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JJ625JONES Posts: 130
9/29/13 5:05 P

I had/have both achilles tendicities and planter fascitis. I used to leave my home and walk for hours. The only way I could even put my feet down when I got home was if I was wearing my Crocs. They weren't the real brand, just dollar store but oh they helped me so much!
My doctor recommended rolling my foot over a frozen water bottle.
And there are these things just come out called Strutz,I saw an infomercial for them and was going to buy them but didnt.

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9/25/13 9:02 A

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

GRAPHICS2 Posts: 13,944
9/24/13 11:09 P

Good place to start emoticon

JIBBIE49 Posts: 73,076
9/21/13 8:33 A

Glad you are learning SELF-DISCIPLINE since that is the best control you can have. My husband is a Scorpio and they are people who have to go to extremes, so when he tries to exercise he always hurts himself. Now Aquarius rules the ankles, so I'd say to learn to use your inner voice that says, "Do 10 minutes and stop." emoticon

Oh, dyeing your hair blond made you look cute, I bet. My GD, is an Aries, and that is a trait of Aries to "rush in" without thinking, so I'm telling her at 17 months that she has to learn patience. LOL,

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9/16/13 10:34 P

I have a tendency to over exercise which has caused me many injuries. I am presently suffering from Achilles tendonitis.
I will be applying the ice pack to my throbbing ankle and resting tomorrow. Has anyone else had to deal with tendon injuries?

I have a tendency to rush in things and consider the repercussion later.
I wish I had not got that tattoo and I should not have died my hair blond.

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