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TINKFIT Posts: 41
8/16/12 8:06 A

Thank you all for your support.... I have been a good girl since then and Hubby and I decided that the rest of the cake top will stay in the freezer until I reach a milestone ( like 10lbs down or something like that) and then we will celebrate with a small piece :) Great news is when I weighed in today I was down to 157.3 lbs :) YEAH!!

MAMA_CD Posts: 1,507
8/15/12 7:16 P

You celebrated with your husband, embrace that, no harm done, now its off to exercise and back on track. Be blessed in your day!

KELLER0203 SparkPoints: (0)
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8/15/12 6:41 P

Tink - We all need something on those days where we are not happy and a little depressed to get us feeling better, and really what a better way than to enjoy your wonderful wedding day. And to think about all of the fun that you had. Yes, you had some cake at 10pm at night. Here is the good thing. You didn't eat it all.. you had a few bits. Not the WHOLE thing. I am sure that you did not gain 15 lbs, and what a better way to work them off then to go to class and exercise. And from what I have read and understand from my lessons in life is that it is better to give into a craving a little bit instead of try and hold it off and do more damage later, from eating way more than you should have.

It isn't as bad as you brain is telling you it is. No one is perfect and there is no way that we are going to be prefect all the time. But it is how we deal with these mistakes that is the important part, you had an oops moment. Time to get dressed go to class and work off that oops moment. Each day is new with no mistakes in it.. yet.. and you have to remember that.

I am here for you girl and I know that you got this one in the bag!!!!!

CLARK971 SparkPoints: (29,686)
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8/14/12 9:39 A

you are being way to hard on yourself. you had a few bites of cake. no big deal. at least for me, i am not planning on going the rest of my life without cake. you had 5 or 6 bites? you could have had 50 bites and washed it down with a milkshake. you caved one time in 3 weeks? think of the positive-all the days you didn't cave.

: )

KYRSTINRO Posts: 945
8/14/12 8:51 A

Tink, don't feel depressed, what's done is done.

So what you had a bit of cake? At least you enjoyed it, right?

try not to think of it as "caving" b/c it means you don't exactly see SP as a way of eating healthy but a diet. and diets always fail.

i went over my calories on Sun...i just felt hungry all day and ended up around 1800 cal. So? what was done, was done. Yesterday I was in my range and i'll be today, too

SP_COACH_NANCY SparkPoints: (0)
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8/14/12 8:37 A

Hi Tink,

What is done, is done, but reading your message it sounds like trigger foods in the house, then add the stress leads to eating which is followed by guilt. One thing I learned early on in my own journey is that guilt and shame do nothing to change our ways except make us feel bad about what we do. BUT, what you can do is use this as a learning experience and then develop a plan the next time. So maybe instead of heading to the freezer for cake, you and your new hubby go for a nice walk or maybe talk about your day.

Remember too, that none of us gained the weight from an isolated case like this, but by eating that way day in and day out. Every minute of every day allows us the opportunity to make a healthy choice regardless of the choices we made just a few minutes earlier.

Hang in there. Go to your body pump class and have fun!

Coach Nancy

TINKFIT Posts: 41
8/14/12 8:04 A

So my husband and I decided not to wait until our 6 month or 1 yr anniversery to eat the top layer of our cake and we broke it out on our 1 month anniversery.. well we didnt eat the whole thing then and instead put it back in the freezer.... I had a rough day yesterday so my husband brought it out to share a little bit of it. I only had 5 or 6 bites but this was at 10pm then we went to bed... Now thismorning I am feeling depressed cus I ate all of those calories (& carbs) right before bed and I feel like I gained 15lbs. Need some encouragement.... I don't want to skip my body pump class today but i'm kinda embarrassed for caving in last night for the first time in 3 weeks :(

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