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RENWL123 Posts: 850
12/16/13 7:26 A

I only have protein shakes, a multi and biotin

MLEHTO Posts: 734
12/13/13 2:40 P

I take a multivitamin, SAME, and Vitamin D. The SAME and the D are because I struggle with depression and they seem to help.

I also use protein shakes because I feel better when I get over 60 g of protein a day.

SONOFCZAR SparkPoints: (7,360)
Fitness Minutes: (5,205)
Posts: 49
12/13/13 1:44 P

I take a multivitamin, C, D (important if you live further north and don't have much time in the sun), Omega-3, CLA, and Green Tea Extract. Do they help lose weight? I don't know, but I do feel better, and I am losing weight. I also take N.O. Xplode before workouts, it increases energy and therefore calories burned, as well as helps with recovery (due to the creatine).

Oh yeah, and Whey protein after workouts, and Casein protein before bed. That's it :)

EELPIE Posts: 2,700
12/13/13 12:31 P

If you think you need it, I don't think a good multi-vitamin will hurt. Sometimes I take a B-complex if I need additional energy, but it doesn't work as an appetite suppressant.

From what I understand, ice water only helps in a miniscule way, a couple of calories is required to heat it up in your body - every little bit can add up though ;)

As far as I know, the only way to truly boost one's metabolism every single day is exercise.

I've been having great success with calorie cycling lately, though. Does that reset my metabolism in some way?

FTSOLK Posts: 1,400
12/13/13 12:14 P

I think I may have worded my original post wrong. I don't think I really NEED any supplements, but I was looking at multivitamins (some good, whole foods based ones) and I also came across a lot of other herbal supplements, etc on the website. It just got me thinking about trying different little things that are supposed to help boost metabilism like caffeine supplements, spicy foods, ice water, etc.

Chances are, I'll end up just going with a good quality multivitamin.

MARYLIZ54120 Posts: 370
12/13/13 10:57 A

I needed something to jump start my metabolism also. I found that adding a protein drink works for me. The protein drinks were what I needed to get me off of a plateau. That, exercise and a clean diet (still struggle with that part) has really helped me. You have to find what works for you. You can do it!!

SIMPLYME80 Posts: 406
12/13/13 10:52 A

At my highest weight of 335 lbs, I was desperate to lose. I nearly turned into a "diet pill /supplement obsession" trying whatever Dr. OZ promoted. I tried nearly everything from HCG to every promised pill/supplement promising weight loss. Most pills act as a detox elimenating water waste from your body making it appear as if you lost weight-you would but water and waste weight, Not fat. HCG is a starvation diet and will Not work and is dangerous. There is no miracle pill or food to lose weight. Plans can be restrictive and can be a failure from the start. Everything in moderation, I know if you are like me you are tired of hearing that, but stay with the foods you enjoy, rework some recipes into healthier versions, limit the junk, if possible eat about the same time everyday, and some type of exercise even if its lite activity to start.

KKKAREN Posts: 12,754
12/13/13 10:18 A

no, I don't trust the supplements that are out there. I do my best to get what I need from food.

210014631 SparkPoints: (35,652)
Fitness Minutes: (10,227)
Posts: 1,400
12/13/13 9:30 A

I think getting the right vitamins, minerals from food is always best.

I struggle with getting the right balance of protein / fats.

If I am going to add supplements I am not doing based on a magazine article or personal trainers advice.

Go to a registered dietitian. If you were sick you wouldn't go to the drug store and ask the clerk for a diagnosis - would you?

RENATARUNS SparkPoints: (4,367)
Fitness Minutes: (2,155)
Posts: 1,379
12/13/13 9:12 A

Not necessary, won't work, keep on with your positive changes and trust the process. You be fine.

RUSSELL_40 Posts: 16,826
12/13/13 5:48 A

Lissa. I know when you aren't seeing results, that you will try ANYTHING, and now that I found what works for me ( controlling carb intake, and eating low glycemic carbs ), I can sit back and watch other struggle as I did. It really pains me to watch it, knowing that a few years ago, I was in full panic mode myself, and by sheer luck stumbled upon what has worked for me.

I won't suggest that you do low carb, just because it worked for me, but I would read about low glycemic foods, and start paying attention to what types of carbs you do eat. Have 10-15 servings of fruit and vegetables instead of 5. Eat some lean meats, with olive oil. If you find yourself eating off plan, stop and go back to your tracker, and see what you ate, before you felt hungry. Sometimes, it can be as simple as having quinoa, or brown rice, instead of white pasta, or oatmeal with water, instead of cereal with milk. I find a huge difference in having raspberries versus a banana. More fiber, and less carbs in the raspberries. Same is true with vegetables. For me, green beans are much better than corn, since they have a lot less calories, carbs, and half the carbs are fiber. Eat more nuts, plain yogurt, and seeds for snacks.

If you can stabilize your glucose, whether you are diabetic or not, you will stop feeling hungry, and be able to eat the proper amount of calories. Spacing of carbs is another important factor here. Too much at any one time will cause a spike, and while your body won't let your glucose level go above 130, to keep it that low, it will have to produce lots of Insulin to do so. At 130, you feel full, but the result of huge amounts of Insulin being released ( the body working correctly ), is that glucose is stored as glycogen, and then the rest is stored as triglyceride ( body fat ). This removes it from your bloodstream, and your glucose levels drop. The more glucose you have, the more Insulin is released, and the quicker the glucose is cleared out of your blood. As you glucose level dips to around 70 you start to feel hungry, and want to eat more.

So what you want, is to eat the carbs that you use for energy, without spiking glucose too high, and producing a huge Insulin response. This can be done by limiting total carbs, eating more low glycemic foods, or eating more meals with less total carbs at each meal.

Most of the ideas you posted have minimal effect, if any. I would suggest you read Glycemic Index, which you can get at the library, and look into a glycemic diet, or even a moderate carb diet, like South Beach, even if it is just for ideas on which foods to eat. I think that with a few changes to the quality of the carbs people eat, they can see good results, even if the quantity isn't cut very much.

For nutrition, I would just add more variety to the fruits, and vegetables you eat. Learn what nutrients are in what vegetables, and try for an umbrella effect, to get as much nutrients as possible. Green leafy vegetables are loaded with B vitamins, tomatoes have lycopene, Vitamin C .. etc.You can find your nutrition in real food, if it is diverse enough. Even calcium can be found in kale, and broccoli. There are always alternatives.

What you really need to ask yourself is: Can I continue the change that I am about to make, for the rest of my life?

For me, I felt I could eat 60 % fat, and 40-80 g of carbs for the rest of my life. I love the food, and it works for me. Most people won't want to, or be able to do this.

You need to find a diet that allows you to eat real food, not be hungry, so that you overeat, and that you enjoy eating. Since you look young, I am guessing, and hoping that you would be eating this way for decades to come, so if you don't like it, you won't stick to it. These ideas you are posting are not things that you will do permanently, so I wouldn't try any of them.

Try more fruits, and vegetables, spacing carbs evenly throughout your meals, and look into lower glycemic types of carbs, and see if anything works. I am sure many other will have some advice to offer you, that can be of help.

The #1 question you need to ask yourself is.. Since I am overeating, despite knowing it is unhealthy, WHY do I keep doing so? Something powerful is overriding your common sense, and identifying and eliminating it, will allow you to regain control.

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FTSOLK Posts: 1,400
12/13/13 12:52 A

I'm just wondering if anyone here has used any kind of diet pill or supplement to lose weight? Now, I'm not talking about something like SlimQuick, Hoodia, or Alli. I'm talking more about a B-12 Supplement, Green Coffee Bean Extract, Green Tea, Raspberry Ketones, or another supplement that is supposed to increase metabolism and/or stabilize blood sugar (like cinnamon pills).

What about doing things like eating spicier foods, drinking ice cold water, or taking apple cider vinegar? Or taking Psyllium Husk capsules for fiber? Or even a fruit/veggie supplement?

I know that it's best to get nutrition from food, but I also know that my diet isn't perfect. I'm definitely not interested in a quick-fix or anything, but I'm fine with little things to help boost my metabolism, or taking a good quality multivitamin to help fill some nutritional gaps (I do have days where I tend to eat the same two or three fruit or veggies, so I do get concerned that I'm not always getting the best variety of nutrients in my diet).

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