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4/9/14 5:47 P

Good for you!!! emoticon

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4/4/14 4:47 A

Awesome Job!!

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3/30/14 5:09 P

Eeek! Okay so place wise I didn't do stellar, but honestly my only goal was just to not come in last. Goal achieved. I have to say with it being my first 5k it was really the best experience! My husband and several friends from church did it with me. I didn't run as much as I had planned on, but a friend of ours couldn't really run due to a toe that was healing from being broken. We all had our own goals, but no competition between anyone. We just all wanted to do our best. We are all talking about our next 5k. Even the older kids (mine and some friend's kids) are talking about doing the next one too. So fun! Here's to raising up the next generation of healthy kids!

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