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Thank you for sharing more.
Your follow up post is much more accurate and appropriate.
You shared the scientific data about diabetes based on accurate information from the CDC. Yes, it is suggested that all adults have blood sugar testing annually with appropriate follow up based on results and then directed to interventions to improve the condition.

Your first post was based much more on your opinion. It took the approach of "if you feel tired after a high carb meal than go to your doctor for testing" This would not be the approved protocol for blood sugar testing.

I hope you see the difference. It is fine to share the signs and symptoms of a disease and the approved treatment. In fact this is all included on our site from Harvard Medical School (by condition):

This would be a great link to provide members who are looking for appropriate and accurate information regarding disease conditions. It states the facts, it does not guess at a diagnosis.

Your SP Registered Dietitian

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9/27/13 9:26 A

Yes, I suggested that a person get an A1C test to determine if diabetes, pre-diabetes, or insulin resistance could be an issue. One has to see a doctor to order this test and that's just common sense.

Many have symptoms and over the years many Sparkers have been diagnosed as such. I don't think my post was inappropriate or irresponsible as the is no medical diagnosis made on my part.

In fact, a good physician will test for diabetes on a yearly basis and an A1C test will give an average on blood sugar over a three month in my case nothing showed up in my urine or blood workups because they were taken after fasting....but the A1C test finally diagnosed me as insulin resistant. ...

Yes, there are other causes that make a person tired or have difficulty in losing weight...... but this is a good place to start when trying to eliminate causes.

In fact, the CDC estimates that nearly 26 million Americans have diabetes and an estimated 79 million adults have pre~diabetes and 7 million Americans~do not know they have the disease.

I don't think it's a bad idea for anyone to get tested...this is not medically inappropriate and irresponsible.

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9/26/13 8:13 P

For appropriate blood sugar control it is best to work with one's doctor who can run tests for an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan. People who have diabetes, pre-diabetes, insulin resistance can and should include foods in their diet that contain carbohydrates. One would be educated on the amount of carbohydrates to have at each meal and snack and how the "quality" of those carbohydrates can effect overall health.

We ask that our members and SP experts "not" diagnose (or even guess at a medical diagnosis) via this site. It is medically inappropriate and irresponsible.

Thank You
SP Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

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9/26/13 10:15 A

For many eating a carb rich meal like a sub, pasta, or even sushi with white rice will make them tired. It happens because blood sugars spike then crash....and energy levels diminish.

If you find that you are tired most days, especially after eating a carb rich meal you may be experiencing symptoms of pre-diabetes....and then losing weight can become difficult. It is one good indicator that points to insulin resistance.

I used to find my eyelids very heavy after a meal that included wheat bread...I switched to rye, and now include Sliced turkey, a spinach/strawberry salad, tuna salad or something not carb laden for my meals. I also snack every 2-3 hours with low carb fruits, low fat/low sodium cheese, nuts, and seeds. It has made all the difference in the world and my glucose has been normal for almost 3 years...and I have more energy now too!

If you have a hard time losing or yo-yo it's best to get an A1C test to determine if you are insulin resistant. Insulin is a fat storing don't want you body to store glucose which will cause your body to store fat.

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