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7/6/14 12:26 A

welcome Mongoldr!

I love this quote: If you do what you always did, you will get what you always got. ~Anonymous

It is so true and that is why we are here at Spark. to make changes!

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7/5/14 10:21 P

Thank you both.

The tracker is what really drew me to the site, I love it so far. I used to keep a pen and paper journal of my meals (and still do for blood sugar), but once I got confident on just calculating on the fly that all stopped along with measuring my food. So being a computer tech and on computers all of my work day, having the ability to go to a website and punch it all in should be a big asset. I will definitely stop by thanks again.

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7/5/14 7:23 P

emoticon to SP. My husband and I both have diabetes. I have been on this site for 2 years and joined a year ago after seeing my success. When he joined, he was getting readings in the 300's. After tracking what he was eating, I convinced him to make some small changes and within 2 weeks he had dropped to 150. He now exercises daily and is doing well.

Have you tried the tracker on here? It's time consuming to start, but after a while it becomes easier. It's especially easy is you eat a lot of the same things often. Wishing you good luck with your journey. Feel free to stop by my page if you'd like more info or have any questions. emoticon

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7/5/14 7:16 P

Welcome! Tracking is imperative to losing and keeping it off,

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7/5/14 5:36 P

Hello Sparkpeople world. I am a 34 computer tech who trying to get my fitness and nutrition back on track. I will try to keep this as short as possible, but I think getting this out will help me refocus. Every since high school I had been around 225 lbs. and not very active. Well I worked up to about 250 lbs around 2 years ago, but around the beginning of 2013 my wife noticed that I was losing a lot of weight and in general not feeling well. Being a typical guy, I fought her about going to the doctor until Jan 23 she called the doctor without me knowledge. I got the phone call at work that I had an appointment in 3 hours. I went to appease her and show her that there was nothing to worry about. When the nurse took my glucose it was 441 and I had lost around 40 lbs, the doctor came in immediately and told me that I needed to go to the ER. Everything went fine at the ER I was told to just see my doctor as soon as possible. At the beginning of my doctors visits my A1C1 was 14.6, I was put on 20 units of Lantus, and was taking anywhere from 10 to 15 units of Humalog for my meals. This was very serious for me and I became very motivated for my wife and son, I began walking every day from about 40 to 120 minutes everyday and keeping a food log. I very quickly had my A1C1 down to 5.6, Lantus at 8, and Humalog down to where I did not need for around 90% of my meals. I had my weight down to around 185 lbs and my blood sugar under control.

Winter then set in and I got to confident and stopped logging in my food general, stopped tracking my weight, and began making excuses why I could not exercise (to cold, it is snowing, ex....). Spring arrived and I weighed myself finally I was 225 lbs., also A1C1 was up to 7 not alarming, but I wanted to get back on my original track. I am finding it harder to keep my food journal (notebook), and just generally disappointing because everything does not seem to be working like it did last year. I want to be as healthy for my family, the short of why I signed up.

Sorry for the novel, but I do feel better now ;)

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