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6/18/14 7:44 A

Quick Update: saw my PT and incorporate some strengthening exercises on a machine (it's in the gym -- don't know the name). I also am doing squats with my feet turned out. And ... one of my pilates classes allows us to name body parts to work on, so I get to name quads.

I am now able to rise only by leaning forward a bit with arms extended. No longer need my arms to push off.

Looking forward to building the strength to do it with the extra momentum.

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6/13/14 7:22 A

Thanks to everyone who provided responses. I have some information to seek further help. Interesting comment about the quads because I was doing small squats the other day with my feet turned out and noticed that I uncovered some muscles that hadn't been stretched for awhile.

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6/11/14 8:36 A

Hi! I haven't been a massage therapist for very long, just a couple years but here is my opinion:

1) check with your physical therapist, they may have some ideas for you regarding strengthening exercises to do

2) check with your MD - fortunately the surgeon has said everything has healed, but if you're concerned then maybe they can make sure something new hasn't happened

3) what I learned in geriatric massage was that when people needed momentum (leaning forward) and arms to get out of a chair, the weakness was *likely* in their quadriceps group - the four muscles that make up your thighs. There are plenty of exercises to strengthen them that your PT could suggest that would be customized to your activity level. Strengthening your lower body and core in general could be very beneficial.

Again, check with your MD and your PT to make sure that the exercises you're doing are safe for your activity level and condition.

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6/11/14 7:35 A

I was cleared for exercising over 6 months ago. Have done a lot of pilates. I can jog but cannot keep a full run going.

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6/10/14 10:05 P

the hardest thing for me to do is to get started excising. I weigh 365 pounds and when I walk I start wheezing. I had a serve asthma attack in April and my breathing is still not what it use to be. Doctor said it may be a while before I am 100%.

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6/10/14 9:50 P

Have you been cleared for exercise yet? If not, then it would be best to talk with your doctor and/or PT about that. Even if you have been cleared for exercise, it would still be a good idea to talk with them to make sure there isn't something more going on or that you are doing proper exercises and not causing any further damage.

With that said, working your core and lower body muscles would be helpful for that movement. I can't give you specific exercises to do since I don't know your complete situation/health history, but you can find some of those types of exercise in the Fitness section of the Articles & Videos tab at the top of the page.

Coach Denise

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6/10/14 9:38 P

Last summer I spent 3 months with a leg elevated before I was allowed to begin very gentle PT. I had a tendon repaired on my foot.

The surgeon says everything has healed and I've regained quite a bit of strength back, but I am having difficulty rising from chairs.

It could be a natural deterioration due to older age and it's just coincidental after so much sitting.

I don't know what muscles are involved in standing from a seated position; it's easier when I begin by leaning forward, but still not possible without using arms.

Are there exercises that would help? what muscles should I target?

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