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1/1/13 2:18 P

I had my gallbladder removal surgery on December 10th and was fully recovered within 2 weeks, back to doing everything I did before. This surgery has completely changed my life. I feel like a brand new person. It's hard to believe such a tiny organ can wreak so much havoc on one's body and health, but it obviously can! If you suspect your gallbladder is the culprit in your digestive problems or the source of unexplained pain (right side, front to back, right under the ribs) I highly suggest you see your doctor and have an ultrasound! I didn't have any infection, and the surgeon told me that mine was a fairly routine case and the gallstones were not dangerous or life-threatening, but had I not had this surgery it just would've gotten worse and I would still be miserable. Don't hesitate to take care of the problem as soon as it arises!

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10/4/12 3:23 P

the people I know who have had gallbladder surgery have all been VERY happy with the results (felt better than they have in years)

hope all goes well for you!

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10/4/12 3:15 P


Good Luck to you and hope you have a speedy recovery!
I had my gallbladder removed last year and as far as surgeries go it was pretty easy peasy.
Didn't even need pain pills during recovery. Just stiff and sore mostly, not alot of pain.

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10/4/12 3:01 P

Thank you for taking the time to read the whole thread, and for your well-wishes. I'm very nervous as I've never had surgery before, but I think it will be extremely worth it in the end!

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10/4/12 9:22 A

Since I actually read all the posts, including the one you posted about finding out you had gallstones, I'll just wish you a speedy recovery after your surgery. Good luck to you - I hope that clears up your digestion problems.

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10/4/12 7:32 A

since you're already heading to a doc for a more formal diagnosis, start by just having yogurt. doesn't matter what brand, just make sure the ingredient list lists live cultures and you're good. secondly, start paying attention to how you're eating. some people tend to gulp air while they eat, which means they have more air to begin with in their digestive tract. start taking smaller bites and sips, chewing more, and really paying attention to how you're balancing breathing and eating. and pay attention to any carbonated beverages that you might have to see if that is adding to your burden. the only other thing i can think of it to cut all your meals in half and eat part a little before you normally would and the rest an hour or two later. less stuff and less densely packed in your tract should make it a little easier for air to get filtered to the top or bottom as needed. you don't need to make a huge change, just try cutting whatever you would have normally eaten in half [or thirds for that matter] and space it out.

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10/4/12 6:41 A

Many meds can cause constipation like beta blockers.Too much sodium and not enough water intake. Diabetes and thyroid disorders can also cause stomach bloating and upset. I take an equate fiber pill of 100% Physillium (walmart brand) daily. Also a probiotic and a digestive enzyme

DRINK SOME CHAMOLIE TEA this herb has anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic properties which can help prevent the onset of gas symptoms and stomach cramps

A Little prune juice seems to help bloat.

Asafoetida The best spice to get rid of gas or bloating. Use it to help digest meat and beans (get it from Indian grocers). Use ¼ tsp per person. Use also for constipation, low digestive power, worms, candida.

Coriander Balances the digestive enzyme function. A mild carminative (helps gas and bloating) and blood purifier. For cystitis and urinary infections use it in cooking, or make a juice from the leaves. If you’re a fiery type (easily irritated, prone to acne, loose digestion), coriander is great for you.

Fennel Increases digestive function, and helps bloating, gas, low digestive power, indigestion and burning urine. Mild enough for people who can’t take hotter spices.

Garlic Helps colds, flu, infections, yeast infections, parasites. It’s strongly heating and stimulating so is not for everyone, especially hot fiery people or those who do yoga/meditate.
Ginger The main digestive spice. Also helps get rid of colds, coughs, flu. Use fresh ginger for gas, burping, headaches, cramps, hemorrhoids, arthritis. Chew a piece for indigestion, nausea or vomiting. Ginger tea helps clear toxins.

Nutmeg The best spice to use if poor digestion means nutrients aren’t being absorbed. Use ¼ tsp max. Use for gas, bloating, diarrhorea, nerve pain, insomnia. Add to a milky drink at night to help restful sleep.

Turmeric Very effective at helping remove toxins. Balances the intestinal flora, liver and pancreas, improves problem skin. A stronger antioxidant than vitamin C.

Black pepper A hot spice that opens the digestive channels and helps clear toxins. Use for indigestion, low digestive power, obesity. Helps digest raw food and mucus-forming foods such as dairy. Use 1-2 pinches only.

Eat FAGE 97% FAT FREE PLAIN YOGURT WITH FRESH BLUEBERRIES (BLUEBERRIES HAVE GOOD FIBER) Sugar also causes bloat, and sugar alcohols. Too many Carbohydrates can cause gas & bloating such as rice, potatoes, and pasta, beans and peas.


Fried foods can delay digestion, so skip fried foods. WHEAT CAN ALSO produce gas. I have also found Nabisco Ginger Snap cookies with molases help keep my bowels moving. Stay away from califlower, brocolli, beans & other gas producing foods for awhile.

Parsley is a good digestive aid to reduce gas and bloat.

Peppermint can ease the symptoms of digestive complaints such as gas and bloating by increasing the flow of digestive juices

Fennel can act as a digestive aid. Tea made from crushed fennel seeds to relieve your gastrointestinal symptoms.
Poppy Seeds are helpful in facilitating effective digestion in human body.
Caraway Seeds helps water retention, such as edema and bloating

Bacteria love sugar!
Take a digestive enzyme supplement. Taken with meals, digestive enzymes will help support your digestive system and relieve bloating, flatulence and discomfort. The enzymes will break down the sugars that you're eating, leaving little left over for the bacteria.

If this does not help see a doctor without delay.

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10/4/12 2:15 A

I went to the doctor and turns out I have gallstones. Going to consult with a surgeon soon.

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8/27/12 2:41 P

GI troubles are definitely something you should see your doctor about as soon as possible. My mom had problems that she tried to deal with by modifying her diet. She had intestinal cancer. Then, she had more problems that she tried to deal with by modifying her diet without her doctor's advice. She did it again and ended up finding out that she needed her gallbladder out. Once again, she had problems and didn't go to the doctor right away...she had a stone in her bile duct. My neighbor had "indigestion" problems. By the time he went to the doctor, his stomach cancer had spread throughout his abdomen. I had some indigestion after eating certain foods that went on for several years. I thought that I was just getting older and couldn't eat things like chili anymore. Then, I started having occasional stomachaches sometimes after eating. I ended up having to have my gallbladder out on an emergency basis when one of those stomachaches didn't go away and I went to the emergency room to find out why. I can eat anything I want now without indigestion. Evidently my gallbladder was causing me problems all that time. A good family friend had "indigestion" and had cancer. My sister had stomachaches and found out that she had an ulcer. A friend's wife had "bloating" and found out (too late) that she had ovarian cancer. She was young. I could go on, but I think I've made my point that digestive troubles and GI pain are something you don't want to try and fix at home, not even for a little while.

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8/26/12 10:29 A

I had lots of trouble with grains, too. I stopped eating them and am much happier. I also take a probiotic, digestive enzymes with each meal, and aloe vera juice.

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8/26/12 5:20 A

I get painful gas and bloating after I eat grains. Both of my kids get gas after eating grains as well.

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8/26/12 2:47 A

I know that I need to see a doctor. I'm just trying to see if anyone else has experienced these types of symptoms and what it ended up being in THEIR case, to get some possibilities. I'm not asking to be diagnosed.

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8/26/12 12:08 A

You need to make an appointment with your Doctor as soon as possible. Problems in your gut are not something to be taken lightly. If you have not had a colonoscopy, you need one now! Your Doctor should send you to a specialist in this area and they will be able to get more insight into what is going on with your intestinal system. Please call your Doctor Monday morning to make an appointment! This is very important to your health!

8/25/12 11:40 P

I can tell you that I used to have problems with chronic constipation and feel like taking a daily probiotic has helped.

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8/25/12 11:00 P

Hello. Dragonchilde is correct. You need to go see a doctor as soon as possible so they can give you the answers you need to start your road to feeling better.

Please consider making a Sparkpage so we can stop by and give you encouragement and support and you can give us your status.

Stop by my Sparkpage anytime and let me know how you are doing! I would love to hear from you!

Enjoy your journey to a healthier you!

Have FUN along the way!

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8/25/12 10:46 P

Unfortunately, no one here on Sparkpeople is really qualified to diagnose or help treat a medical condition. Your best bet would be to see your doctor and possibly a referral to a specialist. There's not much we can offer, because symptoms like yours can be caused by so much that it would be inappropriate for any of us to guess.

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8/25/12 10:01 P

For the last several months, I've had slow and sometimes painful digestion, and also excessive gas trapped in my colon that I've had to resort to taking Phazyme to get rid of. Shortly after eating a meal, I feel very uncomfortable and have a nagging, dull pain in my stomach that I have used a heating pad to control. The discomfort generally continues all the way thru my digestive system, and I am unable to "release" enough gas to help relieve it. It doesn't matter what I eat. I've tried going gluten free, which seemed to help a little, but when I reintroduced gluten into my diet I had no immediate ill side effects so I'm not sure that's what it is. I also tried removing red meat and that didn't help either. Dairy has never bothered me (and again, it's no matter what I eat) and as far as I'm aware I don't have any other food allergies. I just started taking a probiotic pill today (Philips Colon Health) in hopes that I just need more good bacteria in my gut. I've done a lot of research and one possibility is gastroparesis, basically that means your stomach is unable to empty all of its contents into your intestines causing discomfort, but I don't have most of the symptoms of that. If the probiotics don't work, I was thinking of going to the doctor to have myself checked out, which is ultimately what I will probably do. My question is, has anyone else had similar symptoms and what did you do to resolve them? Thank you for any help!!

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