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EOWYN2424 Posts: 9,108
6/7/13 2:50 A

I used to b on prednisolone too! It was horrible! I also got fat. I'm on dialysis now but I have belly rolls that I'm anxious to get rid of.

I know it's overwhelming but never give up! Love yourself!

TAMARA_2014 Posts: 38
6/7/13 1:57 A

Three days ago I started a medical weight loss program. I am on Phentermine, and Bariatric Shakes. I see a dietitian every 2 weeks, and will be seeing the medical doctor for the weight loss specifically every 4-5 weeks. I will be enrolling in exercise classes at the hospital where they will make a plan for me. I will also be working on a diet and counseling as a lifestyle change. All this while being on high dose prednisone and low dose chemotherapy for a rare auto-immune disease called Microscopic Polyangiitis. My inability to do ANYTHING even dress myself when the illness had almost killed me, combined with years of high dose steroid use resulted in my highest weight ever, 493.1lbs...despite trying to diet and such. So I am skeptical if this will even work. I would love to talk to and friend anyone who has been through illness and prednisone, has been on phentermine, or has been through a medical weight loss program, or anyone willing to lend some support. I want to make this work. I have a goal to become thin enough to fit in one airline seat comfortably by February 2014. This is because I have a chance to be a rare disease patient advocate and talk to senators on capitol hill on behalf of those with rare illnesses about funding and why it is important to keep from cutting programs for those like myself. It also involves two days touring the National Institutes of Health and more! Of course, I did not get to go last time due to my medical issue flaring and that was largely due to my weight. So, please...cheer me on!

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