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5/17/13 10:03 P

Diabetes is tough, but you can influence some things.

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5/17/13 9:50 P

My heart goes out to you regarding EVERYTHING!! I totally understand, but know that you are NOT alone! You need to see an Endocronogist....I promise you that he will put you & your health issues on the right path. Perhaps when some of these issues are addressed, the depression will take care of itself, or at the very least, provide you with a better prospective in the end! Blessings!!

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5/17/13 9:30 P

At the medical clinic you go to, ask about the support groups for diabetics, depressed people, etc., even up here in the boonies on the mountains, we have them, they are free, and you can meet some nice people to talk with, person to person. Your doctor must be an idiot, the first thing they should do is refer you to a dietitian, who will give you booklets with lists, etc. menu plans, and so forth. You can go on for info, also. Or the library. Diabetic Living magazine has a web site loaded with food info, little meals to fix that don't take alot of time. My husband is diabetic, so I cook, cut up alot of veggies, but never celery, we hate celery, therefore, we don't eat it. Who told you to eat it? Do you have a church you go to, surely there are lots of diabetics there to talk with, diabetics are everywhere, we meet them even in restaurants. There are message boards all over the place with diabetics to talk with.
Look around the internet, the boards are free. No one yells at you for eating what you do, either.

5/17/13 7:23 P

It can feel overwhelming and isolating. The spark teams about depression and diabetes are a great place to find help and support.

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5/17/13 7:12 P

I want you to take a deep breathe and know that there are those of us who care what happens to you. I will be praying for you!!!!

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5/17/13 5:10 P

Please don't feel you are alone in this! Although it is overwhelming right now, with a few small steps you will be in much more control.... Before you can deal with the other problems (and it does sound like you are getting more than your share of late!!) you will have to take care of yourself.

First of all---you need some professional help with the Diabetes!! You didn't indicate if your doctor has put you on meds for the diabetes... or asked you to monitor your glucose throughout the day...??...that will certainly make a difference in what you need to do. If he/she has done that, have they already set up an appointment with a Diabetes Educator or Dietician? If not...I'd suggest you call the Doc's office and ASK FOR A REFERRAL!! Your stress will be so much less. You deserve the help!!

You can immediately start making some simple changes in how you eat though, which should help you feel better also. "Diabetes" is essentially about not being able to process foods which give us a lot of Carbohydrates. (Think: sugary things, breads, cereals, pastas, potatoes, starchy veggies, and some fruits....) You will still eat those, but in SMALL amounts. So think about eating less of those...replacing them with fresh veggies like salads, green beans, zuchinni, cabbage, etc. It is really a lot more than Celery!! emoticon Foods which have more proteins won't affect your blood sugar too much, so enjoy Tuna, fish, Cottage Cheese, chicken, beef, pork, eggs, etc Remember the "plate diagram" where one half is veggies, 1/4 is "meat" and no more than 1/4 is starchy....and you will be well on your way. As for drinks: just stay away from juices and sugared sodas for now. Water (tea, coffee,etc) is your friend, milk is OK in moderation.

The dietician will teach you the finer points, so I hope you get there soon!
Above all, don't give up!

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5/17/13 4:16 P

Thank you for your reply Sheryl, but I am so badly depressed and down in the dumps i don't feel anything but grief at the moment. When you are dangling off a cliff, with no one coming to the rescue, or so it seems, you tend to negate everything except for the simple things.

What I really need is a list of foods and drinks that I can use immediately, without thinking about it too much and without cooking all day.. My brain is mush.

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5/17/13 3:54 P

whenever we get bad news it is always a shock to our psyche...but...
so many people have diabetes these days and there is so much more out there to help diabetics that you should are not alone.

Best idea is to join a diabetes group here at spark where you can get more info and ideas to help you along and get great support

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5/17/13 3:51 P

To OP, sorry you are feeling down and depressed and hope you feel better soon. It is good that you vented and got some of those feelings out. Hugs, be well.

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5/17/13 3:50 P

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5/17/13 3:47 P

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5/17/13 3:46 P

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5/17/13 3:09 P

I don't know where to write on these message boards so here I am,
63, lots of health problems, practically again a Parent to 4, financial problems, I quite smoling 6 months ago, which noone cares about except to be able to harrass me about it. all my docs seem to think all of my problems, even a runny nose are due to being "OBESE", not overweight, but "OBESE". Can't stand that word any more.Just received word that my colesterol is great, liver, kidneys, heart are all fine, but that I NOW have DIABETES. Probably type two but who knows. I am upset, and much more depressed then I have ever been. In a foul mood, nobody to talk to except my hubby who seems oblivious. Have made an appt for the doc, but really I don't care anymore. I feel like the only thing I can eat or drink is water and celery. Can't be cooking at nauseum because I have no energy or time for that given this new family status. Get hit left and right with stress which is never ending. Car maintenance to the tune of thousands, house projects that I can't get to, vet bills, house falling apart, Don't trust doctors anymore, because they all act like their are concerned what they are going to be paid instead of their patients health. I feel absolutely spent and wouldn't even care if I got hit by a bus.

I have tried to find meal plans, recipes (which by the way take a lot of energy to produce) and all I can come up with is use more brain matter to fix your problem. I don't expect to be catered to, but good grief can't ANYONE tell me or assure me that Somebody cares?

I am at an all time low, with no expectations and no hope of help, but what i can try an muster on my own. I only wrote here because I can . Had to vent to someone. Celery and water here I come the rest, who cares any more. emoticon

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