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MLAN613 Posts: 18,821
8/12/12 8:40 P

It's actually my goal to participate in one. My husband owns a car lot and I think it would be great advertising.

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8/12/12 5:32 P

Its been years, we only went once but had a good time & enjoy it.

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8/12/12 1:56 P

Havent been tp one for many years but I really do enjoy them. I actually drove in a few when I was in HS till my mom found out. that was the end of that.

MLAN613 Posts: 18,821
8/12/12 1:50 P

Have you ever been to one? What do you think?

My husband and I went to the demolition derby last night at the Carver County Fair. It's our 3rd time attending together. I guess you could call it a tradition. I'd never been to one before but it's a lot of fun, albeit it a tad noisy. It's fun to see the people compete and smash each other's vehicles up.

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