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2/6/13 3:04 P

Are you located where fresh is available year round? If not will you share how you do this?

DIDS70 Posts: 5,368
2/6/13 12:54 P

I don't spend more than $75 a week on food. I don't eat processed. I don't eat crap. I eat whole foods such as veggies, nuts, fruits and seeds. I am extremely satisfied as well. I can also eat mostly organic on that same $75.

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2/6/13 7:07 A


I agree with you! This is how I plan for meals. On a GF diet if you don't cook from scratch you can't afford to eat as everything is so expensive. Couple cooking from scratch with bulk buying and it really saves $$$.

MISSRUTH Posts: 4,294
2/6/13 6:54 A

The thing to keep in mind is, when it says "peach" what it means is, one piece of fruit. Could be an actual peach IF it was summertime and peaches weren't expensive, or your neighbor has a tree and gave you some. Could be an apple, a banana, an orange, whatever. The meal plans are a "go-by" and not an absolute, you must eat exactly this.

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2/5/13 7:48 P

Yeah, I did a search after this post. I should have done it before. Thanks for the headsup. I have been reading through some other posts.

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2/5/13 7:48 P

Yeahhh I don't use the planner as it suggests things that are really just not feasible... like... a peach. It's... January in Canada. Fresh peach? If i can even find one available, it'll be $4.99/pound!

Tips on eating well, on a budget:
-- eat locally and seasonally. forget about out of season strawberries, forget about imported papayas. if apples and oranges are what's on sale... eat those!
-- bulk food section!
-- rolled oats - cheapest breakfast possible (and tasty and healthy too)
-- cook from scratch
-- beans - dried are the most economical, but even canned beans are a good value item
-- cut back on meat, add vegetarian meals to your cooking repetoire

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2/5/13 7:46 P

If you do a search you will find tons of threads about this subject. There was just one the other day.

But I make healthy, delicious meals for $75/week for 2 people, so it's not difficult at all.

IMAC110671 Posts: 2
2/5/13 7:40 P

I was trying to have this site do my meal planning, sadly one day alone will wipe out my whole budget. Any suggestions on how to eat healthy for a full week on only $ 60 - $ 80?

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