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MOMMYFROG65 Posts: 45
9/12/13 9:17 P

I did give up Diet Pepsi and actually feel better for it. I had a major problem with edema in my lower legs and feet. I always attributed it to the hot summer days. I gave up diet pepsi the beginning of July and have not had swollen feet, ankles or lower legs. At that point in time, there was no change in the food that I ate. My Dr. believes it to be more the artificial sweetener than the sodium. Because I gave it up "cold turkey" I had a headache for 4 days that left me so was not attributed to caffeine because I drank decaffeinated... I'll now have a diet pepsi on certain occasions, but if it's 1/month, that's a lot.

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9/12/13 4:26 P

1BUFFY007, there is no scientific evidence to support that number. There is, in fact, NO minimum amount of water that someone should drink, and there's not a different number for weight loss, either.

Drinking water doesn't make you lose fat. While it IS true that our minds sometimes mistake thirst for hunger, and drinking water can help stave off cravings, there is no flat number. Our hydration needs change depend on our body's needs, how much activity, your climate, your medications you're on, medical needs, and more. A better rule of thumb is to drink thirst and urine color. If you're thirsty, drink water. If your urine is pale straw yellow, you're getting plenty to drink. If it's clear, you're probably getting too much. Even the old "8 glasses" is more of a recommendation than a rule, and it's a good starting point. Some people need more, though, others less.

Not to mention, the idea of an "ideal" weight is an antiquated one no longer followed by the medical community. Weight is not a static number, it's more of a vital sign. It changes day to day.

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9/12/13 9:19 A

Thanks 1BUFFY007. I haven't heard that before, but it seems very doable. Much better than drinking half of what I weigh, 123 ounces! Whew! I would be in the bathroom all day :)

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9/11/13 11:14 P

Yes, you can drink too much water & dilute the needed electrolytes in your body. I have heard that you should take your IDEAL body weight in pounds & divide by 2.2
For example: If you are 200 pounds & your IDEAL body weight (the healthy weight you should be) is 150 pounds, then: 150/2.2= The amount in ounces of water you should drink per lose weight add 16 more ounces to that.

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9/11/13 3:36 P

Thank you everyone for your input!! I'm on day one of my journey and am trying to learn as much as I can. And a lot of times it's best to get answers to questions from those that know first hand. Or have experienced things themselves. GRAMCRACKER46 my mom had drank Diet Pepsi for years and years and can't drink it anymore. Whenever she consumes anything with aspartame in it she gets a sharp pain in the side of her head. And it's happened over and over again so its not just coincidence. Some may say they don't believe there's a connection there but personally I do. It's a habit that for myself I need to try to break. Oh, it's gonna be hard emoticon

GRAMCRACKER46 Posts: 1,802
9/11/13 2:48 P

I do know that aspartame gives me a brain fog. So I tried giving up that, which includes Diet Coke and Pepsi. But honestly, having a diet cola is often the only thing that keeps me out of food. So I opt to keep Diet Rite (sucralose) in the house as that sweetener doesn't leave me feeling foggy.

For food, I use sugar or truvia.

I guess we all have to do what works for ourselves; all things in moderation though.
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9/11/13 2:08 P

I don't think giving up is necessary, unless it's making you not feel well. It's true that artificial sweetners are not good for you, but in moderation, it will not cause as much harm as you'd think. I think as long as you have plenty of water you're fine. The general rule I've always heard is for every caffeinated drink, add a cup of water to your daily water intake.

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9/11/13 2:00 P

Yes, it is absolutely possible to drink too much water. There's no need for most people to drink that much. drink to thirst, and urine color. If your urine is a pale, straw yellow, you're getting enough to drink. If it's clear, you're probably on the side of too much, and you don't have to keep drinking. Do a search here on the message board; there was a recent conversation about this very thing.

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9/11/13 1:57 P

Thanks for the article. I just read through it and it makes me feel a lot better about having diet drinks in moderation. I must increase my water intake though. Maybe by doing that I will lose the desire for the diet drink. That would be great. I follow Chris Powell on Facebook (from Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition) and he suggests drinking half your weight in ounces of water i.e. 200 pound person would drink 100oz daily. Which is a heck of a lot of water. Is it possible to drink too much water? Would it possibly flush out nutrients your body needs?

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9/11/13 12:55 P

Dietician Becky Hand here has stated that it's okay to use artificial sweeteners in moderation. As long as you're drinking plenty of water, there's nothing wrong with the occasional diet soda.

Here's the relevant article:

Now, you'll get tons of critics who insist that the stuff will kill you, blah blah blah. However, I just haven't seen the evidence, and in my own life, I'd rather have a diet soda than a regular one, and sometimes a girl just gets sick of water. I doubt I'm going to die sooner from a glass of diet Dr Pepper now and again, not when compared to the alternative.

There's some associations, but I'm not convinced that they're not strictly psychological, i.e. I'm drinking diet soda, so I can eat other things that aren't healthy. It's the same mentality that sees "I have calories left in the day, let's eat something to fill them up!"

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GIPPER1961 Posts: 769
9/11/13 12:44 P

I have read many nutritional sources and I just don't think the science is in yet. There are many studies that show correlation between artificial sweeteners but proving correlation is very different from causation. Since heavy people drink diet sodas disproportionate to the rest of the population and in many cases they make up a small portion of the total diet who knows.

I personally don't have problems with them, but someone else may. Certainly water is better for you but I would drink diet soda before fruit juice. Once the fruit is pulverized to make juice you eliminate much of what makes the fruit healthful.

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9/11/13 12:43 P

This is something I struggle with unfortunately. I feel like I should give it up because of the chemical part of it. And not knowing what long term harm, if any, that it's doing. But I love a daily McDs fountain drink. I guess I need to love myself more than my diet pop addiction!!

ROXIELU0422 Posts: 317
9/11/13 12:09 P

It's a personal choice. I have not found any good evidence that giving it up is any better for you.

I still drink them, not as much as I used too, but about 2-3 times a week.

RKING10 Posts: 152
9/11/13 11:39 A

I think that is a decision you need to make on your own...I choose not to use artificial sweetner.why? one-In my opinion, I am not sure that anything that is created in a factory should go into your body. If it isn't doing anything good for you, why eat it at all? two-I can personally feel a difference. I am not saying I am innocent in anyway, but when I do indulge I feel terrible afterwards.

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9/11/13 10:57 A

Should I give up Diet Pepsi/Coke? I've heard that the artificial sweetener is not good for you. What does everyone drink? Just water?

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