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4/2/13 9:24 A

when we eat junk food, the only part of our entire body that celebrates is our tongue! the rest of our body groans...! It's time for your tongue to share the benefits of eating with your whole body!

Health is for life - a good one, an entire one, and hopefully a long one!!


SILVER01222000 Posts: 5
4/2/13 9:01 A

Thank you for your support it means a great deal! I wish you well in your goals !

4/2/13 8:01 A

Keep it up it does get easier I am on week 3 and now it seems like nothing to drink my 130oz of water and eat right. You can do it just don't give up even if you slip just move on as if it did not happen and keep your eye on your goal and in no time you will be where you want to be. God Bless

SILVER01222000 Posts: 5
4/2/13 7:38 A

Well well I welcome day two of my new way of eating. That's right no "D" word for this chick! Last night was hard I spent most of the day trying to find ways to keep busy so I did not think of food! I stuck to my goals drank more water then I have in years! They say the 1st week is the hardest well bring it ! emoticon

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