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5/23/13 1:41 P

Yes, that is what I was doing at the Naturopath yesterday :) Hopefully something will come back to explain the problem

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5/23/13 1:09 P

have you ever had a blood test for food allergies? just curious. I wish you well

5/23/13 12:52 P

Thanks for your kind messages. I guess I just wanted to put it out there, I'm alone at the moment so have no one to talk to about it. I want to move home, I can't wait to marry my best friend but the stress of it is perhaps bigger than what I'm admitting or recognizing. I tried to see someone but the wait time is over 4 weeks unless it's an emergency. I'm leaving in 8 weeks so will just wait until I get home and try to manage it myself.

In the meantime I will keep tracking & increase my yoga (and decrease my cardio perhaps) hopefully my weight will stop going up :)

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5/23/13 12:42 P

The previous poster has given you some great advice. I just wanted to add that it might help to talk to a professional one-on-one about the feelings you're having. Lots of times they can help you work through these emotions so that you can learn to deal with them in a healthy way.

Hope that helps,

Coach Jen

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5/23/13 12:42 P

I can sense your panic & stress. I agree with the other reply from GEVANS7 - baby steps! Something is ALWAYS better than nothing - ALWAYS! Making a list will often ease your panic and help you see what is "necessary" as opposed to what you "want".

I wish I could jump through cyberspace to make it all better! Hugs! And hang in there - everything will be ok! emoticon

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5/23/13 12:33 P

I can tell that you are in quite a bit of PAIN. Emotional pain. You have so much going on and face uncertainties in your future. The stress is killing you right now. Try to find an emotional balance. Trust me, I know it is not easy but the answer is in small steps.

Try to sort out your emotions and make a list of what you HAVE to do and what you WANT to do. Then take one item from the list that you want and need to work on. Break everything down by what is most important to you right now. Only work on one thing at a time.

Look at all the positives in your life. You are engaged and have a whole new life opening up before you. Do not look at the long range right now. Things have a way of falling into place despite ourselves. Taking on another person, loving another person - put your focus there and worry less about yourself.

5/23/13 10:21 A

I’m not sure how to start this post except to say that I am getting desperate.

Yesterday I went to my Naturopath and found out what I already knew, that I had gained 8kgs in less than 5 months.

I’m hoping for some help or even just someone who has been through this. A little back-story might help. I lived in hospital from the age of 10 – 17 years old. I would spend a month in hospital and 2 months out. Over and over again. It was because I had cyclical vomiting, my body wouldn’t stop throwing up everything I ate and drank, then when there was nothing left I would just dry heave for hours. In hospital they would hook me up to a drip & pethadine and leave me until I got better. They tried for years to figure out what was wrong (physically then mentally) but never figured it out. It finally stopped when I grew out of puberty.

Anyway, I digress.

Since then I have had massive weight gains and losses. I decided to stop this a quite few years ago and have learned everything I can about food and keeping my body healthy with exercise. I lost 15kgs over 4 years, as I am a very slow loser. I now weigh 76kgs (up from the 69kgs I battled to get to only 5 months ago) eat between 1200 – 1600 calories per day and work out 4 times per week. I include yoga as I am highly strung and know for a fact that stress causes weight gain in me. I don't own a car so I walk everywhere.

I could feel myself gaining weight so have been eating very balanced meals, clean foods (seafood, salads, limit alcohol, no processed foods, not too many white carbs etc) and working out almost every day. To find out I have gained 8kgs while doing this takes me to the lowest despair. I don’t know what else to do, I don’t know if there is anything I can do anymore?

There are things in my life that I feel may be affecting me, besides the fact that I’m beginning to base my happiness on my weight. I think about it 24 hours per day 7 days per week. I wake up at night and worry about it ☹

• I’m getting married in March next year, I want to be the best I can be but that isn’t happening.
• We are moving home from Canada to Australia in 2 months after 5 years of living here.
• I have to find a new job, apartment, car, friends etc
• My fiancées brother cancer has returned, I worry about him, my fiancé & their family.

I supposed I just wanted to write this down, I know no one else has the exact issues but perhaps someone can relate? Has suggestions?

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