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GINAKINA Posts: 2,559
8/11/09 3:09 P

There are about 8 million things you can do with brown rice, which, I love. I am sad for the previous poster who hates it, I could eat it every day.

The easiest thing to do is add some salsa. Whatever kind you like. You could add black beans or corn to that too. Something else that I like to do is mix my brown rice with hummus, but I may be an oddball there. You can add fruit to rice, try unsweetened coconut and pineapple chunks.

If you just like to add spices, maybe add some tumeric to the water while it is cooking (gives the rice a nice yellow color), and add some curry powder and chili flakes. I like to add just a pinch of sugar or agave to that too, the sweet vs spicy duo is awesome.

JULIEN* Posts: 5,331
8/11/09 3:03 P

You could also try brown jasmine rice. I *love* it. : ) Here's a cool bean and rice dish you might also like:
I've made it with a can of black beans and a packet of taco seasonings and it was still great.

8/11/09 2:57 P

Personally, I can't stand brown rice. And in fact have cut it completely from my diet in favor of black rice. Which is more nutritious and doesn't have that nutty flavor.
But...when I did eat the brown rice, the only way I could stand it was cooked in chicken broth.

RUNNER1976 Posts: 537
8/11/09 12:43 P

Sriracha Chilli Sauce. YUM. It has quite a kick! The Garlic kind is even spicier, so if you can't handle a lot of kick, then I'd avoid it... but I LOVE THIS STUFF!!!

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8/11/09 12:40 P

I almost always cook rice with a chicken bullion cube.

DREAVG Posts: 3,215
8/11/09 11:24 A


Have you tried Brown Basmati Rice? It smells like nuts or popcorn when it cooks. Also, try cooking in Broth or stock. When you use water, try adding cinnamon and clove. You can use it in a stir fry (add veggies you like, I love Broccoli, my hubby likes green beans.) Different spices change the flavor. Try basil and tomatoes for a sweetness. Try curry for some spiciness. Try cumin for a smokiness.

I hope that helps,

ANMRUNNER Posts: 1,809
8/11/09 11:19 A

I eat mine with beans, with hot sauce/salsa a lot, under some chicken and salsa, with chopped brocolli, with red peppers and salsa mixed in it. I'll eat it any way because I love brown rice but instead of salt or other seasonings, usually I just add some salsa. Yumm!

8/11/09 10:54 A

MZREED521 Posts: 8
8/11/09 10:22 A

Anyone know if different ways to spice up brown rice. I currently eat mine with garlic powder, low sodium soy sauce, and tabasco sauce. It's getting kinda boring. Anyone have any suggestions? emoticon

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