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7/26/13 1:28 P

I'm baaaaack! I have had some good success over the past couple of months with my weight loss and a whole ton of success since July 1st. I am walking 5k every day and now I'm back to tracking. I saw a nutritionist who did some intolerance testing on me. I am intolerant to gluten/wheat, dairy, garlic, artificial sweeteners, coffee, and corn. So, I'm trying to find a happy medium here. I have drastically limited my wheat, dairy, and artificial sweeteners. I have also drastically cut down on coffee, allowing myself 1 coffee when we are camping (there's nothing better than an early morning coffee at the campground), am not having garlic or corn and I feel fantastic. For wheat, I am allowing myself a sandwich once a week. For dairy, I have almond milk but will have feta or goat cheese and greek yogurt as they are all lower in whey. For artificial sweeteners, I am having only 3 diet pops a week.

Since the beginning of July, I have lost 9 pounds. My body shape is changing from the walking as well and I feel fantastic. No more gall bladder issues - no attacks and no back pains. My next step is to start practicing yoga. I am waiting for a new studio to open in August here and will join with the ultimate goal to be to get my teacher certification in yoga.

I also want to keep track of my +/- calories for the day. That's part of what I'll do here on my journal.

BMR (1980.25) + Calories burned (657) = 2637
2637 - Calories eaten (1644) = 993

My goal is to lose around 2 pounds a week which means that my daily target is around 1000. Most days I'm at least 1000, but tonight I am going out for dinner and will have a cocktail or two. Those are accounted for in my calories and in my +/- for the day.

I'm so glad to be back at SP!


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9/25/12 9:51 A

For the umpteenth time in my life, I'm at this weight loss thing again. I previously lost 23 pounds last winter and then gained back 8 over the summer. I started tracking my foods and going to the gym last week and have lost 5.6 lbs. of the ones I had gained so I'm almost back to where I was pre-summer. The problem is that I should never have gained the 8 to begin with so now I'm working double time just to undo my wrongs.

I've realized this time, however, that I can really tell my mind to get working for me and choose a healthier lifestyle. For instance, in the grocery store the other day, I walked past the junk food aisle. I could have stopped and gotten something and scarfed it down in the car on the way home (like the old me would have done), but instead, I told myself in my mind that I don't want the junk food - that it will just make me feel like crap after I've eaten it and undo everything I did in the gym. Not worth it.

JIMARICO Posts: 215
12/12/11 3:10 P

Thanks Ladies!

I'll check out the Fat to Fit Wives group - sounds just like me! lol

I've got my mom on board with me and we will be doing this together and I think my husband is going to get back on the bandwagon. Neither of them have as much to lose as I do, but they do share the same struggled regardless.

I have an exercise group called the Weekday Spandex Warriors. For the past 3 months, we have been doing boot camp twice a week. This ends next week at which point we will be trying spin classes twice a week. I'm excited about this new adventure in cardio because my ultimate fitness goal is to run a 5K in 2012.

Off to the grocery store now to buy all of my healthy foods for not just myself, but for my boys and husband too!

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11/11/11 7:32 P

Hi Jill, I'm Linda from Duluth, MN. I'm also a co-leader of 2 sites, so I offer you the suggestions and support you need to get on with your journey. Don't stop just with tracking your food. Go for some of the sites and learn to know what other people are doing to lose. Go at your own pace and have a safe journey. Take care and Good Luck.

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11/11/11 7:55 A

Welcome back and it's good your excited to start this journey you can do this one day at a time, one change at a time.. We're here for you :o) just navigate this site and utilize everything here it's well worth the effort. I like using the food tracker the most I use it in combination with my book tracker to keep up with my food intake and I also journal my exercise and liquid intake. The articles, the blogs, journals and so much more here you will benefit from if your willing to put in the time for your mind and body this site and lifestyle change will work for you. Best of care you can do this, just call on us your sparkpeople community and we will respond. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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11/10/11 10:28 A

This is my first real day back on SP. Based on the meal plan I established, I plan to take in 1328 calories while burning 1128. My BMR is 2081 and so if I do the math correctly, my +/- today is -1328!

My goal is to be a minimum of -1000 a day if possible but will settle for anything that isn't a +!

I am excited to be back on the program and am going to finally buy The Spark tonight because I have just been using the trackers, etc. without really reading about the program and all of the benefits it has for me.

I look forward to being able to give support to others and welcome all advice and support in return!

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