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DUBLINROSE Posts: 2,757
11/6/12 3:47 A

I'm a fellow depression sufferer too, I'm like you, I feel down so I binge to make myself feel better but it only makes me feel would think I'd have learned that my now lol

Stay strong and post if you feel like turning to food, you are not alone x

JIBBIE49 Posts: 73,587
11/4/12 11:42 P

My son after having Testicular Cancer went to the local Mental Health Clinic and received counseling and medication for depression. Check your local county MHC and find out what they can do for you. The cost is on a scale of what you can pay.
Getting a job is a lot of competition, so looking your best and being at your goal weight is important, so work to get there. Most people complain that they can't exercise or get anything done on a diet when they are working full time, so do make use of this time off from work. Good luck on the Job interview. My fourth son got a job at McDonald's and the lady told him she had 700 applications on file. He'd worked before at Burger King, so that is why she hired him. emoticon

ENCINOJIM SparkPoints: (2,924)
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11/4/12 2:30 P


It sounds like you understand the problem, and I've also had probelms with over-eating when I've got too much time on my hands. What I find helps me is that when I get stressed, or bored, or any other situation where I would tend to overeat... I now go out for a 20 minute walk and listen to Jimmy Buffet music [obviously feel free to replace Jimmy Buffet with whatever relaxing music you would like to listen to]. It's relaxing and it's easy to do.

Good luck tomorrow! Remember to do your research on the company (i.e. read the financials, think of some good questions to ask the people you are meeting with, read the recent news about the company, etc.). Be confident and sell yourself! emoticon

11/4/12 2:25 P

Hang in there, Ruth. Even though you are feeling down, you listed several positive choices (ie: walking and keeping your hands busy with your crochet). These are great choices to get your mind off of food and lift your spirits. I crochet, too, and love making small projects etc.

11/4/12 1:51 P

I am having a very hard time right now because of the economy and all. I have now been out of work for 15 months and am finding myself turning again to food for a stress re-leaver. I know, it's not the right answer. I should be taking a short walk when I get depressed instead. Or even work on my crocheting or something to keep my hands busy so it isn't putting food in my mouth and inches on my waist!
I am going to go check out a great lead on a Customer Service job for tomorrow, and hoping I get a job with them so I can get out of this depression mode! emoticon

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