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1/26/14 11:15 P

Let me see if I can try to explain the weekly allowance concept.

Suppose your range is 1,200-1,550 calories per day.

Rather than give you that range every day, WW will give you 1,200 calories a day. However, it will also give you 2,450 calories that you can use in the week. You can use those calories however you want. You can divide them up throughout the week on treats, or for days you are particularly hungry. You can also save them up for a party or event.

Obviously, it doesn't work EXACTLY like that since the numbers aren't always that even, but that is the concept. It's basically a set of extra points/calories that you can spend as-needed. They did that to allow people the flexibility to enjoy social life, etc.

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1/26/14 11:05 P

It might be that the 'weekly allowance' is what is upsetting the apple-cart, so-to-speak! Try going without it if you aren't hungry, UNLESS it is something special, not because it is a week since the last indulge.

I found that giving myself permission to eat whatever I wanted one day every TWO WEEKS worked o.k. - any more frequent and I would never have reached my goal. To accommodate this, however, I had to eat toward the lower end of the range most of the time.

I think that what you have been doing is trying to follow WW faithfully, without taking into account that not everybody is exactly the same. When I showed my Dietitian exactly what and how much I had been eating, (I took some SP Nutrition Reports) she told me that it was what a lot of Dietitians here put someone my weight on to lose weight. However, I was still gaining. Point being emphasized - not everyone can get away with the same amount of calories. Regardless of how you measure - 'points' 'calories' etc. etc., it still comes down to calories in v. calories out.


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1/26/14 10:51 P

"However, I also didn't touch any of my weekly allowance."

Sorry to be dense, but what is that again? Extra food? If so, and your range is 1200-1500 per day, you would already be at the top of your range.

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1/26/14 10:50 P

Below is a link to Calorie King which includes raw potato by weight.


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1/26/14 10:48 P

Ok, now you're talking!!

I think you did good, actually.

I enter all my values myself, and it can be a pain at first - but it only takes like 30 seconds to do - and a lot of times I'm really eating the same foods over and over again anyway, so I store them in my favorites.

Your range is 1200-1500? And this is pretty much what you totals have been looking like daily in the past? 1,467 159 60 80

If you are not losing weight at this range, you can try a few things.

Go a little lower. Aim for 1200 for a week and see how you do.

Exercise more (cardio to burn calories).

Look at carbs. Higher carbs do not negatively impact everyone, but I'd suggest doing an experiment - bring your carbs down to 100 a day (or lower) for a week, and see what that does.

But by tracking, you get such a better feel of what it is that you really are consuming. Again, learn what proper portions look like, and it becomes a snap.

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1/26/14 10:14 P

I decided to track my food on here for today if anyone wants to check it out. The fruit/veggie measurements were all eyeballed- no measuring cups involved. The only exception was the potato which was weighed (I usually prefer sweet potatoes, but I wanted some homemade fries with dinner, and we have so many potatoes).

That is one of my gripes with Sparkpeople. There are no weight measurements for raw potatoes (excluding user-entered items).

Today, it seems like I did ok, and I stayed in my ranges. However, I also didn't touch any of my weekly allowance.

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1/26/14 5:59 P

It honestly depends. This weekend was fairly fruit heavy since we were lacking in groceries. (Dinner Saturday was celery with peanut butter- it was the ONLY vegetable we had in the house.

In WW world, a point is approximately 35-40 calories on average. Sometimes, it can be more or less. This gives me around 1,085-1,280 calories a day. It might be the same 31 points, but I'm actually fluctuating within a range.

WW also gives a 49 point allowance that can be used as-needed (1,750-1,960). If I divide my allowance up evenly, the range I get of 1,260-1,520 calories is very close to my Sparkpeople range.

However, none of these numbers include fruit. Suppose I eat my weekly allowance throughout the week (which I usually don't. I use it for occasional overage, but I save most or all for a weekly treat meal). That means I'm eating within my normal Sparkpeople range. However, none of those calories include fruit/vegetables.

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1/26/14 5:33 P

Rather than estimating what you eat in the fruit/vege line, what do you actually eat? Obviously weight can't be mentioned, but as small/medium/cup serves!


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1/26/14 5:23 P

My 31 points plus free produce is like eating at the bottom of my range. Rather than having a daily range, I get 49 allowance points a week to spend as-needed (typically, it's for a weekly treat meal). So in WW world, me eating 28 points is like you only eating 1,000 calories (the concept, anyway).

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1/26/14 5:11 P

Actually, it's very possible.

You start adding more veggies (0 points) and subtracting other things (chicken sausage 6 points).

That creates a deficit. 0 is less than 6.

Another question, why did you have to spend the points. My range is 1200-1500 per day. If I've only eaten 1300 calories, I never feel that I *must* eat another 200 to get to the top of my range....

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1/26/14 4:40 P

I had six points to spend on something. A chicken sausage, at 210 calories, came out to 6 points. That's also the same value as 6 oz of cooked chicken breast, but that comes out to around 280 calories.

I paid for Weight Watchers, and I don't want to quit and waste all that money, but I don't think it's possible for me to follow the plan and NOT overeat unless I eliminate all fruit and most vegetables.

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1/26/14 4:24 P

400 calories up to and including lunch is NOT enough. Even with fruit/veges added in, I doubt it would have increased it by that much.

Why should you track fruit and veges?

Apple - 1 Medium: 71.8 calories
Peach - 1 Medium: 42.1 calories
Pear - 1 Medium: 80.5 calories
Banana - 1 Medium: 105 calories
Broccoli - 1 Cup cooked: 54.8 calories
Carrots - 1/2 Cup cooked: 27.3 calories
Spinach - 1 Cup raw: 6.9 calories
Tomato - 1 Medium: 25.8 calories
Green Beans - 1 Cup: 34.1 calories
Orange - 1 Cup segments: 84.6 calories
Cherries - 1 Cup with pits: 73.7 calories

Do you notice anything about them? .................... They ALL contain calories - some more than others, and THIS is why at least for a couple weeks, you are better to track them. Note that I didn't use weights, but rather size or cup?

Rather than ditching the produce, why not try substituting some of your meat choices (Aidells - Pineapple & Bacon Smoked Chicken Sausage, 1 link 210 calories) for some lean NON-processed meat? You will get better protein, less sodium, lower fat, LESS CALORIES, and over all, it is better for you.


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1/26/14 3:52 P

I am pretty much reaching my daily target WITHOUT counting the fruit and veggies, and when I add in rough estimates, I'm overeating. A hundred calories or more in vegetables in each meal (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) plus the occasional snack DOES add up. If I want to stay in my points AND calorie ranges, produce has to go.

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1/26/14 2:37 P

"Well, it looks like I'm overeating both fruit and veggies. If I cut them out entirely, I should be ok"

That would be really stupid. MOST of your diet should be veggies. You absolutely should not be cutting out veggies. Some fruit is fine, but not five servings a day...especially if you are sensitive to carbs, which I suspect that you are. What I got from your diary is that you were overeating carbs, in the form of both rice and fruit on the days that you shared with us. The only way to know how many carbs and calories you are really consuming is to TRACK EVERYTHING THAT YOU PUT IN YOUR MOUTH. I also suspect that you are consuming too many calories for your low activity level.

Veggies and fruit are NOT created equal. You really can't think of them as being one category.

Instead of over-generalizing and reverting to black-and-white thinking...just pull out a measuring cup and see how much you are really eating. It's not that scary and you CAN do it.

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1/26/14 1:23 P

"but I'm not sure if I'm going to keep track of fruit and veggies yet- at least not with much accuracy." You posted that this morning.

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1/26/14 1:09 P

I did track them

EELPIE Posts: 2,700
1/26/14 1:01 P

"Well, it looks like I'm overeating both fruit and veggies. If I cut them out entirely, I should be ok

Why not try tracking them before coming to such a draconian decision?

Why cut off your nose to spite your face like that?

EELPIE Posts: 2,700
1/26/14 12:59 P

Why would you weigh an apple to begin with?

Say your eating a granny smith apple.

110 cals .3 fat 29 carbs

If you sliced an apple up..there you go. If you sliced 1 1/2 one full measurement and add another half to it.

If you don't want to track and you just want to do weight watcher points, then don't track and do weight watcher points,

This is going to your original posting. Most people here track. It's like your trying to only see things on a point value system, and SP is not a point value system.

You want insight into your diet, without knowing the numbers. So, I guess looks healthy.

At the end of the day, if you are losing weight doing your point system and are happy with your should be rejoicing.

At the end of the day, if you are not losing weight doing your point system and are not happy with your should do something about it.

Everyone has suggested tracking the numbers. You say you can't do it correctly without measuring, and you don't want to. Links were provided, and suggestions made on how to eyeball correct portions. You don't want to do that apparently, so I am confused as to what you do want.

FTSOLK Posts: 1,395
1/26/14 12:58 P

Well, it looks like I'm overeating both fruit and veggies. If I cut them out entirely, I should be ok

FTSOLK Posts: 1,395
1/26/14 12:42 P

Why would I weigh my apple slices when they don't count in Weight Watchers?

EELPIE Posts: 2,700
1/26/14 11:40 A

Then you need to learn correct portion sizes.

You should be able to eyeball 1/2 cup of peas, 1 cup cherries, 1 cup carrots.

" It's really hard for me to track fruit and vegetables because I don't measure it. I can somewhat eyeball it, but it could be COMPLETELY wrong."

If you think you are COMPLETELY wrong, learn how to do it right.

Google the words "correct portion sizes" to find out....or measure things and become accustomed to it.

FTSOLK Posts: 1,395
1/26/14 10:51 A

Just out of curiosity, I might try double tracking on Myfitnesspal, but I'm not sure if I'm going to keep track of fruit and veggies yet- at least not with much accuracy.

I already tracked my breakfast for today. The link is down below if you want to see it.

FTSOLK Posts: 1,395
1/26/14 10:44 A

I DO track. I'm just not tracking calories.

I am somewhat tracking most of my calories on MFP on occasion. It's really hard for me to track fruit and vegetables because I don't measure it. I can somewhat eyeball it, but it could be COMPLETELY wrong. I do weigh and measure EVERYTHING else.

CCNP07 Posts: 293
1/26/14 10:34 A

Tracking really helps, and right about the measuring. I'm much better at estimating after doing the actually measures with the scale and cups for a few weeks,

EELPIE Posts: 2,700
1/26/14 10:26 A

It doesn't matter where you track, but you really need to start - at least for a couple of weeks.

I've been doing it for months now - and I've never weighed or measured anything.

You need to learn correct portion sizes so you can eyeball them. If you need to, measure your food for 2 days..after that you will be able to recognize what a cup of cottage cheese looks like, what 4 oz of chicken looks like, what a tablespoon of peanut butter looks like.

Here is a guide for eyeballing serving sizes, and you can print it out, too:

FTSOLK Posts: 1,395
1/26/14 12:39 A

I may end up transitioning to calorie counting in a couple months if my financial situation doesn't improve, and if that happens, I'll probably be using MyFitnessPal. I do like the ranges on here, and I'll admit that a lot of "generic" entries are easier to find, but if I'm ever looking at having packaged foods (there are some good ones), tracking on here is a pain. I often go through a dozen WRONG entries on here before resolving to create my own food.

The fact that MFP has a recipe builder built into the app is also a nice touch.

For now, Weight Watchers does seem to work for me, though I will admit that it's easy to go a little overboard on the fruit, but I function well with lower numbers. Not needing to weigh and measure EVERYTHING is also nice. Suppose I'm making a slow cooker Chicken and Dumplin' Soup with whole wheat dumplin's (which is about 300 calories per serving). With Weight Watchers, I tend to not really measure the veggies in the soup. I might decide that it needs more green beans, and I'll just toss them in. When I'm counting calories, I feel more pressured to be more accurate about EVERYTHING, and it drives me CRAZY. I'll track an apple as being "medium" until I see an apple that is super small, and I'll second-guess myself.

And I've definitely been one to weigh out leafy greens.

However, I'm paid for WW through the end of March, so there's some time to worry about that, and I'm actually able to stick to it which I haven't been able to say about calorie counting.

As far as fruit goes, I'm looking at trying to cut back. I'm definitely not giving up on fruit with breakfast or my evening snack, but fruit DOES tend to be my go-to option when I'm hungry. It's also what I reach for if I have a little room in my lunch container that I want to fill. And, over the past few days, I've been eating more fruit because that's what I have. To be honest, MOST days, I'm worried that I'm eating too many green vegetables because I will eat them breakfast lunch and dinner. I see nothing wrong with a side of steamed broccoli at breakfast.

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1/25/14 11:01 P

Before I started with SP (using the Nutrition Tracker) I ate tons more fruit than I do now. I couldn't understand why my weight was continuing to go up. I was eating on average 1650-1850 calories per day, and that was at around 220lb. My body was one which needed less, just to maintain, so even less again to lose. What I found was I had to do some minor tweaks - thanks to the Nutrition Tracker - and what had to give was some of my fruit. I still eat on average, in excess of 10 serves of fruit/veges in a day, and I miss the extra.

I really DO think that sometimes we have to bite the bullet and do something we don't like doing, even for the short-term, and for you it would be your nemesis - calorie counting for a couple weeks. THEN you will truly know where you are and can set about righting the situation. You say that you don't like numbers much - well you don't have to like them because the Nutrition Tracker does the working out - you just put in the weight .......... simple!


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1/25/14 10:40 P

MyFitnessPal had the sushi come out to around 150 calories a roll give or take. I figured this made sense given that the the rolls I had were very small. I've had specialty rolls before (ones with a double layer rice), and these were a lot smaller. (It appears that they were hosomaki rolls)

The white rice, cream cheese, and such were my parents' rolls. Mine are the delicious brown rice one.

Now, my weight loss has slowed down a bit, but that's actually not too surprising. I had a gain almost two weeks ago after having a 4 day hunger binge (one of those weeks when absolutely nothing was filling me up, and I started giving into temptation.) However, I lost the weight I gained and a little more last week, so I seem to be back on track. Although, if I think about it, having a slower loss this past month isn't too surprising seeing that I lost 11 pounds between December 2 and December 30, so a little rebound gain and/or a stall was bound to happen. Hopefully, everything should even out now.

My day today hasn't been that super food-wise. I've barely eaten any vegetables because I don't HAVE any. They weren't a good enough deal at the restaurant supply store, and my car is blocked in the driveway, so I've been stuck home. I managed to have leftover spaghetti squash for lunch, but dinner was pretty sweet.

(Apparently, keeping basic frozen vegetables in the house is too difficult for my family, but we had plenty of money for a large can of hash- which I did not touch).

RUSSELL_40 Posts: 16,826
1/25/14 9:58 P

If I take the word of a previous poster and you are eating 2000 one day, and 1000 the next, how am I supposed to respond. You have no target to aim for. What you are saying is, tell me if the food is right for me, and don't worry about the quantity. That never works.

This is all just a nice discussion, as long as your plan is working. If you are losing steadily, and feel great, then why ask if your food is okay? My guess is that you are having issues.

I know you say you aren't a numbers person, but those numbers are the difference in all this. If you don't track them, you have no idea if you will gain or lose. Points aren't an accurate way to diet. Most people see weight loss on WW because it has them consuming healthier food, in a little less quantity.. so less calories. If you are stalled however, then something isn't working.

50 % carbs or 1500 calories is a lot more accurate than hitting 45 points in a day, or whatever the number is. Each point has multiple foods that can get you those points, so the diet can vary wildly. Following this is like asking a pitcher to do so blindfolded. He can feel the mound, and the rectangular shape of the rubber, and can square himself up, and throw in the general direction, but the odds of him hitting the strike zone are slim. There is always the possibility that he gets turned around and throws to the 2nd baseman though.

You asked for advice, and shot down most of what was given. I agree that besides a few foods, the food is pretty healthy. I am also low carbs, so I would eat 10 servings of veggies, and no more than 1 of fruit, but if this isn't a problem, the food isn't McDonald's at least.

So the food is pretty good, and assuming you are following the plate method, Becky says you are doing good, so except for the quantity, why aren't you posting about your amazing success? If you can think of another variable that would prevent success, then you have your own answer. I can't think of any, other than my personal preference for low carb. If you are eating healthy food, in the correct macronutrient breakdowns, then the only issue left, is too much quantity on average.

I think everyone here is trying to be helpful, but if all you want is to hear that the food is pretty healthy, then you got that for the most part. If however, you want results, then maybe you need to stop and realize that healthy food can add up too, and maybe eating healthy isn't enough, if you aren't at a healthy weight.

Personally, I read in RENATARUNS post " That would have been too much for me when I was losing weight ", and 2 things pop out to me.

1. ) She gave you great advice, from her experience
2. ) The past tense of that statement.. She is at goal already.

So people who aren't at goal weight.. You and I.. might want to pay attention to those who have succeeded. Personally, I have no problems copying the success of others. It worked for the Romans.

Hope whatever you decide, you start seeing results, and stay healthy.

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1/25/14 9:22 P

I don't speak "points", but every estimate I see of the actual calories in sushi runs about 200-300 calories per roll, so you're most likely looking at 600-900 calories total for your dinner, not counting any untracked vegetables you may have had. That would have been too much for me when I was losing weight, despite that I was usually exercising a fair amount and eating an appropriate amount for that. (In other words, higher in calories than most female "dieters".)

Let me be clear: I do not agree with the emphasis on the rice and the fruit you're getting. I'm not much of a fruit eater myself, the occasional week-long or month-long kick aside, but I do eat rice almost every day, often white rice. It's never made a single shred of difference to my ability to lose weight. If you are in fact having troubles with your loss right at the moment -- something on which I am still not entirely clear -- then your first course of action needs to be to look more stringently at the "how much" of what you are eating. Worry about the details of what after that, because you're already eating the kind of foods that plenty of reasonably fit, reasonably healthy people go with for a lifetime. I'm just not entirely convinced about the calories. Mostly due to that large sushi dinner, but there's a few other things as well.

FTSOLK Posts: 1,395
1/25/14 4:43 P

Well, tonight if I don't eat fruit, then I'm not eating any produce with dinner since I don't have vegetables (and I can't afford to get any either).

And the sushi was only 9 points for the three rolls of six pieces. That's hardly anything.

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1/25/14 2:41 P

I am guessing that sushi is high in points because rice is so ridiculously high in carbs. White rice will spike your blood sugar a lot, especially the glutenous type of sticky rice used in sushi. Sushi is one of those things that is good for you, but it is not good for losing weight, especially if you are carb sensitive.

Sadly, I've found that even brown rice does this to me. I still eat it in really controlled quantities because I love it and rice is part of my food culture...but even 1/2 C of brown rice in a day will stall my weight loss during a time when I am otherwise losing. These are the sorts of things that your realize by tracking. :)

P.S. Cherries are one of the best fruits that you can have because they are low on the glycemic index and packed full of antioxidants. Don't stop eating cherries! However, having more than 1 or 2 servings of fruit on a day when you have also eaten a lot of other carbs will keep your from losing. So again, really good for overall health, not a great plan for reducing your weight.

FTSOLK Posts: 1,395
1/25/14 1:05 P

I had 3 rolls of 6 small pieces of sushi (fish, rice, nori) (18 SMALL pieces) and it came out to 9 points. Brown rice doesn't change anything.The rolls I had were fish, wrapped in rice, and a little seaweed. They weren't the double-layer of rice rolls.

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1/25/14 1:04 P

I think you have made some great improvements. emoticon

Good choice on homemade pumpkin muffins instead of packaged cookies or muffins.

I think your Applebees selection was a great choice for a restaurant meal.

Good luck!

MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 17,530
1/25/14 12:37 P

When I was thinking about eating Sushi this week. Each piece of sushi was one or two points. There might be a little leeway since it was brown rice.

FTSOLK Posts: 1,395
1/25/14 12:34 P

Why would you say Sushi is so high in points?

MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 17,530
1/25/14 12:26 P

I'm on WW too and I think that Sushi would be all your points for the day and then some. Personally I limit my fruit to two servings a day.

I think what you're eating looks pretty good for the most part.

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FTSOLK Posts: 1,395
1/25/14 11:46 A

Renataruns- The muffin thing was ACTUALLY this past Sunday. Normally, I don't like to eat a large amount of sweets, etc just to "use up" points. However, last Friday, I ended up being under my points by a LOT, and I was starving all day on Saturday. Mondays, I'm usually a little hungrier because I eat a bit lighter (I have my weigh-in on Monday nights followed by my weekly cheat meal- basically a meal where I eat what I want, not just what I can "afford" based on my points value.)

Now, I never said I don't track. I don't always put in accurate measurements for fruit and vegetables, and I'll admit that I'm not always going to track the diced veggies in my low-carb tuna balls (which are pretty amazing). However, I do use a kitchen scale to weigh out pretty much anything else (ok, so I also buy pre-sliced cheese, and individually frozen protein).

I simply don't track CALORIES. On Weight Watchers, points are based on Fat, Carbohydrates, Fiber, and Protein. On the old plan, a 100 calorie sandwich thin was only 1 point. Now, it's 3 points. HOWEVER, an egg was 2 points then, and it's 2 points today. So, protein is definitely a better value. I don't eat MUCH fat-free dairy (I do enjoy a few select flavors of Chobani and Fage yogurt as treats), but I do enjoy a nice blend of low-fat (yogurt, some cheeses like Mozzarella, cottage cheese) and full fat (most cheese) dairy products-even though WW pushes fat-free. I don't eat egg whites or egg substitute. I have 2 eggs for breakfast almost daily (today, I mashed a banana in them and added some mini chocolate chips before topping with berries for a sweet breakfast).

FTSOLK Posts: 1,395
1/25/14 11:02 A

I either weigh-or measure all treats, grains, dairy, and protein, or get things in single serve, individually wrapped packages (as is the case with most of the seafood I eat.) The only thing I don't measure is fruit and non-starchy vegetables. I'll also admit that I'm pretty good at selecting a small (3 point) sweet potato without measuring it, so I don't always put it on my scale.

1/25/14 9:14 A

I see that most of your meals do meet the "plate method" recommendations; therefore you are meeting nutritional needs, keeping portion sizes in check, etc.

If you find that your weight goal is "not" occurring; then you will need to start being more exact, measuring portions, and counting calories. Often you can do this for 1-2 weeks as a "wake up call" and them return to your plate method again.

Your SP Registered Dietitian

RENATARUNS SparkPoints: (4,367)
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1/25/14 8:48 A

It looks lovely to me, quite honestly. There's lots of good healthy food there, and it looks sustainable. You're probably eating as well or better than most people who are successful at losing weight, so don't let the nitpicking get you down.

What you're probably going to need to do if this is not giving you the weight loss results you want, is simply to find ways to cut a few more calories. I don't track, myself, but in this case I think honestly counting calories for about a week might be very valuable to you. It would let you know where most of your calories are coming from, and where you might be able to let go of a few without compromising on your nutrition or your long-term goals, and expect you may well be able to add most of those calories back in once you reach maintenance. Of course if you are losing fine right now, ignore that. I'm not quite clear from your posts what the situation is.

I'll offer only one warning that hasn't come up: the mini-muffins eaten "to fill out the last nine points you hadn't gotten to". I personally would not recommend using sweets and baked goods for a purpose like that. Not for someone like you (or me) who has massively over-eaten on such things in the past. Ideally you would get all your points in with your regular meals and snacks and have nothing left over at bedtime, but when life doesn't cooperate so neatly with us, as so often happens, I personally think it's especially important to focus on making really good choices within the constraints of the situation. Else we might risk the "saving" of those extra poitns for an extra sweet snack becoming a habit, then maybe the snack gettign a little bigger, or we start waking up feeling a little nasty from the late-evening sugar dose and our breakfast getting compromised because of it, etc. Which is just a long-winded way of saying that more dangerous a food has historically been for me, the more rules I tend to have for myself about how I want to include it in my diet (if at all), and the more strictly I adhere to them. Just some food for thought.

But yeah, it looks great.

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1/25/14 2:10 A

I think its important to count all calories. Fruits and veggies have calories and the body will store them as fat just like any other energy source. Whether we count them or not, their calories exist.

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FTSOLK Posts: 1,395
1/24/14 10:39 P

I really was looking for more insight than actual numbers (I've never been a numbers person anyway).

I don't always eat as much fruit as I did in those days (but we DID just get some fresh cherries, and I couldn't get enough of them!). I don't generally snack in between meals, but since we don't keep many raw veggies on hand, when I DO need a snack, I tend to reach for fruit.

As far as veggies go, I eat veggies with almost every single meal. The one exception is my Monday morning breakfast (I weigh in on Monday nights) when I have low-fat plain Greek yogurt with honey or maple syrup and fruit (mostly partially thawed berries). (Oh, and today because I made banana-egg pancakes). MOST days, I have eggs and veggies for breakfast (with some fruit as well because I like sweet in the morning).

When rice is concerned, I only have it when my family orders Chinese (I like a break from cooking on occasion.) My usual order is either chicken or shrimp with mixed vegetables, steamed with the sauce on the side (I'll add maybe a tablespoon or two of the sauce myself for flavor). It comes with brown rice, so I'll spread it over a couple days as a side dish. I generally prefer having a small (around 150-160 grams or less when raw) sweet potato.

Oh... there was the sushi. Personally, I prefer sashimi, but the regular rolls were half-price, and I don't get sushi more than a couple times a year at most.

I am concerned that I may be getting too many calories, but I'm also a little perplexed. I'm easily near the midpoint of my calorie range on some days (I have tracked a few sample meals) without counting the non-starchy veggies and fruit. I generally follow the plate method (1/2 plate veggies, 1/4 plate carbs, 1/4 plate protein), and I usually don't go over my points. In fact, some days, I'm under.

AZULVIOLETA6 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (74,443)
Posts: 3,293
1/24/14 12:57 P

I agree with what has already been said--just track it all and look at the hard numbers. Even if you only do it for a week it could give you some good information to work with.

I have to say this looks INFINITELY better than the way you were eating this summer. You've made huge improvements in the way that you put your meals together and this is great for your long-term health. It also looks like you've got some tasty, interesting stuff in there, so that is good too. This seems like a sustainable way to eat. If you continue to eat like this, you are decreasing your risk of cancers, heart disease and GI problems by a lot, even if you don't lose weight.

That having been said, I think you are probably getting too many calories for your activity level. Likely this is WAY too many carbs for you too if you want to lose weight. Fruit is great and I am happy to see you eating that instead of junk food, but I suspect that you have the kind of body type that is sensitive to carbs--you could be getting 200-250 G/day with your current diet, when your body might be happier with something closer to 100-125. Reducing the fruit and slowing adding more non-starchy vegetables might help. This is something you can work on over time. Reducing the grains (and especially rice--many people find that they are more sensitive to rice than other whole grains) and increasing the protein could help too.

It might be an interesting experiment to eat like you are and track for a week--then try reducing your carbs and tracking for another week to see if it makes any difference for you in terms of weight loss. By the way, I am not suggesting that you try Atkins or do any sort of extreme low-carb dieting...but moderating your carbs a bit so that you are at the low end of your Spark range or even just a bit under that range *might* be helpful for you. The only way to know is to track it precisely and see how it goes.

Anyhow, good work moving in the right direction!

EELPIE Posts: 2,700
1/24/14 10:02 A

Why don't you track here for a week, and see what your average weekly diet looks like?

You spent all that effort typing it above, you could have just entered it into the tracker to have gotten a number(s). This way you can see where you fall in your weekly goal of cals, carbs and fats.

FTSOLK Posts: 1,395
1/24/14 9:57 A

I'm on Weight Watchers, so I don't track here.

Fruit and veggies are 0 points, so I don't measure them. I only gave approximate amounts for this.

EXOTEC Posts: 3,327
1/24/14 9:48 A

You say you don't track accurately, and I hope that's the case! On a brief scan of your Tracker, it looks like your caloric intake fluctuates *wildly*. Some days it appears to be really deficient, IMHO. I don't know, because I don't pay much attention to calories... but values over 2000 one day and less than 1000 on (several!) others just doesn't seem reasonable to me.

Can you try to even out your intakes a bit?
I'm also one who limits grains and sugars. I'm on a different plan (LC), so this may not be applicable to you, or to others on a "typical diet" (whatever that is). But for ANYone, swinging variations like that seem like it might impede rather than assist your efforts. Just my personal experience!


MICHELLEXXXX SparkPoints: (12,229)
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1/23/14 9:22 P

The only red flags I would avoid is the processed meats. I also avoid grains, personally tend to prefer veggies over fruits, and stick to lower sugar fruits to keep my BG levels steady.

1/23/14 8:39 P

So enter your foods and portions into the SP food tracker and add other nutrients to track, such as vitamin A, vitamin C, fiber, potassium, folic acid, iron, zinc, calcium.

You'll be able to see if you are close to meeting daily nutritional needs through your diet.
Another way is to manually add up the # of servings of each food group and compare to the recommendations at:

Your SP Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

FTSOLK Posts: 1,395
1/23/14 6:43 P

Now, I don't measure fruit/veggies accurately, and I'm not counting calories, but I still wanted some insight on my food diary over a couple days.

Day 1:


1/2 a medium to large spaghetti squash
2 over easy eggs
1 teaspoon chipotle olive oil
about 1.5 cups combined fresh cherries and grapes

1 Aidells Chicken Bacon Pineapple sausage
1/2 a medium to large spaghetti squash
1 cup fresh cherries
A few fresh grapes

18 small pieces of sushi made with brown rice (salmon, tuna, and yellowtail- 6 pieces of each flavor)

1/4 of 1 Aidells Teryaki chicken meatball (sample)
1/3 a banana
about 1 cup of raw broccoli, carrots, bell peppers, etc.
1 oz Sabra roasted red pepper hummus
6 homemade whole wheat mini pumpkin muffins (I had 9 points left after dinner, and didn't want to leave them uneaten.)

Day 2:

2 eggs
1 teaspoon chipotle olive oil
1 cup spinach
1 orange

Chinese chicken and mixed vegetables, steamed
1 tablespoon Chinese brown sauce
3/4 cup brown rice

Applebees 7 oz sirloin (cooked without oil/butter)
Applebees mixed vegetables, steamed

1 medium banana
1 small mango
1/2 cup pineapple chunks
3 mini banana chocolate chip cookies (made with mashed banana, old fashioned oats, and chocolate chips. Each cookie is about 1/2 a tablespoon)

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