nope..i'm not losing another OUNCE, and if you eat ANYTHING i am going to store it. I actually GAINED a few weeks on 600 cals.
After the pass out session, I started eating correctly..and shock of all shocks i started losing again!!!
give it a shot...find out what you SHOULD be having...and do what you can to get that many cals. I am betting the scale will show it!!

JILLITA55 SparkPoints: (0)
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9/26/12 10:36 A

I go up and down the scale. I eat the right foods (lots of fruits and veggies). I cannot seem to lose weight. I am stuck bigtime.

GINNABOOTS Posts: 9,087
8/23/12 12:27 P

You are not eating enough. Your body is in starvation mode & it is shutting down your metabolism. Did you do your profile, to get your calorie range. Stay in that range. Sparkpeople doesn't ever recommend that a person eat under 1200 calories, especially if you are exercising. Your body needs more fuel.

I know it is very difficult to eat more, since we have been conditioned for so many years to eat less for weight loss, but it does work. I was eating 1200 per day doing Weight Watchers & was stuck not losing weight. I came here 2 months ago & my cal range is 1440-1700. I eat that everyday & I have busted the plateau & have lost 6 pounds. It doesn't sound like a lot for 2 months, but I only have 4 more to go. Hope this helps.

SUNRISE14 Posts: 5,216
8/23/12 11:38 A

Maybe you should go up to 1200 calories aday your body may be in survival mode thinking it's not going to get enough to eat so it will hold onto what it has ! Wouldn't hurt to try it for a week! emoticon

8/23/12 2:27 A

My first reaction was to wonder how much you have to lose and to say that you are not eating enough! I would not weigh more than once a week (i went monthly, as it effected my mood way to much & i do not need anxiety)! good Luck!

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8/22/12 9:34 P

Well, you shouldn't be discouraged at remaining the same weight for a week. You aren't going to necessarily lose everyday or even every week. Stop weighing everyday if it's going to bother you. Secondly, you aren't eating enough. The minimum you should be eating is 1200 calories. That is the minimum that your body needs in order to function. What did SP give you for your calorie range? You should be eating within that range not below it.

SBARGANZ Posts: 331
8/22/12 9:01 P

OK, I've been weighing in exactly the same for a week, although I have been on a reduced-calorie diet (approx. 1000/day) and have increased my activity level. I need some encouragement (preferably in the form of pounds lost, but has anyone else experienced this?!?)

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