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3/8/14 3:03 A

I have donated and donated and thrown away. I am however unemployed and broke. I have started a small venture selling used items. I would like to sell some of my new or nearly new pieces online or at my spot. I believe a collective of successful Sparkers could be beneficial. We could start an online consignment shop.Clothes that are too big for you may be perfect for me. My too big is perfect for someone else.

I'm cheap and I usually buy my clothes at the end of season. Since I have been Sparking my new clothes have been too big before they come in season. I'm not complaining but I can't afford new clothes and I know somebody out there could benefit from my big things as I could benefit from the "too bigs" from someone else. I'm willing to work on this but I would be better with help.

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3/8/14 1:09 A


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3/7/14 4:07 P

Take it from experience...keep a couple of outfits & for two reasons.
1. As in incentive to keep going & 2. IF you gain back a few pounds, you don't want to start over like I did. All others....DONATE & bless someone else!!



MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 17,529
3/7/14 3:30 P

I am donating my big clothes. It is really uncomfortable when you gain weight and have nothing to wear

LOUNMOUN Posts: 1,334
3/7/14 3:26 P

"Part of me wants to throw them all away and say "never again!" the other part of me doesn't trust myself to get rid of them. In general, I shy away from getting rid of things just becuase I "might" need them again someday. "

Don't keep them. If you need bigger clothes someday you can always get bigger clothes.

If the clothes are decent enough you could try selling your clothes that don't fit and use the money to buy some new clothes. If you don't want to sell, you could donate the clothes.

Don't feel bad about buying a few new outfits. Maybe look at a thrift stores for clothes in your new size to help reduce costs.

VELAINE66 Posts: 339
3/7/14 2:21 P

Whatever you do, do not keep them. Donate good usable ones and trash the stained, worn and badly out of date. Don't even entertain the possibility of needing them yourself one day . You have worked too hard to accomplish even a small size reduction.

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3/7/14 2:12 P

Save one big one for posterity.....don't keep the bulk...don't plan on needing again.
Donate...amazing need for large sizes. Sent 3 bags recently.
Alter choice pieces if practical.
A friend made a dream quilt using pieces of her outgrown clothing. She said it reminds
Her of her success. I think about one with motivational quote squares interwoven ..I might try.

ETHELMERZ Posts: 20,296
3/7/14 12:43 P

Never say never, it really is true.......................I swore up and down at least 6 times, I'd "never" gain it back. It ain't a billion dollar business for nothing, after all...............
Just sayin'

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3/7/14 12:32 P

I have already donated them....not going back there!

ETHELMERZ Posts: 20,296
3/7/14 11:53 A

As someone who is 67 years old, you can get rid of some of the older stuff, but, box up your nicer stuff, mark sizes on the box, and store, tell yourself you will keep them for 3 years, and if you are still thin, donate know the rest of this story. Reality.......and most people can't afford to buy new clothes every couple of years, when their weight goes up and down. I usually keep 4 different sizes going, depends on the time of year and so forth. Dieter, you know yourself.

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3/7/14 11:48 A

I think donating them would be great. There are a lot of people in need of clothes in bigger sizes and a lot of people can't afford them.

I personally am keeping a few of mine for when I get pregnant, that way I don't have to buy maternity clothes for awhile.

ANARIE Posts: 13,192
3/7/14 11:41 A

There are other women who could really, really benefit from those clothes, especially if you have anything that's appropriate for office wear. There are a number of charities that focus specifically on finding clothes for women to wear in their first few weeks of a new job, to help them look professional until their second or third paycheck when they can start buying their own. Try Googling the words "charity closet" and the name of your city, or ask friends you know are active in charity work. Then those clothes will be doing good instead of just hanging in your closet, AND you'll have contacts so that if you're ever in a situation where you need clothes and can't afford them, the same group can "pay you back."

Also, remember that keeping unneeded items around actually costs you money over the long run. Those clothes will be taking up storage space that could be used for something you really need, and as a result you're either renting too much space, heating cooling too much space, or paying too much for other things because you can't buy them in bulk or off season and store them, etc. Any clothing item that you haven't worn or won't wear within a year is probably costing you more to store than it would to replace.

Those old clothes are costing you money, when they could be helping someone who desperately needs them. Give 'em up.

KKKAREN Posts: 12,754
3/7/14 10:40 A

Donate them, somehow clothes never fit or hang right when you gain or lose. I do a lot of sewing so I alter them down as I lose but refuse to open the seams when I gain.

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3/7/14 10:07 A

I think Renee is correct, but it also leaves you set up for the crutch that you have them to fall back on. It is a tough one! I have done both at some time or another in the last few years.

3/7/14 9:51 A

I gave away all my fat clothes when I was down 72 pounds on my last Spark journey. Then I had a severe mental breakdown and gained all my weight back plus another ten pounds. I had to buy all new fat clothes, which was a real bummer.

So I say this - do you think you're going to have a psychiatric breakdown like I did? Probably not. You'll be sticking to your new Spark habits. Box up the fat clothes and get them ready to go to charity. Get them out of your normal clothing space so you don't even see them. When you realize that you're truly never going to fit them again, out they go.

You could also box up by size. Once they're two sizes too big or more, they go out. I would still keep them in a different place than your regular clothes.

I want to keep one pair of fat pants to remind myself where I've come from, but also because I'd like to do one of those photos where you fit yourself in one pant leg of your fat pants! emoticon emoticon

TENNISJIM Posts: 11,750
3/7/14 6:03 A

i would keep a few (not too many) and donate the rest

3/7/14 5:49 A

you said, "In general, I shy away from getting rid of things just becuase I "might" need them again someday."

this is faulty thinking...
if youre truly in this to lose weight and establish a healthy life you will NEVER need them again
Have faith!

you said, "The clothes issue has been hard for me, financially all these smaller sized clothes has been adding up. I keep it as cheap as I can, but I feel bad for using so much of our limited budget for myself."

again, faulty thinking...
as others have already mentioned there are thrift/charity stores, clearance racks in chain stores and most importantly you dont need as many clothes as you think you do.
Numerous studies have been done that tell us we only regularly use 20% of our clothing!
Finally, no matter what you spend, YOU are worth it...never forget that! You are NOT wasting $$$

Good luck in your journey!

MISSRUTH Posts: 4,294
3/7/14 4:07 A

I yo-yo dieted for years and years, before joining Spark. And I always kept the "fat clothes", just in case. And every single time, I gained the weight back. Because eventually, I went off the diet and back to my old ways of eating.

This time, I was truly committed to a lifestyle change, not just a "diet". As I lost the weight, I altered a few things, and got rid of the rest. Right now, I own one pair of "fat pants", just to remind me of how big I was, since I don't have any photos from that time period.

As I lost the weight, I bought smaller clothes off the clearance racks or at thrift stores, to try to keep the cost down. It's amazing how few clothes we really *need*-- most of us have closets and drawers full of clothes we hardly ever wear. You don't need to buy all that much, while you're still losing weight. Get some good separates that you can mix & match, and change things up a bit with accessories such as scarves or jewelry.

FAITHP44 Posts: 8,714
3/7/14 2:41 A

I kept my 'too small' stuff and was glad I did because I tend to wear classic stuff and have spent very little on clothes in the last year or so. However, my too big stuff goes straight to the charity shop. I have a 'gift aid' already set up with Oxfam so I take it there. They take anything because they're happy to recycle anything that can't be sold. I've still got a few 'too small' clothes in the spare bedroom and hope to be wearing them this summer.

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3/7/14 2:18 A

I took my very nice, expensive clothing to a resale shop and donated the not as nice stuff to charity. There are a couple of skirts I have now that are getting too big which I might have tailored because they are relatively simple, and it would keep me in work clothing a while longer before having to buy new things again.

LADYCJM SparkPoints: (57,456)
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3/6/14 10:56 P

Get'em out of your house! Refuse to ever buy a larger size ever again.

You can't allow yourself to gain weight if it means running around naked, right?

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3/6/14 10:48 P

I had that same problem, but eventually I figured I needed to get rid of my really bigger clothes. Friends, charity and took some of them in. Good luck..

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3/6/14 10:34 P


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3/6/14 9:25 P

Some of my pants I took in and the rest I just donated.

FINDINGMYSELF61 SparkPoints: (1,916)
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3/6/14 9:19 P

Give All you to big clothes to a thrift shop or church rummage sale-Don't keep any as a reminder! That is how I once got in trouble, I gained a few lbs back, began to wear the one pair I kept. Huge Mistake! I got to comfortable and ended up going up a size! When you new smaller size becomes to big, get rid of them. If your new smaller size feels snug, get back on track!

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3/6/14 8:53 P

I would get rid of them if I were you!!!

BUNNYKICKS Posts: 2,433
3/6/14 7:47 P

You might be able to get some things altered to fit.... it's worth checking into, for pieces that you really liked.

You might want to box up a *couple* of things, just to be able to take them down again one day and remind yourself "back when this used to fit..."

I wouldn't worry about keeping it "just in case" though - I've discovered in my trip up and down the scales, that by the time you *can* wear something again, it could be well out of style. Some of the smaller stuff I'd been saving in case I *lost* weight, well.. i fit it now - and - refuse to wear half of it because it's just old and dated and I wonder what made me think it was worth saving.

If you have pieces that are in good repair, you could try sending them through a consignment shop and recover a little bit of the cost.

The rest of it - give it to a friend, donate it to charity, whatever.

SHERYLDS Posts: 17,461
3/6/14 7:29 P

emoticon emoticon big clothes

JUNKDRAWER Posts: 1,253
3/6/14 7:05 P

This is the most weight I've ever lost, and longest I've ever kept it off. My pile of too big clothes is growing, but I don't know what I should do with the clothes. Part of me wants to throw them all away and say "never again!" the other part of me doesn't trust myself to get rid of them. In general, I shy away from getting rid of things just becuase I "might" need them again someday.

Mentally, I keep thinking "this still fits" and that I should keep wearing it, but when I put on something 2-3 sizes smaller I realize how ridiculous the big stuff is making me look. Who wants to look worse as they get smaller?!

The clothes issue has been hard for me, financially all these smaller sized clothes has been adding up. I keep it as cheap as I can, but I feel bad for using so much of our limited budget for myself. Don't get me wrong, I don't want to stay fat just to keep the old fat clothes, I just struggle with all of it I guess....

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