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I have a wicked sweet tooth that always hollers when I finish a meal (my mother always served "dessert" at every meal other than breakfast LOL). Sometimes it goes active at about 9 or 10 pm. Today I discovered that one or two of these choc. covered coffee beans leaves me satisfied, no longer obsessing on "sweet", and (most important for me) no desire whatsoever to eat the whole container!!

I did some research and found that one of these sweeties has about 8 to 10 mg. caffeine. A cup of regular drip brewed coffee has around 120 to 160 mg, depending on how much coffee you use in the filter. 1 ounce of espresso at a coffee bar has about 50 mg.

So 8 or 9 beans is equal to about a cup of reg. coffee, 5 or 6 beans equals 1 ounce espresso in terms of caffeine intake.

I also had to figure out the calories in one bean (since I won't be eating 1/4 cup at a time! the usual "serving size"). There are a range of number of beans in a quarter cup, obviously, since beans range in size. I just did a quick average using the ones in my package. I measured and counted beans in 3 separate 1/4 cup scoops and they ranged from 20 to 24 beans, so I just used the average number of 22 beans. Now I could get the calories (and any other nutritional values I wanted to enter) by dividing the number in one serving by 22 to get the amount in one choc. covered bean.

Example, in my container of Trader Joe's dark choc. covered espresso beans, there were and average of 22 beans in a quarter cup serving, and the container says that's 170 calories. Divide 170 by 22, and there are about 8 calories per bean, all coming from the chocolate coating.

Hopefully this will be helpful to coffee, chocolate, and mocha lovers out there. May your experience equal mine in terms of a joyful mouth!!

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