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3/3/14 4:13 P

I'm also having a diffucult "food day" today. It has been exactly one year ago today my mom passed away. Yesterday I ate to many treats-ok I binged, and still dealing with today forcing myself to stay away from all snacks foods. So I tell myself tomorrow will be better and a new start.

3/3/14 3:14 P

I second the idea of reading the books of Geneen Roth. Floridata, you might benefit from reading "Feeding The Hungry Heart." It's all about eating related to stress and emotional upheaval. The writing is kind, supportive, and also funny. It's a great way to distract yourself during the times when you're tempted to reach for the junk food and it will help break that habit of substituting food for emotional support.

I also second the idea of exercise. It's hard to get started when you're not in the mood, but after you've been walking for 5 minutes or riding your bike or whatever, you will find your head clears a little. You need those natural mood-elevating hormones now more than ever.

INARI_FOX Posts: 723
3/3/14 12:54 P

I have to wake up every morning and treat it as if it is Day One. If I overdid it yesterday I have to put it out of my head. Mindful eating practices and books by Geneen Roth helped me to control my food binges.

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3/2/14 5:41 P

Really surprised at how hard it has been to get back on the wagon after my binge. I am still craving sweets and chips. Visions of junk food keep creeping into my thoughts. I know that as long as I am vigilant I can resist but as soon as I slip up it takes a long time for me to stop craving junk. I am still tracking daily, my commitment to exercise slipped a bit but I am determined to get back on the horse, so to speak. The more stress and emotional upheaval in my life the more likely I am to give in to the cravings. Sure hope that I can finally find strategies to fight this battle of emotional eating, reading the stories and comments on Spark with people fighting the same fight helps me feel less alone in this. Not sure where I would be without the tracking that helps keep me accountable. Usually I would give up believing I was a failure but I am trying to look at each day as a new day to be successful.

EELPIE Posts: 2,700
2/28/14 6:50 P

Now see, that's the FLORADITA of old!!!!

You can do this!!! One bump in the road is all - and next time you will know what comes from putting the chips and cookies into the cart ;)

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2/28/14 6:47 P

Thank you Eelpie and Neptune for the support and vote of confidence. I was doing so well, feeling so proud and then...bang! So shocked to watch myself go off the rails and dip into the chips and cookies. It has been a challenging few days and the weekend looks to be even more challenging...but I am putting on my runners as I type this and heading to the gym. Getting some exercise will help with the stress....can't let this send me into a downward spiral.

I do keep the junk out of the house because I will eat it if it is within range. What is so interesting is that I knew that putting the chips and cookies in my shopping cart was a bad move but I could not seem to stop myself. Thankfully they are now gone so hopefully I can start fresh with a clean slate. I think I will step away from the scale for a few is too painful to watch the numbers go up and not down.

As for depression, I do find winter makes it harder for me to stay upbeat and I have to fight some days to keep from letting myself get too blue. Exercise seems to be my natural anti-depressant but these few days have been so challenging, I went sliding back to my more self-destructive ways. Truth be told, the chips and cookies weren't even that satisfying and put me in a worse mood afterwards.

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EELPIE Posts: 2,700
2/28/14 6:31 P

Hi - I recognize your name from past posts - you are normally pretty confident and upbeat.

Are you normally depressed, or are you just overwhelmed lately due to stress?

Is junk food in your house? If know what to do about it.

Don't let your life stress make you turn to junk food (binges), take control. You don't feel better eating it, and you certainly don't like the results! Your diet is, really, the one thing you can control...the one thing you can make constant.

2 things to think about:

* Start writing down your feelings, your stresses, your fears, your anger. It can help get things off your chest, and put things in perspective. It can help you vent. Do it on paper, a word document, or on your spark page (blog, set it to private).

* Go for a walk. 15 minutes. Just to get out, burn off a little stress, and clear your head. Make this your goal for the next few days - nothing more if you don't have time - just one brisk 15 minute walk (everyone has 15 minutes).

You so do not want to gain the weight back. You are stronger than this!!!!!

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2/28/14 6:22 P

First of all- don't panic. Chips and store bought cookies both have a lot of salt so you're probably retaining water. If you stay away from salt tomorrow and drink plenty of water your weight should come back down. It helps to avoid temptation if you don't keep "trigger" foods in your house. Usually I can outlast the desire for junky foods if I have to drive to the store to get them. As for the emotional eating, remind yourself that eating junk will only end in you feeling worse- emotionally and physically. Then find a substitute activity to do when you feel like binging. Call a friend, listen to peppy music, do a hobby you really enjoy. Or exercise- it's a natural mood lifter.

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2/28/14 6:10 P

I am feeling quite demoralized today, been having small binges with chips and cookies the last few days and stepped on the scale and I am now up 4 pounds! Work and life situations have been very stressful and I fear depression is creeping up on me. I seem to have no resiliency these days, every little thing knocks me for a loop. This is making staying on track just that much harder, the emotional eating has gone way up. Not full out binging but I had made such progress losing 12 pounds only to have gained back 4 pounds in a few short days.
It takes considerable effort to eat well, exercise and track my progress and so when things start to hit the fan at home or at work, my resolve goes out the door. I wish I had more strength to weather these ups and downs but it doesn't seem to be the case. What are good strategies for handling the emotional eating and weathering the rough seas of life? How do you stay on track when you feel like throwing in the towel?

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