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2/27/14 3:55 P

For healthy adults, the upper safety limit is set at "no more than 50 grams of fiber daily"

You can check to see if you are below this amount.

Hope this helps
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2/27/14 3:15 A

Hi - I have dairy food intolerance so I mostly use a low fat soy milk. If you go milk alternatives, read the nutrition labels because many lack protein, and they also need to have calcium added, and perhaps Vitamin D. I can still eat hard cheese and yoghurts - they don't bother me, and nor do they bother most people with an intolerance (as opposed to allergy.)

I have to have a very high fibre diet - 42-52g daily. Without that, I get a bit constipated. Also, if I have certain meds I need more, too. I would be inclined to think that if you aren't having any noticeable effects of eating however much fibre you are, don't worry about it.

I saw the mention of Avocado - that is sooo yum with chicken on a sandwich - or ham. Also, eating some nuts, or getting some almond meal and sprinkling a spoonful on your yoghurt or cereal would help with the healthy fats, protein, and only minimal fibre.

Where it comes to your lunch, have you thought about making a heap of sandwiches and freezing them? Not ones with salad, of course, but there are lots that you can do. If you eat roast beef or roast lamb, they make beautiful sandwiches for the freezer. Use a heavy whole-grain bread, and for the roast beef one, just add some horseradish sauce. The roast lamb one use a thick concentrate mint sauce, and a little grated tasty cheddar. Zapped in the microwave or cold, they are to die for. They also go really well with soup. Just take your lunch from the freezer in the a.m. and let it thaw during the day. It is perfectly safe to eat.


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2/26/14 1:12 P

Thanks for the help. I will reduce my fruit. Unfortunately, I cannot do higher fat milk because I have a huge intolerance to milk fats. I will look into olive oil and see how that works.

Work is hard because I can't refridgerate my lunch - hence the soups. Maybe I'll look into more beans for lunch too.

You're right about the ratio - I should do what works for me!

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2/26/14 1:08 P

I don't know what you consider to be "way over", but if you are not having any issues with it, then I wouldn't consider it to be a problem. Personally, I need to keep fibre in the 35-50g range (mind you, I have a semi-colon, so my body works a bit oddly).

As for balancing things out a bit, I would suggest getting rid of the low-fat / no-fat versions of things and start going for full fat. Skip the "light" yogurt, and go for full-fat greek style (higher protein, too); get rid of the low-fat margarine and use butter or olive oil; maybe use a higher fat milk on your cereal. This is going to increase calories, but you can either keep an eye on the portions to cover for it, or look to see if there is anything else that you could pare down to allow for it.

I did just a quick skim of a few days of your tracker, and noticed that there are lots of servings of fruit each day. You might want to consider trading a couple of those in for either vegetables (higher in protein and lower in carbs), or to allow for the higher protein / higher fat items. You have included some nuts that I noticed, but you might want to look at increasing meat portions to get higher proteins and fats, too.

Keep in mind that the 50/30/20 listed is the middle of the range for each macro, and that there is a range for each that is still "healthy". Some folks do really well at a 60/25/15 ratio, for instance, while others do well at a 40/40/20. It's very much an individual thing as to what you personally find to be the most satisfying. The main things to keep in mind are whether you are getting all of the vitamins and minerals that you need, and whether you are comfortably satiated with the foods that you are eating.

Hope this helps!

2/26/14 12:54 P

I looked at your nutrition tracker and it looks like you're getting lots of good fruits and vegetables and complex carbohydrates. If you need to replace some of your carb calories with fat or protein calories, maybe have 3 servings of fruit instead of 4 or 5 and swap it out with cheese, peanut butter, or hard boiled eggs. Maybe instead of the bran muffin, have a low-fat (not nonfat) Greek yogurt. A sandwich of chicken breast and avocado would be good, or an extra serving of fish.

Your diet looks delicious, and if the fiber isn't really giving you any problems, I would just tweak it a little to bring up the fat and protein without really changing the basics.

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2/26/14 12:35 P

Any suggestions on how to reduce fiber? I eat pretty healthy but am always way over fiber. I haven't had too many negative consequences from this but need some help. I am so low in fats. I just want to try and get a more balanced diet (fat, carb, protein). Thanks for the help! :)

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