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2/19/13 3:37 P

I've done the same thing. The funny thing is once I started tracking, not just food, but my 'real' exercise (as in how fast I am really walking, not how fast I think I'm walking), I discovered I've been taking it too easy. Not ramping up my exercise, not pushing myself...and not losing. With blood sugar issues, I have to work harder, it's just a fact, so taking it easy isn't an option. Maybe you need to change up your exercise too. Just a thought : )

GINGERVISTA Posts: 6,236
2/19/13 1:09 P

Just a couple of quick things that helped me immensely, despite my even gaining weight initially in SparkPeople.
First I got emoticon which I read cover to cover just to get the info; then I went back I worked each suggested step, including the next thing that helped:
using the Nutrition Tracker RELIGIOUSLY!!! I fought it tooth & nail, used it sporadically, but once I used it every day for every meal & snack, I saw the weight come off & I was more inclined to exercise as well, so I got more fit. And THIS was in my late 50's! Had my best time at a turkey trot 5K just a few days before my 60th birthday a little more than 2 years ago.
Just breathe, take it one day at a time, make gradual changes, & you'll get there. Even the experts at SP & elsewhere say: it's not about perfection. They even talk about 80:20.......doing all the right things 80% of the time, while still getting fit & healthy when not being 'perfect' 20% of the time. Go easy on yourself.
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HTARIN Posts: 94
2/19/13 1:02 P

what is gone is gone and today is more important than yesterday. as of TODAY, treat yourself with healthy foods and take care of yourself. your lucky that you noticed your weight difference sooner rather than late like myself. keep one thing in mind that your health is number one on your list and wish you all the best. it takes time but down deep you know you can do it. emoticon

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2/19/13 12:47 P

Thanks everyone! I did get blood drawn yesterday to see what might be going on, they doctor seems to think there is more going on instead of just me gaining weight. I will be honest I am on some meds for anxiety which is not supposed to make you gain weight in 99.9% of people they have lost weight, so there must be something else going on. Nothing is normal about me lately. It is very unlike me to be tired all the time, and not be able to make it through a workout. I am praying I get answers very soon... just so I know what I am dealing with! I know I can lose this weight, I really don't have a choice, I was one very fit and I just need encouragement that I can do it again.

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2/19/13 11:07 A

I found out I was anemic a few years ago. I was always exhausted both mentally and physically and it didn't even cross my mind to get my labs checked. My H/H on labs was always fine, but my ferritin (indicates stored iron) was 1. yes one, which basically means wiped out. My vitamin D level was 29, which was considered low normal, but now I have it up to around 60, which is ideal for me since I have joint pain issues. I too have asthma, and felt I was using my inhaler more. I did tend to use it more when I had extra weight on my body. Just a thought if you don't have current lab results for yourself. Also, I make it a point to eat mini-meals/snacks every 3 hours to keep my energy levels up during the day. I hope you feel better/figure out what's going on.

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2/19/13 10:44 A

Don't get down on yourself either. You have a lot on your plate, so to speak. Two young children, a job, your health. Remember to take at least 10 minutes a day to just be grateful for those things. Try not to let the anxiety about this stuff get to you. If possible, incorporate yoga into this? I read or saw one of the videos that said do evening yoga as an exercise. That would relax and help the breathing.

You CAN do this. And you WONT have to do it again! EVER. :-).


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2/19/13 10:19 A


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2/19/13 10:09 A

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2/19/13 9:25 A

Remember one step at a time. Dividing things into little steps can make them more manageable.

GLITTERFAIRY77 Posts: 8,023
2/19/13 9:23 A

Welcome back, and I'm sorry that the asthma has been bothering you. I hope your doc is able to help regulate that for you.
Try to get back in the habit of tracking your calories, and try making the base of your food pyramid vegetables and fruits, in that order. Make sure you're drinking enough water, too. You did this before. I know you can do it again.

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2/19/13 9:18 A

I have come and gone with Sparkpeople several times. I used to do Babyfit when I was pregnant with my daughter and found it very helpful but that was 8 years ago. I lost all my weight after her then got pregnant with my son. Now he is five and I have lost and gained lost and gained lost and gained... I am sure some of you know that roller coaster. I am almost 38 now and I went to the doctor yesterday because I have not been myself in the last several months, been tired and I went to see her as well because my lower back has been bothering. Not only that but my asthma has been acting up tremendously. And at night is it worse, I am using my inhaler more then I should. Well, come to find out I have gained 20 lbs since I saw her 6 months ago. I workout 5 times a week and really do watch what I eat, and I am not one to say when I am watching what I eat "yea, I watch it go into my mouth". I really do take notice of what I have eaten and where I need to cut back. I just want some help but what is funny is I know what I need to do, but I am always hungry too. I eat fruit and vegetables (though I could eat more) but I get bored with food easily and I am a busy mom of 2. I work 40-46 hrs a week at night I work out and I as I mentioned I have 2 young children. Any advice or bits of encouragement are appreciated!! Thanks for reading and listening :-)

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