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BREWZOO5 Posts: 113
8/9/11 9:53 P

I agree it does. And my problem is that I won't drink any of it until late at night which has two problems. It has caffine and keeps me up and it is full of the yucky stuff that makes me hungry and crave more yucky stuff. So, it is my next guilty pleasure to try to cut out of the diet. Another goal just realized. Thank you.

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8/9/11 8:40 P

No.....I only have one can once in a great while, but It don't keep me from losing.

JMW1969 SparkPoints: (1,533)
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8/9/11 8:21 P

Me too: (can't lose weight while drinking diet soda). The medical world is realizing that artificial sugars contribute to insulin resistance.... which makes it very hard to lose weight. It's also a terrible example for my young children: I don't want them to grow up thinking that it's okay to drink "junky" stuff all day long. Since giving up diet coke 7 months ago, my gastritis gone and I sleep better. I find that I can drink lots of coffee without the sleeplessness that "D.C." used to cause. I did have terrible nightmares for about a week when I quit "cold turkey". I believe that diet coke works like some sort of odd drug for some people.

MARISERV SparkPoints: (0)
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7/27/11 6:19 A

For me its like if I drink a diet soda my body is expecting sugar and since its not getting sugar it starts searching for some. I also find if I am drinking water it does not happen. Now if I want something flavored I add a little pure juice to my water. emoticon

KKJOHN3 SparkPoints: (0)
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7/24/11 7:35 P

This is totally true for me. I get cravings for crappy food whenever i drink diet soda, but when i stick to water, I'm good! I wish I would have figured this out a looong time ago...

SHERRYJVP Posts: 1,204
7/24/11 7:21 P

I am addicted to it. Believe it is unhealthy. Was off it for 3 the wagon again. I have heard many articles saying artificial sweeteners cause sugar cravings. I have not noticed that or hunger, myself. I have a sweet tooth anyway and it is one way to satisfy it. But I am drinking 6-8 a day. I think that is very bad.

MARISERV SparkPoints: (0)
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7/24/11 7:18 P

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MARISERV SparkPoints: (0)
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7/24/11 7:14 P

Never said I knew soda was bad just that I very seldom drink it. And the diet soda made me hungry. I drink coffee everyday and it does not keep me awake at night...others can't sleep after drinking coffee. Our bodies all react different to different chemicals.

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REDSHOES2011 SparkPoints: (0)
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7/23/11 11:30 A

Sorry but efter lossing all my weight using diet soda, don't agree with anyone on this subject.. At christmas, easter and high season I will suggest people take a diet soda.. Just don't drink it all the time as a substitute for water..

I don't want to be invited out and drink plain water all night- I will look in the least politically correct with a small umbrella so people don't push crap on me I definitely don't want to waste time explaining I don't drink..

I aim to keep my lifestyle change open, not make it to restriction I have cut out 99.5% other crap out.. So I will drink this without guilt.. Efter 8 years with changed eating habits I don't want to give totally up on the joy of being invited out..

Perhaps it is all new to people with guilty feelings but this is my lifestyle day in and out.. Moderation! Moderate is a shock to alot of people and doesn't mean each and every day!

MOTHERBOARDER SparkPoints: (285,015)
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7/23/11 9:39 A

I've never experienced that phenomenon

ANARIE Posts: 13,192
7/23/11 9:22 A

The problem with anecdotal evidence ("evidence" based on individual experience) is that hardly anyone ever changes one single thing. When you make a change, you change more than one thing because... well, you're trying to make a change! If you make two or more changes at once and then you notice an effect, there's absolutely no way to know which (if any) of the changes caused the result. In the example that started this thread, we have to ask a few things, like why did the poster choose that day to have diet soda if s/he usually doesn't? Something triggered that decision-- maybe she was bored, or maybe subconsciously she was still hungry or unsatisfied after lunch, or maybe it was a hot day. Any of those things, and a million more, could affect perceptions of hunger. On top of that, she knew what she was drinking. She had an idea that it's "bad," and she had even heard that it could make her hungry. When you have an idea that something can cause a problem, it almost always will.

That's why medical researchers do double-blind, placebo-controlled studies. You take a big bunch of people, divide them into two groups. make sure they're alike, and randomly assign one group to be the experimental group and one to be the control. You give one group the thing you're studying, and you give the other group something that looks, tastes, feels, etc like the thing you're studying but has no active ingredient. But the kicker is that neither the people NOR the researchers can know who is getting what.

When they have done that with aspartame and with Splenda, they haven't found any differences in hunger, or any health effects. For the most part, people don't get hungrier when they drink diet soda. They drink diet soda because they are hungry.

My personal experience is that it doesn't make any difference. I lost almost 60 pounds while drinking several servings of diet soda most days. I quit buying it when my budget got tight, and I gained a little weight. Now, I only drink it when I'm on vacation with certain family members or friends who keep it around. I often lose weight then-- but is that because of the diet soda, or because I'm sleeping more at night, or just because I'm on vacation?? There's no way to know.

THIRTEENREASONS SparkPoints: (40,862)
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Posts: 1,830
7/23/11 1:09 A

Luckily diet soda doesn't make me hungry. I really, really like sweets so instead of eating candy and chocolate I have a diet soda. I usually don't drink soda with my meals, but I have a soda in the afternoon and it keeps away the cravings I get for sweets. Diet cola, and especially diet dr pepper, taste extremely sweet to me.

LEITEIT Posts: 107
7/23/11 12:22 A

Water??? Outdated! LOL.

7/23/11 12:11 A

I am beginning to like water finally... I have to filter it... keep it cold in the fridge and then in bottles that are handy especially in this weather and what an improvement to my facial skin..

7/23/11 12:08 A

yes all that fake sugar is a dangerous trap... crystal light too.. I finally gave it up because I could not lose weight... had to cleanse of all those sugar toxens... now real sugar has the Monsanto round up in it if it is from sugar beets grown in USA

NOVAJUNGLIST SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 68
7/22/11 10:09 P

i have a coke zero probably every other day....i dont feel it makes me hungry....i do feel satisfied after drinking one!

CBROSA Posts: 45
7/22/11 9:54 P

Hmm...I really cut down on my diet soda since starting last week, I don't miss it. I have one during my afternoon snack, and it is my treat. It helps give me a little boost to finish the day. But I can't say that it makes me feel hungry. I think it fells me up.

ALYNN91 Posts: 15
7/22/11 8:49 P

I think diet soda is evil. 3 years ago, I went from 344 to 230 without drinking diet soda. All I drank was water or naturally flavored carbonated water. Well I gained about 40 pounds back and I'm currently trying to get the rest of my weight off. I've been dieting for awhile and while I was maintaining my weight a long time ago I started the habit of drinking diet soda.

I've been wondering for the past few months why my weight loss was so slow. I stopped drinking diet soda and crystal light for 2 days and dropped 2 pounds without changing my diet.

I then realized I never drank the stuff when I lost the weight the other time. It finally dawned on me that my body just doesn't like it. I lose weight perfectly when I'm not using artificial sweeteners. And yes they made me so hungry. My body was giving me a sign to stop drinking them and I finally listened.

SHADY36 Posts: 227
7/22/11 4:16 P

Thanks for the info. I have been drinking diet coke for years. It doesn't make me hungry, but I would like to stop drinking it all together due to the chemicals it has in it.

LEITEIT Posts: 107
7/22/11 3:20 P

It tastes good, has zero calories and makes most feel full. I think zero coke can be great to dieting.

DOWNEASTB Posts: 472
7/22/11 2:11 P

Coke Zero has been so helpful to me in losing weight. I don't even drink a can every day, but it tastes so good with my high-protein, low-carb lunches. It's never made me hungrier or overindulge. I'm in this for the long haul and the thought of never being able to drink anything flavored again was too depressing. Coke Zero to the rescue!

SONI51 Posts: 491
7/22/11 2:09 P

I gave up soda many years ago.

VERONICA678 Posts: 314
7/22/11 9:52 A

Soda of any kind makes me feel hungry, but I think it's because I spent so many years eating my favorite junk foods with soda. I think my mind remembers and tricks my body, so I avoid soda.

KISSFAN1 Posts: 6,257
7/22/11 9:35 A

I don't have any issues with diet drinks making me feel hunger. If I don't eat enough fiber or calories, etc. I feel it, but not from the diet drinks. I'm sure that everyone is different and there are those who do have an issue with it, but thankfully I don't.

MARISERV SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (1,262)
Posts: 1,592
7/22/11 6:02 A

that's what i experienced that low underlying hunger before spark i would have just fed it without thinking about where it was coming from

7/20/11 6:18 P

It does help me feel "full" but there is always that nagging hunger in there trying to raise its ugly head - for me, anyway.

7/20/11 6:09 P

On some people diet soda causes them to feel hunger, this is true, but for someone like me, when i drink a diet soda, i don't feel any hunger at all, infact to me,it fills me up, to where i don't need any food. So i guess it just depends on how your body reacts to it. Some people get hungry, some don't. Everyone's different.

MARISERV SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (1,262)
Posts: 1,592
7/20/11 5:47 P

I normally do not drink soda - regular or diet but at lunch this week I bought a bottle of lemon-lime type diet soda - 0 calories. I had a little with lunch and brought the bottle back to the office with me. During the afternoon I sipped on the soda. At first it did not connect, but while sipping the soda I started feeling this type of low grade hunger. I had not been hungry all day and it was only about 2 hours since lunch. (since starting SP I try to pay attention to my hunger) I wondered if it could be the soda making me feel hungry and did a search on line. I found articles that confirmed my thinking. Also comments from other people who described the same low grade hunger feeling that I had. I poured the soda down the drain and in about 30 minutes I felt no hunger. So to all you diet soda drinkers, pay attention when you drink your next soda..this may also be happening to you. PS I read alot of not so great things about diet soda while doing my research, you may want to take another look a what you have been drinking.

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