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Tips for Carbohydrate CountersStarchy foods are one of the main sources of carbohydrate in our diet—along with milk, fruits, and sweets. For most grains and starches, ½ cup or 1 oz contains 15 g of carbohydrateAnother word for sugars. The main source of energy for the body. Carbs get digested quickly and easily into glucose. Carbs are the foods that affect blood glucose the most. Examples of carbs are fruits, starchy vegetables, breads, pastas, rice, sugar, syrup and honey.X. A few exceptions are 1 cup of winter squash and pumpkin and ⅓ cup of rice has about 15 grams.

For the Plate MethodAbout ¼ of your plate should come from starchy foods. Remember, only the depth of a deck of cards! This is usually about ¾ to 1 cup of a starchy food.

For using the Glycemic IndexThe general rule of thumb when using the glycemic indexa ranking of carbohydrate-containing foods, based on the food's effect on blood glucose compared with a standard reference food.X (GI) to select foods is that the closer to nature, or less processed a food, the lower the GI. For example, whole rolled oats have a lower GI than instant oatmeal. Dried beans, lentils and starchy vegetables all have lower GI values. Potatoes are an exception but a small serving can still fit into your meal plan.

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Does anyone know the amount of red potatoes by weight that equals one diabetic starch exchange. I see by it listed as one small potato but I am preparing baby new potatoes which I love so I want to enjoy without over doing my carbs. Thanks!

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