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4/12/14 10:47 P

I am a big fan of mud runs. Something I did to help prepare myself is I wore the clothes and shoes I planned on wearing for the event, had my boyfriend dump buckets of water over me until I was soaked, and went walking/running for about 3 miles up and down large hills and through the woods.

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4/11/14 12:25 P

im signed up too and cant wait. gonna start training now with walking/running up to 4 miles then running hills and strength training. lunges squats, push ups are a great way to build up muscles for climbing over the obstacles :)

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1/16/14 10:15 P

Thank You Jen.

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1/16/14 6:12 P

Here's a blog you might also find helpful:

Good luck!

Coach Jen

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1/16/14 3:44 P

ARCHIMEDES Thanks soo much for your advice. I have been walking 3 miles about 3 days a week and just started adding jogging.

The strength training...varies. I have a pretty decent background in strength training I just haven't done much of it recently. Pushups, I generally do wall pushups or pushups off the Smith machine and can usually handle 3 sets of 12-15. Burpees...UGH! I haven't really done them and they intimidate the crap outta me!

You read the website right. Thankfully, I do have until August 2nd to get ready for it so I should be able to do it. Thanks again for your help.

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1/16/14 3:19 P

I had look up the Dirty Dash. I figured it was a "muddy" obstacle course similar too the Tough Mudder, Warrior Dash, Spartan Sprint, etc.

How do you train for it ? First off, can you run five miles ? If you've never done any sort of distance running, you should start with a Couch to 5K program. SP has one. A C25K assumes no prior running experience and will literally take you from your couch to a 5K road race. A 5k = 3.1 miles. That will get you started. AND before you start your running training, I would encourage to you get fitted for a proper pair of running shoe. Don't wear any old shoe. If you're going to run, your feet will need proper support. Thus the need to wear properly fitted shoes. Wearing the wrong shoe can cause problems with your feet, ankles, knees and hip joints. So, do go to a reputable running/sports store to be fitted for a decent pair of shoes.

Now, what sort of strength training have you done ? If you want to be able to do an obstacle course, that's going to require some upper body strength as well as some core strength. However, let's start small. How many push ups can you do ? Being able to do good military style push ups will help you complete one of these obstacle courses.

check this out for push up training

Hope you enjoy burpees ! Those will help too. I loathe them.

Start slowly. if the Dirty Dash website is correct, you have until August to train for this five mile obstacle course. Are you too old ? I was 48 when I did the Spartan Sprint.

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1/16/14 2:21 P

I officially lost my mind and registered for The Dirty Dash Boise lastnight. Any advice on training for me? I have never done anything like this and can use all the advice I can get. Thanks ahead of time.

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