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2/1/13 3:25 P

Three weeks is normal.

Give it 6-8. Then worry if it's not moving south again by then.

2/1/13 3:17 P

I have considered that my muscles are retaining more water but it has been 3+ weeks since I started working out (water aerobics 2x/week, 2 bootcamps/week, 1-2 walks/week) so I thought that my body would have acclimated by now.

I had re-set my weight and fitness goals at the beginning of January when I joined a weightloss challenge at my local gym but just changed them back to my start weight and goal date. The calorie range didn't change much.

Historically I found that if I eat 1800 - 2000 calories I would maintain, of course that was before I was working out.

I am ok with keeping my calories between the recommended 1200-1550, I am usually not extra hungary when I do but since the scale is going the wrong way I thought I should re-think my approach, especially if all I need to do is add a few hundred good calories to get things moving again. Reaching my half way point in March is really important to me. Thanks for your input.

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2/1/13 2:20 P

First off, congrats on losing 114lbs so far! That's awesome.

When you started going to the gym, did you update your SP information on your goal page with your new activity levels? You might need to do that. Also, what is your goal date to get to your goal? If it's relatively quick, the system will automatically give you the lowest range, which is 1200-1550.

I'm no expert, but for someone of your current weight of 300lbs, 1200-1550 calories a day seems really low, even for weight loss.

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2/1/13 2:08 P

Weight loss isn't linear. You don't lose the same every week, and absolutely it's normal to experience a week or a few of not losing at all.

You just started exercising more. That often leads to water weight increase, which masks fat loss by taking up the 'scale' value to hide it.

Stay the course. Stick with it.

Your BMR is NOT any indication of what you should eat. There are some "they" who say "never eat below your BMR". However, I've also heard "they" say "if you want to lose weight, just eat under your BMR". So which "they" do we listen to?

Here is how Spark calculates your range, perhaps this will help explain how BMR factors in, but is not the absolute value itself:

2/1/13 1:39 P

Help!! I have been using SP on and off for several years to log food and am only 21 pounds from my weightloss goal half-way point (I have lost 114 so far). Since the beginning of January I have been diligently logging my food and activity. I also started going to the gym so I have activity to log. lol

According to SP the calorie range to reach my goal is 1200-1550/day. I have been working hard to keep within that range and for the first three weeks saw incredible results. However, now the scale is going in the wrong direction. A few people have suggested that I am not eating enough calories so I checked my BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) according to SP and a few other sites. Even if I choose a sedentary lifestyle my BMR is about 2000 (which will be inaccurate because I am still 300 pounds).

So, has my progress slowed because I am eating less than my BMR? I don't eat anything I can't pronounce so I feel that I eat relatively healthy. I have increased my protein over the past few days but I am still frustrated. Any guidance would be appreciated.

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