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3/10/14 4:57 P

Are you able to snatch some breaks at work and take a quick walk or run the stairs for a few minutes. I find that helps at the office.
I know lots of Moms like snuggle time, but baby does get put down to sleep. Can you exercise for a little after he is down? Not sure where you live, but maybe you and your baby can go out for a walk when you get home.

I like Rebecca's suggestion about making meals ahead of time. Is there a time when you and your partner are off together? Can you tag team it? I enjoy putting a few hours aside on Sunday and prepping for meals.

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3/10/14 12:57 P

Hello Eman,

Maybe you will find some tips and value in following the steps in this link:

Best wishes to your baby boy and it seems like it would be normal to spend lots of time with your baby. You do sound like you have a very busy schedule. Can you find time to cook in big batches and have that healthy food (whole unprocessed) ready for quick meals later. That is something that works for me.

I wish you smooth success. Don't forget to take long cleansing breaths. emoticon

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3/10/14 5:20 A

Hello Friends;

My name is Eman and I am a spark member since 2010. I need a daily practical routine to eat well/exercise/ take care of my home, child and work.

please consider that i work 7 hours per day. from 9am-4pm and i have an 11 month baby.
I am very frustrated as i gained more weigth after delivery to be 80 Kg although i am nursing my son. i got a target of losing 20-25 kg. i don't know how to start as i always feel that there is no time. i got no time for myself. my baby is very attached to me. i am afraid to gain more weight.

In addition of all that i feel that i have no energy at all and i feel tired very quickly although i don't do much effort.

Can anyone help me in that considering that my partner works for 10 hours/day

Thank you my friends

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