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10/1/13 4:16 A

Happiness is like a rainbow, very elusive. It disappears when you think you are close to it. Mostly it happens when you're not thinking about it, when you're doing something for someone else, or after a job well done.

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10/1/13 1:27 A

I think you have to have been loved, or have self love to be happy.
I don't see happiness as a goal, I think it's a state of mind.
There is a difference with saying you want to find happiness,
as opposed to saying I am happy, but want to share it with someone.

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9/30/13 9:37 P

Walking with God

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9/30/13 9:34 P

Happiness is being at peace with who you are and knowing that the Holy Spirit is within us and acknowledging that Jesus Christ is our Savior!!!

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9/30/13 7:43 P

In agreement with everything that is in my life today and being fully present for the whole package without the need to judge or complain. In other words, Santosha, which means, 'contentment'.

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9/30/13 7:20 P


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9/30/13 7:11 P

for me the difference is
Peace is having your needs met and accepting yourself and the world.
Happiness is having your wants, hopes, and/or desires answered.
Sometimes just knowing that I'm close to fulfilling a dream is enough to make me happy

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9/30/13 5:33 P

People don't realize how lucky they are to have healthy bodies and live without pain. If I could live a life with no pain I'd be so happy I'd be dancing on roof tops!
I live with pain daily so to me happiness would just be being healthy, because when I got sick that's when all the happiness was sucked out of my life.
Not being able to work, going into debt because of it and just the daily living with pain. Everything can change when you get sick in the drop of a hat, so people that are happy and healthy should appreciate it...
I use to be a very happy person loved the job I did, loved joking around, not in debt but it all changed with the bite of a tick...

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9/30/13 5:11 P

Something has to happen to be able to be happy?

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9/30/13 5:08 P

I think you can be at peace AND be happy but they are not one of the same. In my opinion being at peace is being content w/ whatever your state is. Happy is a couple of steps above that. emoticon

IAMJOYFUL2 Posts: 4,042
9/30/13 4:58 P

What is your definition of happiness?
Is there a difference between being at peace and being happy?

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