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5/29/13 4:58 P

The only reason some of those diet pills give you more "energy" is because they are loaded with caffeine! Have a cup of coffee and save yourself the money. I understand wanting to get a jump start, but that's a short-term mentality solution to a long-term problem. And they don't work anyway. Like the others have said, start small with one habit and try to form a new mindset about creating a healthy lifestyle that will give you overall wellness and weight loss to boot.

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5/29/13 4:22 P

Stay away from "magic pills." The only way to lose weight effectively is by monitoring what you eat, staying within your calorie budget, and exercising. You can do this without snake oil, I know it!

SPATTEN2001 Posts: 1,146
5/29/13 4:03 P

I have to say I totally agree with all the previous comments --- there is no substitution for just biting the bullet, revamping your lifestyle to healthy eating and exercise.

DMJAKES Posts: 1,635
5/29/13 3:54 P

You've already gotten some good answers, but give this some thought......when you take a pill for weight loss and/or energy, you're attacking symptoms, not causes. Once you stop taking the pills (which you'll have to eventually), if you haven't changed any of the behaviors that caused your problems in the first place, you'll be right back where you started, wondering what caused you to fail.

If you're lacking energy, I'd say start with sleep habits. I know it's tough with little ones, but get serious about schedules and getting yourself to sleep at the same time every night as much as you can. There are tons of articles about how to improve your sleep, so do some research and see what you need to change...whether it's less caffeine, darkening your room, removing the TV, or whatever.

Once you've got that down, focus on your diet. If you get creative with batch cooking, trying new (quick) healthy recipes, and getting the kiddos (and boyfriend) involved in the planning, cooking, and cleanup, meal time can go from being a pain to being a time of teaching and family sharing. Check out these boards for threads on meals on a budget, finding time to cook, etc. There have been some great dicussions that I've gotten good tips from.

After all that, take the kiddos to the park or for a walk...that's a good start for exercise and it will set a good example for them too.

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5/29/13 3:53 P

All of us who are Mom's can understand your time concerns, and 'lack of energy'!

Have you thought of it this way though: your Energy comes primarily from how you fuel yourself. A well rounded meal is the very heart of that! A healthy meal can be quite simple, and time friendly. You actually probably already eat most everything you need-- just emphasize the veggies (frozen are great time savers), one good protein, and a bit of plain carb--bread, potato, corn on the cob, etc. Plan on healthy snacks for yourself and kids at regular intervals as well.... Eating healthy is so very important for taking care of your kids...!!

Your Energy also comes from your fitness....and while a separate workout time is indeed nice... its not entirely necessary. With kids, you can still get most of your fitness from doing activities with them--walking to the park, throwing balls... dancing to a home video!! (Even carrying all that laundry! lol) The more you move, the better.... Remember, 10 minutes at a time counts!!

The one other Energy sapper Moms face is not enough sleep. Resist the urge to be on the computer/phone when you know its time for you to sleep.....

Remember your kids ARE your motivation!! Enjoy sharing your journey to a Healthy You with them.... Spark can help you, Best Wishes,

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5/29/13 3:45 P

If you need energy, drink a glass of orange juice. Get more sleep. Pills are not going to solve your energy problems; they're a bandaid solution that won't last long. Not to mention they're overpriced as hell for what you're getting! Your kids will learn their healthy living habits from you... do you want them to learn that health is a backseat to a pill?

You don't need a "jump start", you need to focus on making healthy lifestyle changes. You do have time for a well rounded meal; perhaps make some protein bars ahead of time, or even a homemade protein shake. Pretty much *anything* but a pill.

I agree that you need to find the cause of your lack of energy, instead of heading to GNC for a solution.

BUNNYKICKS Posts: 2,433
5/29/13 3:14 P

ai yai yai "energy from a pill"....

I think it would be more beneficial to investigate the cause of your "lack of energy" and find ways to address those... and worry about "weight loss" another day.

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5/29/13 3:10 P

im not quite i have kids to take care of.... and i feel i need a jump start i don't always have the time to work out all the time or always have the time for a well rounded meal the energy from the pills is really what im looking for .... lack of energy is why i lose motivation

MEGAPEEJ Posts: 732
5/29/13 3:04 P

Hi there!

I see you're quite new. I would recommend reading some articles around the site about general health, fitness, lifestyle changes. SparkPeople is all about changing one's lifestyle and becoming healthier, and making changes that one can sustain after the weight comes off. No more yo-yo dieting, we learn how to take the weight off in a healthy way, so it stays off.

As such, we generally are very anti-diet pill - many members have tried diet pills in the past and have stories of losing the weight and quickly regaining it, to not losing anything, to having serious health consequences as a result of using them. If there was a magic pill that could take off the weight and safely keep it off, there wouldn't be an obesity epidemic.

I wish you luck here. Like I said, please take some time to learn how Spark is different and that weight loss is simple, although not necessarily easy.

DRAGONCHILDE SparkPoints: (61,458)
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5/29/13 2:59 P

Skip it. The only thing supplements like this do is make your wallet lighter. If it really worked, it would be patented, prescription only, and all of us would be taking it.

SARA3141990 SparkPoints: (957)
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5/29/13 2:55 P

has anyone used oxyelite pro ?

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