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NANCYPAT1 Posts: 60,083
11/11/12 7:14 P

This is a great question for me today. Happy means that feeling of "wholeness", completeness, serenity and/or balance that comes not from external THINGS but from inside when I feel God's love and the centeredness of simply going with the flow of life.

N16351D Posts: 2,349
11/11/12 4:10 P

Happiness comes from happenings. But joy and peace come from an inner place of rest when our finances, relationships, employment, and physical health are all satisfactory and on an even keel.

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11/10/12 5:17 P

A feeling of balance and calmness. Being able to enjoy what I love, but also loving what I see in the mirror.

KIPPER15 Posts: 10,554
11/10/12 9:12 A

a feeling of well being and positivity

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11/10/12 12:32 A


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11/9/12 10:16 P


STRANGER70127 Posts: 408
11/9/12 4:14 P

The good feeling you get when everything is right. The joy of the Lord is even greater than happiness because the joy of the Lord can give you a joy that you can have whether everything is right or not. It's the joy that can get you through difficult times and let you overcome them.

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11/9/12 8:16 A


Your definition reminds me of James Hiltons "Lost Horizons" and the idea of Shangri-La..I like it!

This thread inspired me to post a blog on 15 things to release to be happy. You may find it interesting emoticon

11/9/12 7:23 A

Being happy?

Balance...Neither too much nor too little of healthy and unhealthy food, neither too much nor too little exercise, neither too much nor too little giving to others, neither too much nor too little accepting from others.

Balance in all things brings me happiness.

IAMJOYFUL2 Posts: 4,040
11/8/12 7:42 P

Thank you for your responses.
I guess you can say it is our natural state -- one of peace and love.
We slip out of it so easily when we engage in negative thinking.

It is so easy to believe that something is needed in order to be happy.

One of my goals is to be happy each day regardless of what is happening to me and around me. First I have to define what being happy means to me and then I can figure how to achieve that goal.

11/8/12 5:07 P


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11/8/12 3:11 P

Being happy for me includes having deep appreciation for all the abundance in my life, Connecting with the place inside that is peaceful, loving and feeling loved, making someone else happy. emoticon

What does it mean to you IAMJOYFUL2?

IAMJOYFUL2 Posts: 4,040
11/8/12 2:23 P

What does the term "being happy" mean to you?

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