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Certainly you've shown you can do have faith that it won't take you long again to turn it around once your daughter is well, and "life" gets more normal again. With any luck, your palpitations were just a response to the overwhelming stress you've been under....So glad you didn't ignore it though, and did check with your doctor!! I hope the Doctor will clear you to exercise again soon.

Until then...just go back to basics. Remember that what you eat is even more important than getting the exercise in. Focus on: Water, better nutrition (I expect it was very hit-n-miss while your daughter was ill), NOT beating yourself up about some bread.... take a deep breath and you are on the road again. I hope you and your daughter are both doing well soon!! Glad you are back on Spark!!

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Hi! I have been so on track for the last 9 months! I lost a total of 40+ pounds but in the last couple of months I have steadily gained. I swim 5x a week but my daughter has been very sick and we spent 3 of the last 4 weeks in the hospital, no access to a pool, and just walking around the hospital (lots more sitting and waiting). I am back to 204!!! I was down to 185:( I am feeling very discouraged! I started back at the pool last Monday and after 4 laps had terrible palpitations...the doctor is trying to figure out why but meanwhile no laps!! I am discouraged...I try to eat healthy and then I mess up. Bread is my biggest challenge. I am starting over on here...and just need a little bit of something to help get me motivated once again. I don't want to slip into that old "failure" cycle...I have broken it...I know I can do this...I want to be healthy and strong for my daughter....I don't want to be overweight, tired and feeling bad about myself.
Thanks for listening

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