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3/31/13 11:09 P

Have you been to Scooby's website? He's a bodybuilder and he also gives great info for people like me wanting to lose weight and transform my body and health. He's health oriented, not just focused on adding muscle mass.
Scoobysworkshop dot com

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3/31/13 10:57 P

That is definitely a lot to lose in a month....

I live in a super small town, and not a very supportive doctor to help me get healthier. So I see a nutritionist monthly...I currently take about two dozen supplements, all high quality, and recommended. I've lost 45 pounds in a month with no major problems...

Definitely researching stuff for yourself before you take it to an expert is the way to go...also consider the difference between a nutrtitionist and a doctor....a doctor is there to find, and fix a problem with chemicalized medication....a dietitician is a completely different field..natural ways of healing and nutrition help fix and prevent problems in your own body...

It's worth the thought at least....

ANARIE Posts: 13,192
3/31/13 10:33 P

You lost a huge amount of weight far too fast. There's no way that someone who's 179 pounds can lose 30 in a month without something being wrong. (Being at a standstill now is a GOOD thing.) It is very likely that you damaged your health with that extreme weight loss, or that you lost the weight because of an undiagnosed health issue. Rapid weight loss and diabetes are very closely related-- either one can cause the other. The doctor is probably right.

You think you're being over-medicated. Have you discussed that with the doctor? If not, give her another try. Get an appointment and tell her you don't want to take more than two prescriptions at once, and you want her to pick the two that are most important. See how she responds, and if she gives you a good explanation of why you need more, consider going ahead. (My parents did this with their doctors; my Dad's doctor admitted that he had made one of the prescriptions just because Medicare would pay for it and all his other patients demanded it, and another one because almost all people dad's age could benefit from it (but didn't really *need* it.) He had never had a patient with insurance ask for LESS treatment before. He cut dad down to one prescription, generic, that cost $30 a month. In my mom's case, though, the doc explained each prescription, assured her that she had reviewed them herself AND double-checked with two specialists to make sure the medications wouldn't interact, and my mom still takes three prescriptions with no problems (although the doctor did promise to take her off one if she lost weight and controlled her blood sugar with diet.) If you HAVE talked to the doctor about being overmedicated and she didn't really respond, then it's time for a different doctor.

However, PLEASE don't mess around with herbal and other supplements if there might be something wrong with your liver!!!! MANY herbs can damage the liver, and liver problems can turn fatal fast. They don't recommend a liver biopsy casually. This doctor thinks something is seriously wrong. If you ignore her and she's right, delaying treatment while you mess around trying to cure it with diet could end up killing you. Definitely get a second opinion before having the biopsy, but if the second one also thinks there's a liver issue, get it seen to right away. You're probably scared, and it's human nature to try to pretend there's nothing really wrong when you're that scared, but ignoring it really won't make it go away.

In your first post, you asked, "Am I in denial?" Pretty much everyone who responded said, "Yes, you are. Please face the possibility that there's a problem." It's okay to be mad about the tone, but please don't ignore the message. You asked the question; that means that deep inside you know it's likely true, and you know denial can be dangerous.

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3/31/13 3:16 P

Lec, no, I am not a doctor. Are you a judge?? No where did I mention "powerful drugs" that I am trying to wean myself off of. I have no doubt that I have been overmedicated on drugs that have attributed to side effects and those are my concerns.

I am an average, intelligent, college educated person who will not blindly take drugs without adequate reason. My doctor and I have a wonderful relationship and she also has recommended supplements from the health food store, in addition to cutting my meds in half.

With the side effects from pharmaceuticals, my liver was damaged. My bloodwork will not suffer from a 3 month self help program. IF, after 3 months the tests are the same, then and only then will I consider treatment. I have spent $1000's in co-pays in addition to my insurance for tests that were all unfounded.

I have NEVER been on insulin and to be told out of the blue that I am a diabetic - well - I prefer a wait and see approach. Adult onset diabetes can be controlled with exercise and nutrition, and I have NO OTHER symptoms.

Your response was unfounded and cruel. I had a BAD day. I vented. Thank you to the intelligent and caring responses from others. Plus, I meant no disrespect. Doctors are people. They are not Gods and they come in all degrees of standards, good and bad. Blindly following any doctor's orders leads to countless deaths in this country. You have to be a part of the equation.

Bottom line, I think I know my own answers. I guess I'll go back to the yes and no responses to the threads that remain on the front page rather than to post something new for input.

MISSRUTH Posts: 4,286
3/29/13 6:09 P

I second, getting a second opinion / different doctor. I just can't see a reputable doctor scheduling a liver biopsy *just because* you've got insurance to cover it.... there must be something going on.

And sometimes when people haven't had insurance for a while, and then they have insurance... well all those things that they just "let go" because they couldn't afford the doctor bill, catch up to them. (One of the guys I work with is running into this-- he put off going to the doctor for years because he didn't have insurance, and now that he's got insurance he's got a ton of stuff going on. It was there all along, he just toughed it out and didn't go to the doctor til now.)

Plus, ditto on the "health supplements" and also getting yourself off medications without a doctor's supervision while you do it.

LEC358 SparkPoints: (11,135)
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3/29/13 1:31 P

I'm not a doctor, but I am severely shocked at the lack of respect for a doctor's knowledge and training as evidenced on this thread. Are you sure you are communicating what your concerns are effectively? Do you have 8+ years of medical training that can aid you in weaning yourself off of powerful medications?

Take your file to another doctor by all means, but adjusting your medications without medical supervision can be very dangerous.

And finally 'health supplements' are not regulated by the FDA or any other agency and have been known to test positive for high concentrations of dangerous compounds. Google melanin to see what I'm talking about.

GEVANS7 SparkPoints: (299,724)
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3/29/13 1:07 P

Thank you for your comments. I know I am being over treated. I never had this kind of care when I didn't have insurance. The tests my doctor has oredered have been numerous, all with negative results. I agree that she is ruling out problems but at the same time prescribing medications that cause problems. Yes, I need a change.

BARBWMS Posts: 1,396
3/29/13 1:02 P

Find a doctor who listens and in whom you have confidence.. keep being consistent in logging what you eat and your activity.. there's a lot going on for you and it must be difficult... but hang in there. You are doing healthy things, and you must listen to your body and take a DEEP breath!

IRISHFANUH87 Posts: 1,038
3/29/13 12:44 P

I agree that you should consult a different doctor, maybe a couple different doctors. Ask around and see if there are any in your area who are highly recommended or very personable/engaged, someone who will listen to what you have to say and work with you.

BUNNYKICKS Posts: 2,433
3/29/13 12:11 P

Could you possibly try a different doctor? It's conceivable that she is "over treating" you or ordering medical interventions for things that could be handled by "lifestyle" - or, she might be right? When it comes to things like "diabetes" and "she ordered a liver biopsy" it may not be prudent to put it off for 3 months. Likewise, weaning yourself off doctor-prescribed drugs is probably something best accomplished under the care of a (different) physician.

While I applaud you for taking steps to take control of your life and health, I am concerned about the safety of your current self-management plan.

GEVANS7 SparkPoints: (299,724)
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3/29/13 11:58 A

Not sure what forum to post this in but I need advice, input, shared experience. I lost about 40-50 pounds in a short amount of time (30 pounds in one month) ad now I have been at a stalemate for 2 months. I take off a few, put on a few. At first I felt wonderful, then in addition to some age related health issues - I caught a noro virus and have never been able to bounce back. If I exercise one day, I feel great and then drained the next day and run down.

My nutrition could possibly be better but it is a huge difference from how I used to eat and is medically sound. Some days I am way under calories, and some days, especially when I am feeling sick, I crave comfort food (carbs). Oatmeal, breads, potatoes, etc.

My doctor is not much help - she is constantly trying to send me to the hospital for tests. I feel she really over medicates me and tries to label me with illnesses without proper fact finding. For instance, after losing the weight she now tells me I am a diabetic because I have a family history and my glucose levels keep rising. It's 108 - these blood tests were done after two weeks of constant diarrhea from the noro virus. She said that would have no effect but my own research says otherwise. Rather than being hospitalized for a liver biopsy (which she ordered) I said "enough". Give me 3 months to stabilize myself using health food supplements and the best nutrition possible (and exercise) In that 3 months I have tried to wean myself from all the drugs she had me on. I have a life long exercise history, but age took it's toll and slowed me down.

Am I trying to avoid the inevitable?
Am I in denial?
Am I ill because my body is undergoing drastic changes?
OR (as I choose to hope) am I taking control and managing my health more responsibly?

Thanks for listening. All input appreciated for my "vent".

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