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12/11/12 9:49 A

For days when you don't feel like cooking;

a can of soup
a meal you have frozen or a healthy frozen meal you have bought
a sandwich ; tomato, cucumber, cheese, lettuce, mustard
veggies and dip
if convenient, grocery store cooked chicken and a salad from the deli.
I have a restaurant that makes a great mexican soup and another that makes a great Thai Pho soup. Make a list of healthy foods you can get at your nearby restaurants.

For days when you do feel like cooking, make a little extra to create frozen meals.

When grocery shopping, check out the deli, the frozen sections, and the produce section.
There are plenty of healthy options that do not require cooking.

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12/11/12 8:47 A

I agree with the slow cooker. Check a cookbook out from the library, or do a seach online and find a few recipes you'd like to try. These recipes generally make a lot of food, so you'll only have to "cook" once every few days.

Also some quick healthy staples to have around...wheat pasta, precooked frozen chicken breast (trader joe's has them already seasoned and everything!), frozen veggies, eggs, instant brown rice, etc. Throw any number of these together and you have several different easy options...soups, stir frys, fried rice...

Good luck!

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12/11/12 8:25 A

I was just like you when I started my Spark's journey back in Aug. I commited to learning a new recipe 1x a week and now I make everything from scratch. Cooking doesn't have to be complicated either, you can choose simple, quick, easy recipes and make a big batch so you have meals for the next 2-3 days. I usually only have to prep 1-2 meals a day because I constantly have leftovers. You can also freeze meals for later.

Start out using some of Spark's recipes. You can narrow your search down on prep/cook time. I love cooking now. I even held Thanksgiving dinner at my house for the first time this year.

12/11/12 1:32 A

Slow cooker! Lots of easy recipes you just chop ingredients and toss in set the dial and leave it for a few hours to do all the work. Its a great time of year for too. Leftovers can be frozen.

Other easy starts: Microwave (if you use one) for quick sweet potatoes and even steamed veggies, rice cooker for brown rice

PS Salads can be super healthy and no cooking involved you can add any veggies and even fruit to mix it up.

12/10/12 7:24 P

There are cookbooks and recipe sites on this topic.
Do a search and use words such as:
big batch cooking
bulk cooking
batch cooking
freeze and eat meals

Dietitian Becky

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12/10/12 6:53 P

Welcome to SP and a new, healthy lifestyle.

In answer, you can buy prepared fresh veggies and fruit chunks in the produce, deli sections. Shop the perimeter of the grocery store...fresh foods, meats and dairy. Avoid the prepackaged foods as much as you can. If you do buy prepared foods, read the nutritional info and watch out for that sodium content. 2500 mg per day is OK but it adds up quickly.

It would be helpful if you cooked a little, I admit. So perhaps you can start with some simple recipes.

Good luck to you.


12/10/12 6:50 P

Perhaps just pick one day, such as Sunday, to prepare your meals a head of time and freeze them?

12/10/12 6:41 P

Hello everyone:

I am starting this message board in hopes that there are others who share the same demise as I do.

I have the desire to eat well and maintain a healthy life style but I do not have the drive or the talent to cook every single day. It just isnt something I like to do (nor am I even remotely good at it) I am in search of some feedback in regards to meal plans that require prep once or twice (maximum: 3x) a week that can help me meet my nutrition goals.

Anything would be helpful. It is often this issue that gets me off track and it is discouraging.

Thank you in advance to those who reply :)

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