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8/27/13 12:52 P

"The inability to exercise any form of self control when eating.....just keep going like the Energizer Bunny until you cannot eat anymore."

That about sums it up for me.

FAITHP44 Posts: 8,829
8/27/13 8:07 A

I agree, you didn't binge last night. Maybe if you hadn't eaten all the ice cream you could have enjoyed some more today, but that's a different story.

To me bingeing is eating way too much of all the wrong stuff in an uncontrolled way, when there's no social reason to do so. For instance, last month it was my sister's 60th birthday and there was a family barbecue/party to celebrate. Actually there was lots of healthy food as well as the rest. I ate loads, mostly healthily, definitely didn't track my food that day and thoroughly enjoyed it. Next day I was back to normal apart from another piece of birthday cake. I don't consider that a binge.

Now, had I gone back next day and finished all the crisps, dips, hotdogs, cake etc when nobody was looking - that would have been a binge because that would have been mindless, uncontrolled eating for no other reason than that it's there.

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8/27/13 7:35 A

The inability to exercise any form of self control when eating.....just keep going like the Energizer Bunny until you cannot eat anymore.

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8/25/13 11:27 A

From the OP: it would be that unplanned, out-of-control eating.

TRYINGHARD54 Posts: 5,292
8/24/13 9:08 A

not stopping. :-(

SUZIEQUE77 SparkPoints: (9,271)
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8/24/13 9:03 A

For me, binges were purposeful overeating huge amounts of food.
While a 350 calorie cookie is a bad choice, and over time will lead one to be overweight if not countered with days where fewer calories are taken in than burned, I do not consider that anything close to a binge. I could eat one full extra meal in a day and would not consider that a binge. To me, a binge might be about a quart of ice cream, 20 cookies, a danish, two slices of toast, three bowls of cereal with milk, and a box of prepared Kraft Macaroni and Cheese.
Been there. Done that. Never again.

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8/24/13 7:34 A

Online Now  • ))
I say you did not binge eat last night. Bingeing is not simply overeating. As others have stated, the correct definition is eating completely uncrontrollably, out of the blue, for no reason, (unless maybe you have been calorie deficient) and without reason. "everything you can get your hands on." - for about a solid hour.

JENNILACEY SparkPoints: (81,972)
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8/24/13 7:29 A

There is overeating and then there is binging. Overeating is something *everyone* experiences from time to time, it's normal. Binge eating is psychological/biological disorder. It is an eating disorder.

Overeating is eating much higher than my projected TDEE either accidentally or consciously. Like at a birthday party, Christmas time, going for seconds when I probably shouldn't or by not knowing the amount of calories in the food I eat that day and discovering later it was much higher than I anticipated.

I've only experienced binge eating once in my life and it was recently when I reached maintenance. It was brought on suddenly which I believe was due to my hormones being unbalanced from all the weight loss. I would have a binge anywhere from 1-4x a week. I found binging felt very different than just plain overeating. Binging is when I have no control over what I'm putting in my mouth. I just keep eating even though I'm full. It's more psychological and there are many emotions involved; boredom, anxiety, anger and then it would continue as a means of punishing myself for binging in the first place. I feel a sense of loss of control, I inhale the food rapidly and can't stop until I've eaten myself sick.

Many times binging is accompanied by purging and I experienced this as well. The next morning I'd wake racked with extreme guilt/fear and purge by eating much less and doing cardio 2x a day to make up for it. All this did was make me more hungry which exasperated the issue into a vicious cycle. I had to finally force myself to step off the scale, stop tracking and just eat like a normal human being.

Luckily for me, after a few months of eating enough, the binge eating disappeared so I believe mine must have stemmed from biological factors from being on a prolonged calorie deficit/weight loss since eating more alleviated the condition. I did experience the psychological contributions behind binge eating as well.

A couple of months ago, I would have considered "overindulging" like an extra slice of cake and 2-3 cookies or just eating a ton of calories over the course of a day to be a binge like many of you. I assure you, overeating and binging are very different.

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8/24/13 7:10 A

My definition of "binge" more than 500 calories out of my range.

LKS2GAB2 SparkPoints: (37,765)
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8/24/13 6:37 A

Eating everything you can get your hands on and never feeling satisfied. In the end only feeling bad about yourself and everthing you ate.

SLIMMERKIWI SparkPoints: (256,551)
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8/24/13 3:49 A

This is a copy/paste from a SP article written by Lauri Watson, Registered Dietitian.


"What is binge eating?

Bingeing is an uncontrolled ingestion of large quantities of food within a short time period, often accompanied by feeling out of control over the eating taking place"


Below is a link to that article if you want to read it in it's entirety:


EMPRESSAMQ Posts: 5,077
8/24/13 3:37 A

I'd define it as continuing to eat when I've had a significantly large and abnormal amount of food because of an inability to get control of the desire to eat and/or my emotions. It is different than just overeating.

I don't binge anymore, haven't for a long time.

HEALTHYJ29 SparkPoints: (0)
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8/24/13 1:26 A

In my opinion the amount of food that is classified as a binge depends on the person. One persons binge may just be overeating to another. Also a binge often comes with a reason behind it mentally. Some people binge at times of stress or depression and figuring out why and ways to cope better is important.
Regardless of overeating or binging definition it is best to just move forward and try to not feel bad about yourself. Everyone overeats at times and to beat yourself up or feel guilty serves no purpose. Better to learn and move forward. Also don't restrict just get right back on track.

SUNFLOWERGAMMY SparkPoints: (27,692)
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8/24/13 12:44 A

For me the definition is when I eat to the point of being physically sick and still eat more.

XCLOSED Posts: 671
8/24/13 12:41 A

There is a difference between overeating, the dictionary definition of a binge to eat a huge amount, and when eating starts to approach a medical problem; the medical definition for binge eating when you eat more than most people would in that moment, and can't resist, feel compulsive or out of control and do it frequently.

So, if you have a plan to eat at a level so you lose weight, and then choose to eat more, you have eaten more than you planned but not more than you burned, what is really wrong with that? did you adapt or adjust in the moment. could you stop yourself and walk away or would that food in the carton have called your name for hours/days until you went and ate it, say middle of the night or next day...

or did you simply just decide to have a little extra and polish it off and now you're ready to continue on with your eat at a level so you will lose weight mealplan?

hope this helps ~ I try not to call simple overeating a binge... most people choose to overeat now and then, like a huge meal at a restaurant, an extra snack for the fun of it like stopping for a treat, or at the holiday feast or a celebration or just out with friends even... this is all part of normal eating :)

UMBILICAL Posts: 12,786
8/23/13 9:44 P

Eating too muchf

KEEP_GOING247 Posts: 2,350
8/23/13 9:29 P

To me, binge means simply overeating while not hungry.

MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 17,568
8/23/13 9:06 P

A binge is where you eat a lot of stuff out of control. And you don't even realize what you're doing until its all done.

Almost like a trance

SHERYLDS Posts: 17,503
8/23/13 9:00 P

When I try to satisfy a non-food hunger by stuffing myself and avoiding dealing with the real issue...or figuring out what's really bothering me.

When I have a craving that is caused by having eaten too much of the wrong stuff...
and I just keep going back for more.

JBALDWIN29 Posts: 5,136
8/23/13 8:02 P

Binge is to eat an excessive amount of something, just because.

8/23/13 7:13 P

I am curious what “defines” a binge for you.

I cannot decide if I “binged” last night or not. emoticon I finished up the Turkey Hill Party Cake Ice Cream. First, I measured out 65 grams (one half cup serving) and was in my calorie range for the day. Then, it tasted so good I went back for more. There was not much left in the container and that rotten little devil that sits on my shoulder whispered “Well, you might as well just finish it up and be done with it.” So I did and that added up to THREE servings, not to mention the amount of fat! My calories for the day were still low enough that I burned more than I took in, but I felt “guilty”. I need to recognize that a treat is a little bit, not a lot.

Is it one 350 cookie? Or maybe 4? A dozen? emoticon

Is it simply unplanned out of control eating until you are stuffed and feeling nauseous from too much sugar and then sleeping it off? emoticon

Is it and eating without even trying to track the calories or even caring about nutrients?

Or is it anytime you make a poor judgement call and eat something you had not “planned” for?

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