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EMPRESSAMQ Posts: 5,077
8/27/13 5:41 P

I think we all are capable of criticizing others at times, some to more or less degree.

I personally know I receive and give criticism at varying times. I believe it is just a part of everyone's personality, a part of life.

JBALDWIN29 Posts: 5,136
8/27/13 5:36 P

Sometimes a person doesn't want to change. I hope this is not the case for your sister. My mother was very critical always putting me down instead of building me up. I talked until I was blue in the face but she still did it. I finally realized the damage she was doing to me and others around her. Unfortunately she wasn't willing to change instead she ran away and blamed us for her misfortune.

TACDGB Posts: 6,136
8/27/13 4:27 P

Sorry that your sister is like that. I had a friend like that. We are not friends anymore. I just could not take anymore of that negative behavior. Hopefully your sister will change her behavior for a more positive one. Sounds like you've done all you can..........

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8/27/13 4:20 P

How many ways can you try different methods to ovoid being criticized by the same person? Mine is my sister. She is the ultimate authority given that position because she has blue blood.
No matter what she looks like/250 lbs. over weight, she will critize her kids about their looks( fake nails is a must to self esteem, weight, dressing, ect..) Basically if she isn't criticizing, she's not talking at all. I have tried to approach her in many different ways from an area of kindness, but it doesn't sink in. I am a nurture , and I communicate using all perspective to let someone pick the best alternative. I try not to push my opinion on someone. It is only good for me, and not necessarily the right opinion. I have come to the conclusion that I need to letgo of her problem of coping. I realize she is damaged, and needs to build herself up by putting another down. I love my sister, but realize that I am hindering her from growing. Leading a horse to water, won't help it to drink. I gave her a great book on how to deal with the negative programing we learn as kids, and how it affects our communication as adults. I have let go . And realize that I wouldn't except this nastiness from friends, why her. Her life is in gods hands now. I hope this has helped you. eva

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