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1/21/13 1:16 P

Thank you!

I know that mumsie had difficulty with fats after her gall bladder was removed and she was advised no nuts even, so maybe we can find more info, but for sure, listen & respect what our bodies tell us, even if I don't like the message but it is a real reason to not eat full fat ice creams anymore, eh? gl with this :)

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1/21/13 1:02 P

I think amount definitely has something to do with it! Lik I said- a tablespoon of peanut butter is okay, but a full serving and I get upset about 30-60min after eating! I ate a bit more almonds than I typically do last night after eating a hard boiled egg, and sure enough, a bit under an hour later I got a bit sick!

What I've been able to find online isn't anything I didn't already know- LCFA (long chain fatty acids) need to be broken down in the small intestine and go through the lymphatic system instead of straight to the blood. So I think the problem is in there- not enough enzymes and bile salt in the digestive tract perhaps? There are medical conditions where certain coenzymes necessary to turn fat into usable energy are defective- but that is noticed typically before the age of three, an I would assume there is a lot of failure to thrive or lose weight even.

I will let you know if I find anything else!

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1/21/13 12:17 P

I would be interested to know what you figure out on this.

I was thinking later, that I also think quantity matters. I also discovered this accidentally as I began to work on portion control/quantity along with healthier choices/types of fats.

so were we flooding our digestive system by quantity & types of fats or are we facing a deteriorating ability to digest fats or do types/chains make a difference? very interesting question. thank you for posting this. something to ponder.

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1/20/13 11:30 P

Its possible! But too much peanut butter upsets me (any more than one tablespoon actually). I was looking into it- peanut butter contains the fatty acid Oleic Acid, which is 18 carbons long, which is a long-chain.

Maybe it's time to do some "research" using myself as a test subject to see if there is any correlation. I'm just curious if anybody knows anything about how they are digested differently!

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1/20/13 9:46 P

i always thought that it was fresh freggies & spices that triggered my heartburns (think tomatos, italian) so I was surprised to figure out it was high fat dairy, cheeses and fats in animal meats, but not plant fats as much like nuts, avocados & olives/oils. I don't know about chain length, but perhaps difference is plant vs animal sources? that's as far as i've gotten figuring it out.

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1/20/13 8:09 P

For a while, I've had trouble digesting some fats. I didn't know a lot about different fats besides trans, saturated, monounsaturated, polyunsaturated- but my experience didn't seem to correlate to any of those. It was mostly the source of the fats that caused the problems. For example, coconut oil never bothered me (which is mostly saturated fats), but butter would make me very sick. I read the article on here about coconut oil, and it talks about short, medium, and long chained fatty acids, and I thought- perhaps it is the size of the fatty acids and the quantity I eat that size that dictates how sick I feel after

Does anybody know how exactly they all digest and why it is different? This seems relatively knew, and I'm looking for research articles on it but am not finding much.

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