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1/3/12 12:03 P

I added some quick workout to keep my brain going and to keep from sitting all day. I do pushups against my desk/wall, one-leg squats, calf raises and knee-raises on the chair (turn your chair sideways so you can do it while still reading on your computer). Just look at some of the strength training workout and see what you can do in front of your desk. My total for the office workout is maybe 10 minutes a day, but you could easily do more reps. I work in an office building, and don't want everyone to look at me like I'm crazy when they walk by! Hope this helps.
Aside from the metabolism boost, you're supposed to get up ever hour to stretch and move your legs anyway.

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1/3/12 10:18 A

I'll give my chair a measure and then do some online research.

Do understand, I never said that I was replacing regular exercise for any other form of exercise. I walk or bike several miles a day (it is how I get around town); I work two days a week on my feet at a museum; I go to the gym; etc. I was just looking to add movement while I am just sitting around.

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1/3/12 7:46 A

Set your chair at the correct height, measure it, and get a ball of that diameter (you will need to add a little, because balls squash down while chairs don't).

Although I gotta say, I think dinky little stuff like pedalling, or even a stability ball, is no substitute for more focussed exercise. You don't have to work out for long periods of time, just be focussed about it.


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1/3/12 6:13 A

mplane: somehow I think jumping rope and typing at the same time might not work!

The ball is an idea. I tried one as a desk chair a few years ago with little success. I think it may have been too small, but it was def not the proper height for typing. any ideas on how to tell if the ball is big enough?

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1/3/12 2:05 A

I do jump rope when I am in the office, for 7-10 minutes. It not only increases the speed of my metabolism, but refreshes my mind so that I can continue working with more attention. Unless you replace your chair with a stationary bike, it is difficult to exercise while seated in your desk.

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1/3/12 12:24 A

One possiibility might be to suit on a stability ball instead of a chair. Your body has to make all kinds of micro adjustments to stay balanced, and this really engages you core.


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1/2/12 5:19 P

I am looking for desk exercise ideas: not just the "take a break from work sort" (not an issue, i work at home, I could go on a jog on a break), but actual exercise while I am typing at the computer. It doesn't have to be much...anything is something, right?

I see a number of under-the-desk pedelers on Amazon. The reviews are mixed. Most people say they offer little resistance etc. Anyone have experience with these or any other "exercise while working" things?

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