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7/21/05 10:32 A

I don't think the coke company will ever switch all diet flavor coke to splenda. They want to market all of the people as too what they drink.


I have tried the Coke Zero and it is just a little too sweet for me. I am going to buy one and pour it into a regular coke can for my husband to see if he can tell the difference. I think it is a red can thing in his mind.

My doctor is the one that told me to use Splenda when he put me on my 1200 calorie diet back in Feb. of this year.

DMD215 Posts: 965
7/21/05 10:05 A

The new Coke Zero is really great too. It's just like a diet, but with a big more flavor and no calories, carbs or sugar. It's not in caffeine free yet though. Hopefully that will be soon.

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7/19/05 10:17 P

Thanks for the information ladies!
It's the allergy part that's got me - I'm terribly allergic to ragweed.
The more I read, and for the amount of sweetener I actually use, I'm starting to really think that good ol' sugar might be the way to go.

7/19/05 10:08 P

My research shows basically the same thing, two additional concerns were kidney damage and allergic reaction in people sensitive to ragweed, chrysanthemums, marigolds, diasies, and many other herbs.

In 1990, FDA identified stevia as an unsafe food additive and banned importation. In 1995, the alert was revised to allow stevia to be imported if labeled as a dietary supplement or for use as a dietary ingredient of a dietary supplement. Canada, European Community, World Health Organization have not approved stevia due to unanswered questions about safety, as already mentioned.
Becky, SP dietitian

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7/19/05 9:29 A

According to an online article Stevia has not been FDA approved because of concerns about its use in large quantity. When mice were fed large amounts, both male and females began to have reproductive problems. The main component of it, stevinol, can also cause cell mutations, making cancer a concern.
Very large amounts of Stevinol can also interfere with the absorption of carbohydrates and conversion of food into energy within cells.

This particular article again reminds us that if we use it in moderation (i.e. a couple of servings in our tea) it is probably very safe. The fear is, however, that if the FDA approves it, soft drink manufactures will begin to use it and then people will be consuming it in large amounts.

Everything in moderation! Until the FDA resolves some questions, you will have to purchse Stevia in the health food store because it is considered a dietary supplement.

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7/18/05 2:17 P

I have this hugh herbal supplement physician's reference book at the hospital...plan to check on research studies done, safety, effectiveness, etc.
Will report in next several days.
Becky...(No-problem about the name confusion---I have a teenage daughter, I get called worse! ha-ha)

HIS4EVER Posts: 898
7/17/05 6:46 P

I have used Stevia. It is made from leaves from the Stevia plant if I recall. They even make a version called Stevia Plus that has 2 grams of Fiber per packet. It is bitter. About the only thing I can use it in is tea. I do use it in my green and white tea instead of Splenda. I think the important thing here is moderation with any of these products.

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7/17/05 6:09 P

Sorry Becky - called you Beth - my apologies!!!
Thanks for the info.
Any specific info on Stevia???

7/17/05 2:35 P

WOW! Slow down! None of these products provide any nutritional value, none are "healthy"...they are all artificial sweeteners. Some can be used in baking/cooking, some can not. They are all safe to use in moderation! Some of the studies do indicate problems when given to rats, a bath-tub full per day! So the question returns how much are you drinking/using daily. I feel 3-4 servings daily is no problem. If you show a sensitivity problem, then try a different product. Using products sweetened with artifical sweeteners is a way to cut calories...but eating a healthy diet is still mandatory!
Let me knowif you have more questions.
Becky, SP dietitian

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7/17/05 1:32 P

I asked this exact question in another forum - maybe we need to post it to coach Beth?
As I read about aspartame, it's almost all bad (links to everything from seizures to M.S. to tumors). I've also read some controversy about Splenda.
Stevia is touted as an awesome product by anyone who would be "wholistic" or into natural products. However, there is also controversy with it in the FDA/mainstream nutrition sites.
Help! Can't figure out what to choose!
Thanks, Kelly

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5/16/05 11:39 A


I've read a lot of studies which indicate that aspartame is not good for us....then I read an article yesterday indicating that Splenda isn't all that great either. There is another sweetener on the market called Stevia (spelling?) that is supposed to be the healthiest alternative.

I guess it all depends on who is actually FUNDING the research we read. I don't know what is safe!

5/16/05 11:26 A

I think the problem is with the use of aspartame in the regular diet coke (and pretty much all sodas). Hasn't aspartame been linked to alzheimers?

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5/16/05 5:58 A

I hope they don't switch all Diet Coke to Splenda. I've liked the flavor of Diet Coke for years.

5/16/05 1:06 A

The bottle looks like a diet coke bottle with baby blue strips where the red (or gold?) use to be. A co-worker was drinking it the other day, he didn't care for it much

REESE1717 Posts: 2,540
5/16/05 12:12 A

I haven't seen this yet. I wonder if they are going to switch all diet coke to splends.

SHERRILEN Posts: 1,369
5/15/05 5:13 P

I have heard that splenda is a better choice of sweetener as well.

5/15/05 1:42 P

People's taste preference to the various artificial sweeteners differs from good to bitter, to excessive and try, see what you like. many people I work with really find splenda the most tasty.
Becky, SP dietitian

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5/15/05 12:07 P

There's no advantage, but it tastes more like regular Coke.

I personally like Diet Coke, but my husband is a regular Coke lover, so this is great for him.

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5/15/05 11:36 A

What's the advantage of drinking Diet Coke with splenda over regular diet coke? I'm not sure I get it.

5/15/05 10:42 A

my mom bought me some of that because she knows i like the splenda :) and i thought it tasted more like diet pepsi, which is my favorite. at first it kind of...jarring because i thought it tasted like diet coke with lime (which i LOVE). i do like it, i'll buy it again.

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5/15/05 9:26 A

Has anyone tried this? My husband is a Coke lover who switched to Diet Coke because of the sugar, but he hates the flavor of Diet Coke. Yesterday, he bought a Diet Coke with Splenda and was delighted to find that it tastes very, very much like Coke.

I just wanted to let any other Coke lovers out there know that this Diet Coke with Splenda is a huge step in the right direction.

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