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12/13/12 10:22 A

Thanks for the advice. I did go to and they have tons of recipes! Thank you all so much and have a wonderful Christmas!!

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12/8/12 10:30 A

I like Splenda because it measures the same as sugar. One tip, though...spray a little Pam on the cookies to help than brown. Splenda doesn't brown in the oven, so you can overbake trying to get them to look "done".

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12/7/12 11:46 P

Ok I am here to tell you that YES you can use splenda instead of sugar. I do it all the time and my cookies come out so well. I have done it so many times. For example I use the recipe on the back of the bag of chocolate chips and relpace sugar with splenda and it comes out just fine. I have used splenda to replace the sugar in a pie and it comes out just fine. I bake with splenda all the time instead of sugar.......with no problems.

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12/7/12 5:11 P

The main message here is that you cannot just replace the sugar in a regular recipe with Splenda. Cookies are tricky, because sugar does more than just sweeten them; it controls how they brown, crispy versus chewy texture, and all sorts of other things. The Splenda site will give you tips on changing the amount of protein and other sources of moisture, etc. (For example, they have you add powdered milk to some recipes to make them brown.) If you try to take an old favorite family recipe and convert it yourself, it will take a lot of experimenting to make it work.

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12/7/12 5:04 P

I second what Becky says! You still will have carbs and sometimes almost as much as cookies with sugar. It depends on the recipe. I have found you can usually just reduce the amount of sugar in it and not hurt the taste. Use the recipe calculator on Spark Recipes to figure out what you have in them.

12/7/12 4:50 P

Usually the splenda blend for baking works well.
Like I said---you will still have carbs, yet fewer.

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12/7/12 4:19 P

I would just do a search on diabetic cookie recipes not just ones that use splenda. Personally I wouldn't touch splenda with a 10 foot pole. I know my raw food chef had a few really good recipes since she had several clients who were diabetic and couldn't even do honey. She was able to use coconut nectar and that did not spike their sugar.

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12/7/12 4:02 P

It depends on the cookie to be honest. Flour-less peanut butter ones work well and there are some "sugar" cookies using sugar-free jello that are not bad. But most of the traditional cookies I have made replacing 100% of the sugar with Splenda do not turn out as well. Do a search for Splenda recipes or Marlene Koch. She does many of the cookbooks for them.

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12/7/12 3:51 P

I think you're better off finding a diabetic recipe or a recipe that someone else has already tried with Splenda. Splenda might not make the best cookie dough. In other words, using Splenda instead of sugar could make your cookies fall apart.

12/7/12 3:48 P

To get the best results---do a search of the "splenda" site and find a cookie recipe to your liking. This will assure a good quality product.

Also note the nutrition information of the cookie. It will not be calorie-free or carbohydrate-free; even when using splenda. Write down the calories and carbs and the portion size for the cookies. Then the family members can determine how many cookies to have and still be within their diabetes carbohydrate counting plan based on their other food selections as well.

SP Dietitian Becky

12/7/12 3:13 P

My boyfriend and most of his family is diabetic. I'm wondering, can I bake my normal cookie recipes and just replace the sugar with Splenda or something like it? Or won't it turn out okay? I really need some advice!!!

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