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7/11/13 12:37 A

Try posting in Diet & Nutrition... there are more people who can help you there, including Dietician Becky Hand (SP Expert)

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I have gotten the gag reflex when I eat fish my whole life. But I try new things. I tried muscles on my birthday, and they weren't bad. Not a favorite, but I enjoyed the new food. I am not a fan of turkey, but because of the nutritional value, I'm eating more of it. Not my favorite, but I've added it to my weekly meal planning. I love a big fat steak, but know its a ton of calories, so I share one with my husband. I love the greek yogurt. I avoid milk. I avoid cheese but will eat it. I love nuts, but I eat only an ounce when I do have them. I like chicken, but I get sick of it. But I eat it. Would love to have it fried, but instead I put it on the george foreman or grill. Turn it into a stir fry. My point is, there are foods you can't stand to eat, foods you'd not prefer, and foods you'd love to have every day. Its those things you eat every day that are causing the weight gain, so you have to choose what is more important. Carbs in big quantities are simply not a good choice. If you eat breads, chips, pastries, pastas, potatoes, etc would be the things I'd look at and say "self, you got to give this up and choose that instead". No its not my first choice, but I can have that tomorrow. You can spread it out better. Choose better, live better, and reach your goal. Trust me, as you get older, if you don't get it under control, and menopause hits, you're gonna balloon. Do something now, adjust your eating habits, and keep them for life. Good luck.

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7/10/13 10:59 P

I'm trying to lose 15-20 pounds, and I have a diet issue I just can't get over: I'm extremely protein-averse. I don't like meat at all; if I eat chicken or fish or eggs, I need to take a few weeks break from it before I can eat them again. I can't drink milk at all; I can only eat yogurt in small quantities, and not in the morning. I'm not a big fan of legumes - the only ones I love are green garbanzo beans, and Whole Foods, the only place in my town I could get them, has discontinued them. I avoid soy products and gluten due to hypothyroidism. The only high-protein foods I can tolerate are quinoa, raw nuts and seeds, and cheese. The latter two obviously have a lot of fat, so I try to eat them in small quantities only. I've tried different protein powders (whey, rice, hemp) mixed into fruit smoothies, and couldn't stomach any of them.

My main food staples are gluten-free grains (quinoa, rice, and rice bread), vegetables, and fruit, with small portions of nuts/seeds and cheese. My fruit consumption is especially high; I feel lethargic if I don't have at least five servings per day. I very rarely eat sweets or junk food, but the "whole" foods that I eat are high in carbs and sugar.

Countless times I've tried to force myself to eat more lean protein and less carbs, and could never last more than a week. I've several fit/healthy-eating friends for advice, and none of them have experienced the degree of protein-aversion that I have. Has anyone here experienced this and can give me some helpful tips to overcome it?

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