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5/26/11 8:48 P

I agree with everybody on the HUGE IMPORTANCE of talking to a registered dietician. If none of the other suggestions work for you (payment plan, sliding scale, etc.), you might contact your local free health clinic or some of the local hospitals. I've seen free programs offered before.

Good luck!!

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5/26/11 8:13 P

Finding a way to see a registered dietitian could be one of the best investments you'll ever make. Some of them are certified diabetes educators as well. I have Type 2 diabetes so that was important to me as well.

The one I've seen understands that there are some things that people just aren't willing to avoid or include in their diets, and she's excellent about giving you other ideas to get your nutrition needs met. She also answered many questions I had about why certain nutrients worked in certain ways and the best way to get the most out of what I eat.

I know all about money situations - we hardly make it from paycheck to paycheck around here. But if a dietitian would take payments, or you could choose seeing a dietitian over purchasing video games or new clothes (if you even have that option), or even taking a short-term loan from a family member who wants to see you get healthier, it would be SO worth it!

5/26/11 1:30 P

Your post raises many red flags, because you mention many other diets which indicates you have MANY medical health complications. Your statement about the banana and the low protein diet is an indicator that you may also have some medical concerns with your kidneys as well???

It is not medically safe or approrpriate for this site, our experts or members to give you medication nutrition therapy. I know that money is tight, but you need to see a Registered Dietitian who can sort this all out based on your medical conditions, blood work, lab values, medications, etc. Most dietitian will work out a payment plan to meet your current financial status. Many hospitals offer diabetes classes that are reasonably priced. Call your doctor or local hospital and find out what is available in your area.

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5/26/11 12:34 P

Morning All,

I was recently diagnosed with type 2 diabetes (my doctors are saying it's medication induced due to the steroid I'm on, but I'm not planning on it going away) and I am unsure HOW to go about changing my diet.

I've gotten plenty of paper work from the doctors showing various "diets" Low sodium, Low Protein, Low Cholesterol etc. I've read through it all and they just seem to contradict each other at points. One says "You can have a small bananna" the other says "No" I'm just unsure how to mess them or if it's even possible.

Anyone with type 2 that can offer suggestions or insight PLEASE DO!!! I know an RD would probably be the best bet for figuring this out, but I have no money to spare for it at the moment.

Any suggestions you can give would be greatly appreciated!!


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